Jaybird Vista: Solid Earbuds With IPX7 Water Resistance 

Jaybird Vista: Solid Earbuds With IPX7 Water Resistance 

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January 2, 2024

Jaybird, producers of wireless sports headphones since 2006, engineers know how it feels to run and lose a headset in the grass. They created wireless earbuds to avoid that. The Jaybird Vistas are truly wireless sports earphones. After the Run XT, they’re the company’s second attempt at completely wireless in-ears. The Tarah, another athletic headphone, has a single cable connecting the two buds instead of wireless. Vista has a sequel, Vista 2.

After disappointing athletes with the Run True wireless earbuds, Jaybird hopes to redeem itself with the Vista. Sporty and stylish, these IPX7 buds come with a tiny charging case. With so many fantastic exercise earphones, we’ll examine if the Vista belongs in your gym bag or if you should go with another brand.

Specifications Of Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista 

TypeTrue wireless in-ear earbuds
Water ResistanceIPX7 rating (waterproof and sweatproof)
Battery Life (Earbuds)Up to X hours (varies based on usage and settings)
Battery Life (Charging Case)Provides additional charges, extending playback time
Bluetooth ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Control MethodTouch-sensitive controls on earbuds
App CompatibilityJaybird MySound app for customization and firmware updates
Customizable EQ SettingsYes
Voice Assistant IntegrationCompatible with Siri and Google Assistant

Pricing and availability of Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista 

At Jaybird and other online retailers, the Vista earphones cost $179, £159, or AU$299. They come in black, mineral blue, nimbus grey, and planetary green to honour their ‘earthproof’ design. Each model has a 2-year guarantee and a 14-day return policy. They cost the same as the Jaybird Run XT actual wireless buds, which feature a four-hour battery life. If you prefer something cheaper or with a cable, try the Jaybird Tarah ($99, £89, or AU$149) or Tarah Pro ($159, £139, or AU$229).

Design Of Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista 

The Vista earphones appear simple, but their minimalist design is excellent. Vistas employ a completely attached housing with an ear tip and wing tip for fitting into the inner and top edges of your ear, rather than merely sticking a silicon ear tip. That means you’re not fumbling with several pieces, and the linked design keeps water and sweat out of the drives. These IPX7 earbuds can withstand a rainstorm or a quick plunge in up to one meter of water, but we wouldn’t suggest them for swimming. Three sizes of linked ear tips are available, with one deleting the wing tip for a less secure fit but more comfort for casual listening sessions.

Performance Of Jaybird Vista

The sound quality of these earphones surprised us. For such little 6mm speakers, the soundstage is broad and warm, with complete bass, mid and high frequencies, and resonance to hear notes progressively fading out throughout the track. Muse’s Plug In Baby’s thudding beats and falsetto vocals sound stunning, more like over-ear cans than small fitness earbuds, and we heard this across pop, rock, and bassy techno music. Of course, playing around with the Jaybird app helped with EQ choices online or offline from the start and suggested podcasts and playlists from other users. Create your sound profile fast to customize song and podcast frequencies to your good shape. However, you may also use pre-made choices to warm mids, increase bass, or remove high frequencies that could cause a headache after a lengthy listen.

Experience with the Jaybird Vista?

Jaybird Vista 

Jaybird Vista earphones are rounded and blocky from case to earbuds. Preinstalled wing tips hold the earbuds in place when exercising, and angled nozzles alleviate ear canal irritation. However, the housing needs to be more extensive and more pleasant after 45 minutes. Flat Jaybird logo buttons are on each earpiece. The default settings include basic playback and call controls. Download the Jaybird MySound app to reassign single and double-tap functions. The pressure from pressing either button may jam the buds in your ear. This happens with the Jaybird Vista, which is unpleasant and frustrating.

Are the Jaybird Vista exercise earphones good?

Jaybird is a top workout headphone brand. Whether climbing or riding, the earphones never twitched. Due to their IPX7 rating, these earphones can survive a pool dive. I couldn’t tolerate an outer earache after an hour. Your mileage may vary, but it makes the Beats Powerbeats Pro more tempting.

Does the Jaybird Vista block sound good?

Jaybird Vista 

Despite not being noise-cancelling, these earphones isolate well. This works well in gyms and other regulated environments. For outdoor running or cycling, leave one earbud in the case to hear your surroundings. Jaybird offers three ear tips to get the optimum fit. However, proprietary sleeves make it difficult to obtain working third-party ear tips.

Pros and Cons Of Jaybird Vista

Waterproof and Sweatproof (IPX7)Relatively Short Battery Life
Secure and Comfortable FitNo Active Noise Cancellation
Customizable Sound via AppTouch Controls Learning Curve:
Compact and Portable Charging CasePrice Point is High
Excellent Durability for Active UseNo Wireless Charging

Should I Buy Jaybird Vista?

What the Jaybird Vista true wireless earbuds do is incredible. Despite being fitness-first headphones, they provide excellent audio and water and sweat resistance. At $179, £159, or AU$299, these earphones are expensive. They’re a no-brainer for your next true wireless earbuds because of their striking colour, tiny and lightweight construction, and superior sound, whether you’re training for a marathon or strolling to work.


Should I buy these or the Jaybird Tarah Pro?

The Jaybird Tarah Pro has a flexible cable connecting the earpieces, like the original. This has less flexibility than genuine wireless earphones, but it has better battery life. The Tarah Pro supports quick charging and lasts 14 hours. Like the Jaybird Vista, the Tarah Pro is IPX7. The magnetic earbud housings keep things clean while not in use, and you can wrap the cord around your ears for a better fit. Both cost $99; however, the Tarah Pro is superior for battery life.

Does Jaybird Vista outperform Tarah?

For example, the Jaybird Vista may not be better than the Tarah. It depends on your fit and battery life preferences. The Vista earphones are blockier than the Tarah, which may be unpleasant. For athletes who find the Tarah wire irritating, the Vista earphones are excellent. The Jaybird Tarah is a good, cheap option because it has similar capabilities to the X4 and Vista earbuds.

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