TOZO T6: True Wireless Earbuds Offer A Premium Audio Experience

TOZO T6: True Wireless Earbuds Offer A Premium Audio Experience

Written by Alison Lurie, In Earbuds, Published On
January 18, 2024

The Tozo T6 True Wireless Earbuds are some of our favourite true wireless earbuds under $50. They’re sleek and robust, and most importantly, they sound excellent for the money! You should check them out if you’re searching for a high-quality set of wireless earbuds that won’t break the budget. Please read our complete review below with all our tips, techniques, and thoughts on this model.

The TOZO T6 is an excellent pair of affordable true wireless earbuds, perfect for folks on a budget for commuting or working. The IPX8 certification for the earphones and case is a great advantage, but be careful to keep your expectations adjusted with these buds. Microphone quality isn’t very excellent, especially in sub-optimal situations, and the volume maxes out every time it connects to a source device. If you’re able to look beyond that, this can be an excellent headset, but there are other earphones available that don’t automatically boost the volume with every re-connection.

TOZO T6: True Wireless Earbuds Specifications


Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.0
Wireless RangeUp to 33 feet (10 meters)
Driver Size6mm
Impedance16 ohms
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Battery Capacity (Earbuds)45mAh each
Battery Capacity (Charging Case)400mAh
Charging Time (Earbuds)Approximately 1 hour
Charging Time (Case)Approximately 2 hours
Playback TimeUp to 6 hours (on a single charge)
Total Playback Time (with case)Up to 24 hours

Best Features:

  • They are IPX8 water-resistant, something that is rarely seen under $100.
  • Battery life is respectable, with up to 6 hours of playing time on a single charge and enough for 30 hours of total playback from the carry case.
  • They have built-in wireless charging (charging pad sells separately; we recommend this from Anker.)
  • Touch controls are built-in to let you take charge of your music.
  • USB-C and Bluetooth 5.0 imply that they are up to current with the latest innovations this year.

The T6 Carry Case Is Tiny Yet Powerful


The T6 comes in a compact box roughly half the size of most other true wireless headphone boxes. The size is perfect for travel since it’s easy to transport and store. It also implies that those with tiny hands may easily handle and utilize earphones. If you travel often or just appreciate little things, this can be one of your favorite aspects of the Tozo T6. Earphones are placed inside while not in use, which starts them charging if the battery is anything less than 100%. On the front of the casing are indication lights indicating how much battery is remaining in the base unit. This is done with a 4-light method, each signifying 25% of the battery left. I find this incredibly easy as I just go in and set them on a charging pad. It saves me hunting for the wires, and strangely, I find that I never run out of juice due to this. Speaking of charging, we are also given quick charge capabilities so that if you run out of energy, you can put in the earbuds via USB-C and be totally ready to go in only 55 minutes. Surprisingly, they even managed to install a rapid charge on the wireless system, and we were receiving a full battery at 2 hours using the wireless charger.

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TOZO T6 Touch Controls

Many wireless earbuds already offer this capability, and the implementation here works wonderfully. For example, a simple tap on the left or right earphone will play or pause your music. Double touching on the left or right earpiece allows you to go ahead and back between tracks. Three touches will enable Siri or Google Voice Assistant if both are touched at once. That’s correct; the Tozo T6 even features voice assistant technology. At this point, I’m feeling really amazed, and I keep going back to confirm I read the pricing right. How could any firm put this much tech into a single product and not manage to muck it up the way big-name companies, with all their resources, seem to do?

The Tozo T6 Is Comfy – If Your Ears Fit


By this, I mean you need to have medium to large-sized ears. Unfortunately, yet again, folks with small ears will be disappointed, as with the Tozo T6, you will find the jutting a considerable deal from your ear. Our tiny ear testers also remarked that they didn’t feel as secure as the JBL Tune 230 we tested them against.

Medium and big-ear individuals should find them pleasant due to the ergonomically favorable designs. There are no sharp edges or rough places. In fact, the earbuds were so smooth we found them a bit tough to hold while putting them in our ears. The accompanying ear tips come in three different sizes; I’m expecting most people will use the medium. It has a great rough gripping surface, and along with a mild depth of insertion, I found obtaining a solid seal effortless. Once implanted, the earbuds block out a lot of noise. However, they do not feature noise-cancelling technology.

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Audio latency – How Much Does Audio Lag Behind The Video?

Another issue that comes with truly wireless earphones is audio latency — how much audio lags behind the video. This is measured in milliseconds, and while it’s barely apparent while watching YouTube videos on my MacBook Pro, it may be a major problem for gamers. Games depend on real-time spatial audio, so whether you play Apex or PubG, you will want your audio to keep up with what is occurring on screen.

The Tozo T6 doesn’t suffer from latency difficulties due to the incorporation of the newest Bluetooth 5.3 standard. I played many rounds of PUBG using the T6 and was pleasantly pleased by how little latency there was between my controller motions and what transpired on screen. That being said, I’ve been using wired headphones for gaming since high school, so I’m used to having no difficulties as far as latency goes (and I probably don’t have very high expectations).

What’s It Like To Utilise TOZO T6?


The TOZO T6 looks a lot like many other ordinary earbuds, featuring a round ear tip on a rounded earpiece. It doesn’t have any stabilizing fins or wings for holding the earphones in your ear, so obtaining a proper fit is vital it. Out of the package, the TOZO T6 comes with six different ear tip sizes, so getting a snug fit with the earbuds should be rather straightforward.

The ear tips have somewhat varied textures to them, where the ones with red in the middle feel a bit stiffer and heavier, while the all-black ones are thinner. The form of some of the all-black ones makes them seem bigger than they would fit in your ear. Therefore, two ear tips measure 10mm, and two measure 11mm, but each will fit differently inside your ear. The earbuds also don’t have vents to reduce pressure from the ear tips closing, so you may have to tweak the earbuds a little to get rid of the pressure.

The case is pretty tiny, and it fits well into any decently-sized pocket. It has a solid enough cover that it doesn’t open on its own in the bottom of a tote bag, and the earphones stay locked with magnets inside too. On the bottom of the casing is a plastic flap covering the charging port, which is fairly stiff and difficult to lift but presumably helps to keep water and dust from getting in. Both the casing and the earphones are IPX8 water-resistant, meaning they can endure submersion in deeper than one meter of water for 30 minutes.

How Does The TOZO T6 Connect?

The TOZO T6 supports Bluetooth 5.3; it communicates via the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. There are no additional unique connectivity capabilities like Bluetooth multipoint or fast pairing.

Reasonably pricedThe volume is set to its maximum when you link
Different sized earpadsWithout a companion app
Power duration
Weatherproof to an IPX8 standard.


The Tozo T6 earphones are among the best earbuds you can get for under $50. They feature a wonderful design, with high-quality sound and battery longevity. We really enjoy how portable they are — their charging case is tiny enough that it slips in my pocket effortlessly, and I scarcely feel it when it’s fastened to my belt. The one big negative here is that they don’t have buttons on either side of each bud; instead, you’ll have to rely on touch controls or voice commands if you want to modify things while listening to music. Otherwise, they are fantastic true wireless earbuds with numerous functions!


Can I use waterproof earphones when swimming?

Unfortunately, even when earphones are certified for being totally submerged in water, Bluetooth doesn’t generally operate well underwater. So, no, you can’t use the TOZO T6 earphones underwater. Instead, you’ll need something created expressly for music while swimming.

Is the TOZO T6 available in other colors?

The TOZO T6 comes in black, blue, green, white, champagne, and rose gold (which appears more like pink than rose gold).

Is the TOZO T10 a good choice than the TOZO T6?

No, and one of the complaints of the TOZO T10 is that purchasers can’t be assured of what they’re buying. Despite the IPX8 rating, the T10 can fail out of the blue. Plus, the T10 sound is considerably easier than the already appropriately bassy TOZO T6.

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