Leica Q3 Camera: Capturing Perfection

Leica Q3 Camera: Capturing Perfection

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Camera, Published On
February 10, 2024

In Short:

  • A cutting-edge compact camera by Leica, the Leica Q3 includes a 60MP sensor, advanced autofocus, 8K video, and the traditional Leica build.
  • It has outstanding imaging features such as unmatched detail and clarity, very low noise levels at high ISOs, and ultra-sharp lens performance of the 28mm f/1.7 Summilux lens.
  • It is quite expensive at $5,995, but it provides the best performance and image quality for professional photographers.
  • Improvements over Q2 are higher resolution, better AF system with subject tracking, 8K video support, tilting touchscreen LCD, and improved ergonomics while maintaining the classic Leica rangefinder design.

Leica Q3 goods, which cater to both professional and amateur photographers, are an idealized depiction of perfection. Characterized by outstanding imaging capability, a superior autofocus system, and 8K video capabilities, the Q3 is a top pick for individuals who want the most powerful devices available. Having said that, the $5,995 Q3 is certainly not an inexpensive investment, and success does not come easily. The purpose of this review is to provide prospective buyers with useful information about the product’s features, pros and cons, and customer reviews in order to help them make an educated decision. The Leica Q3 is an excellent choice for serious photographers and professionals seeking top-tier performance.

Key Features Of Leica Q3 Camera

Leica Q3 Camera

Sensor60-megapixel sensor
ProcessorMaestro IV processor
ISO Range50-100,000
Video Capture8K video at up to 30p (H.265), ProRes 422HQ
Lens28-mm f1.7 Summilux APSH lens
Autofocus SystemPhase and contrast detection with subject tracking
Viewfinder5.76M dot OLED screen
LCD ScreenTilting rear screen
ConnectivityUSB-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Battery LifeLong-lasting battery life
StorageDNG raw files with about 70 megapixels

What’s in the Box

When opening the Leica Q3 box, the user is greeted with a thoughtfully chosen selection of quality accessories that support the camera’s exceptionalness. The standard package comes with a Leica Q3 camera body, a rechargeable battery, a battery charger, a USB-C cable, a lens hood, a lens cap, a carrying strap, and a detailed user manual.

Design and Build Quality

Leica Q3 Camera

Leica Q3 continues to represent the classic Leica design with a compact and durable design. The design of the top and front of the camera is similar to the Q2, but the newly designed back makes the user experience improved. With the tilting rear screen, which is a new feature, it will be easy to shoot from different angles. The carefully reorganized button array on the right side allows one-handed operation, making it easy to access the necessary functions in no time.

Imaging Capabilities

A significant feature of the Q3 is its 60-megapixel sensor, which is accompanied by the Maestro IV processor. Even though it does not utilize the same sensor as the M11, the Q3 has a larger ISO range (50-100,000). The DNG raw files, which are approximately 70 megapixels, are able to capture the most phenomenal level of detail and clarity. The Summilux APSH lens has manual and autofocus features and is suitable for all types of photography.

Advanced Autofocus System

The Leica Q3 features an improved autofocus system that is made up of both phase and contrast detection as well as subject tracking. Although the autofocus performs well when capturing eyes, faces, and even animals, it may not work well with sudden changes in the focal distance for fast sports photography.

The Q3 offers a high-quality 5.76M dot OLED viewfinder, which provides a clear and crisp view. The tilting rear screen helps to provide flexibility in shooting, particularly when taking photos from unusual angles. Manual focusing can be done manually with the help of a user-friendly interface, which makes the shooting experience better.

Video Recording Capabilities

Even though this camera is primarily intended for still photography, it surprises its users with 8K video capture up to 30p (H.265). The inclusion of ProRes 422HQ support for 1080p video extends its functionality, making it a capable option for videographers who need a versatile, compact package.

Connectivity Options

The Leica Q3 has up-to-date connectivity features that include USB-C, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. These options simplify image transfer and remote camera control and are designed to satisfy the demands of tech-savvy photographers.

Battery Life and Storage

The Leica Q3 is supported by a long battery life that allows photographers to use the camera for longer periods without worrying about the battery. The storage capacity, which works well with the 70-megapixel DNG raw files that provide enough space for quality photos, ensures that you do not have too many interruptions when taking photos.

User-Friendly Interface

All controls are available at a single place in the Q3, which is very convenient to operate. The back screen folds, and the button layout is placed in a logical order, which makes the shooting process pleasant, and it is possible to take a good picture without any unnecessary distractions.

Comparison with Previous Models

Leica Q3 Camera

The Q3 is a much better option than its predecessor, the Q2, because of its superior high-resolution sensor, sophisticated autofocus system, and support for 8K video recording. But, the Q2 still remains to be a secure option, but the Q3’s enhancements make it a better investment for photography enthusiasts and those looking for the latest technology.

Pricing and Availability

The Q3, a new version of the Leica, has a price tag of $5,995, which is a bit higher than the Q2. Although cost is a factor, the Q3’s many distinctive features and results make it a good buy for photographers who would not wish to compromise on quality. The availability may vary, and prospective customers are recommended to contact authorized Leica retailers for the latest information.

Pros and Cons

Incredible 60-megapixel sensorExpensive
Versatile 28-mm f1.7 Summilux lensAutofocus struggles in some situations
Advanced autofocus systemNot ideal for fast-paced sports photography
8K video recording capabilities
User-friendly interface

Should I Buy The Leica Q3 ?

Your photographic preferences and budget will determine whether you should purchase the Leica Q3. Thanks to its user-friendly design, high-performance 28-mm f1.7 Summilux lens, and professional image quality, the Q3 is the perfect gadget for you. It is ideal for a wide range of photography because of its cutting-edge autofocus mechanism and 8K video capabilities. However, the investment viewpoint must be considered; the Q3 is a high-end camera priced at $5,995, so potential purchasers must determine if the features justify the cost. For them, the Leica Q3 is more than simply a camera; it’s an investment in the pinnacle of photographic talent, capable of freezing fleeting moments with unparalleled clarity and detail.


Is the Leica Q3 good enough for a professional photographer?

The Leica Q3 is a great choice for serious photographers thanks to its high-resolution sensor, sophisticated focusing system, and video recording features.

Is it possible to use the Q3 for sports photography?

While the Q3’s autofocus technology is generally reliable, its inability to quickly adapt to changes in focal length makes it an unsuitable choice for fast-paced sports photography.

What is the main difference between the Q3 and the Q2?

The reason is, that the Leica Q3 outshines the Q2 in every way: superior autofocus, a higher-resolution 60-megapixel sensor, and the ability to record 8K video.

Does the 28-mm focal length provide versatility for different genres of photography?

Although the 28-mm f1.7 Summilux lens opens up a lot of creative possibilities, everyone has their own unique taste, and this lens may not be right for everyone.

How does the Leica Q3 compare with other cameras in its price range?

When compared to other high-end compact cameras in its price range, the Leica Q3 holds its own because of its impressive blend of image quality, build quality, and Leica pedigree.

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