ANBERNIC RG35XX: A Reasonably Priced Retro Gaming Handheld with Potential for Improvement

ANBERNIC RG35XX: A Reasonably Priced Retro Gaming Handheld with Potential for Improvement

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Gadgets, Published On
March 4, 2024

In Shorts: 

  • At $64, it tries to distinguish in the market for vintage handhelds under $100.
  • To outperform the typical RG35XX model and take on the Miyoo Mini Plus.
  • Casual vintage gamers seek a gadget that looks like a Game Boy but has unique features.
  • Stands out from the competition by making wise technological choices while competing against well-known, low-cost handhelds.
  • The RG35XX Plus triumphs because of its unique features and affordable price, even if the Miyoo Mini is a competitor.

With handheld gaming consoles such as the Miyoo Mini and Anbernic’s RG351V topping numerous best-of lists, the retro gaming scene is thriving now more than before. Anbernic, hoping to take advantage of this expanding industry, has introduced the RG35XX, a low-cost, basic retro gaming system. It promises to provide a robust and quaint gaming experience in a small package for $55. Does it, however, meet the hype? Let’s examine the RG35XX in more detail.

ANBERNIC RG35XX Specifications


SizeLarger than Miyoo Mini, portable
Build QualityLightweight plastics, some feel it gives a “cheap” vibe
Display3.5″ glass display, vivid and clear
ControlsClicky d-pad, face buttons may become slick, flat shoulder buttons
ProcessorQuad-core Cortex A9, 256MB RAM
Operating SystemProprietary Linux OS
Game LibraryAutomatically arranged, includes convenient filtering options
Gaming PerformanceGreat pick-up-and-play vintage gaming, nice GBA, SNES, Genesis, and PS1 experience, occasional N64 frame rate difficulties, adjustable controllers
Battery LifeIt lasts about five hours between charges

Impressions Straight Out of the Box

When you open the RG35XX, it becomes evident that it is not intended to be a smaller device than the Miyoo Mini. Though larger than anticipated, it fits comfortably in the hands of ordinary size. The lightweight plastics used in the build quality and polish give off a “cheap feeling” to some. It’s relatively portable, even if it’s not the perfect size or shape for a pocket or mobile device. Without question, the striking 3.5″ glass display is the standout. It vividly and pops, bringing old-school video games to life without causing any light leakage on my device. A satisfyingly clicky d-pad for platformers and fighting games is located below. The face buttons have good feedback and rank well; however, continuous play makes them slick due to the shine. However, the shoulder could be better; they lack an ergonomic or stacked shape and have shallow, flat tabs that provide no comfort.

Hardware Element & Operating System Experience

The RG35XX isn’t attempting to impress you with its features or power. Its 256MB RAM quad-core Cortex A9 processor is designed for the best PlayStation 1 and GBA gaming experience. Anything more complex experiences lags or could perform better overall. You receive a plain, working, proprietary Linux OS right out of the box. The system automatically arranges your game library and includes convenient filtering options. Getting around the menus is easy enough, but customization options are limited to minor adjustments to the controls. Right now, the only way to have a better OS experience without Wi-Fi connectivity is to manually flash community firmware onto an SD card, such as Garlic OS. Although this dramatically improves the UI, non-techies may need help at first.

Performance in Games and Overall Thoughts


With its pre-loaded game library that includes titles from ancient systems, the RG35XX performs wonderfully if your main goal is pick-up-and-play retro gaming. The GBA experience was excellent; the big 4:3 screen helps you fully immerse in the vivid graphics, whether you’re playing Pokemon or any other RPG. Games on the SNES and Genesis are also excellent. Except for occasional issues with text visibility, PS1 performs admirably on most games. While many N64 games suffer from jerky frame rates, certain more straightforward games, like Mario Kart 64, function admirably when needed. Tailoring controls makes games more enjoyable on different platforms and helps compensate for shortcomings. The battery life is also quite good, lasting about five hours between charges.

The RG35XX succeeds in becoming an inexpensive retro gaming gateway for $55. From a control standpoint, the glossy buttons and pitiful shoulder triggers detract from the experience. But it meets the bill for gamers looking for an easy way to get started in this pastime without going over budget. Through a simple user experience, it can even prove to be a handy starter gadget for younger children eager to relive old-school classics with customization adjustments from the community assistance that is accessible. As long as you go in with reasonable expectations, the RG35XX manages to carve out a position for itself as an affordable vintage gaming buddy for the casual crowd—while not being a world-beater headed for hall-of-fame status. It offers good value for the money, making it appealing to parents and novice gamers who want to give their kids a fun throwback experience without breaking the bank.

Exploring the ANBERNIC RG35XX Design


Vintage handhelds rarely reinvent the wheel. A successful product will likely become the standard, and the RG35XX Plus is no exception. It incorporates the Game Boy’s vertical form and adds buttons in convenient locations. The handheld has four face buttons on the right and a d-pad on the left, with a start and select underneath. It has the same layout as the Miyoo Mini Plus. However, the Anbernic gadget has thicker buttons that don’t fit the console. Start, select, and menu buttons are louder, making them easier to press. The console has a reset and power button on top and two SD card ports on the right for the operating system and extra games.

Invert the gadget to reveal the USB-C charging port and 3.5mm headphone jack. The last spin reveals an HDMI out in the middle of the top. The RG35XX Plus’s terrible triggers are on the company’s need to learn how to incorporate triggers on a vertical handheld (put them on the front!). Still, Anbernic’s rattly attempt makes them uncomfortable to push and overly loud. When triggers are synthesized into a design they weren’t designed for, index fingers hit two buttons simultaneously. It’s a shame because the design is excellent, and the device feels comfy to play on despite its diminutive size. You should spend time remapping triggers to buttons if you need them urgently.

It is fantastic value at an unbelievably low price.Repetitive, uncomfortable triggers.
Game selection is more comprehensive than that of other systems in its price range.OS generic.
This Game Boy has a Ferrari engine.

Should I Use Anbernic RG35XX Plus?

I used the RG35XX Plus daily for a month to test out numerous emulators and a vast selection of vintage games, including my own. I wanted to explore how far I could push the system before games became unplayable due to poor performance. To assess its value, I compared it to other throwback handhelds I’ve reviewed on other websites on YouTube. I also tested the complicated upgrade process for the average player with little PC expertise (it’s complicated). To test the battery, I discharged and recharged it regularly (luckily, there were no issues).


  1. What is the ANBERNIC RG35XX and its price?

The ANBERNIC RG35XX is a cheap, basic retro handheld for vintage gamers. At $55, it wants to make vintage gaming accessible.

  1. How does the ANBERNIC RG35XX compare to the Miyoo Mini and RG351V portable consoles?

Although it’s cheaper, the RG35XX competes with Miyoo Mini and RG351V in retro gaming. Despite minor disadvantages, the assessment says the RG35XX competes well in performance and game library.

  1. What are the first impressions of the ANBERNIC RG35XX out of the box?

Unboxed, the RG35XX is more significant than expected and is made of lightweight plastics, giving it a cheap vibe. The bright 3.5″ glass display makes old-school video games clear and engaging.

  1. ANBERNIC RG35XX hardware and OS experience?

The PlayStation 1 and GBA-optimized RG35XX has 256MB RAM and a quad-core Cortex A9 CPU. Its proprietary Linux OS is functional but restricted in customisation. The user interface may be improved using community firmware like Garlic OS.

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