Financial analysts ranked the top Forex Managed Accounts in Germany in 2023

Financial analysts ranked the top Forex Managed Accounts in Germany in 2023

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August 31, 2023

Managed Forex accounts offer an attractive option for those seeking to invest in the Forex market without actively trading themselves. These accounts serve as an alternative to hands-on trading in Germany. But what exactly are managed Forex accounts, and which are the top choices in the country? 

This article prepared by Traders Union experts provides insights into Forex managed accounts in Germany, along with a list of five reputable options available in Germany.

Managed Forex accounts: What are they?

Managed Forex accounts are a passive investment option offered by leading Forex brokers in 2023. In such accounts, a professional trader or money management team executes trades on behalf of investors, charging a reasonable fee for their service. According to TU analysts, this approach allows investors to benefit from experienced traders’ expertise while minimizing the burden of day trading. Managed accounts provide access to various markets and assets, making them attractive for passive investors seeking to optimize their investment capital and generate extra income without the complexities of active trading.

What kind of managed accounts do brokers offer?

Brokers offer various types of managed forex accounts, including forex copy trading, PAMM accounts, MAM accounts, advisory services, managed portfolios, and some other less common account types. It’s important to understand that while some of these may not be true managed accounts, they still involve leveraging the knowledge of experienced market participants.

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Managed Forex accounts in Germany: Top 5

Germany’s best investment platforms offer top-managed Forex accounts. Here are the top five for 2023 selected by Traders Union experts:

  • RoboForex Copy Trading:

RoboForex excels in copy trading with low minimum investments and a large community of participants. It offers various fund allocation tools and valuable educational resources. However, analysts at TU note that the platform does not have 24/7 customer support.

  • Tickmill Copy Trading:

Tickmill is a top provider of managed Forex accounts and offers forex and CFD trading. It boasts great regulatory practices, low fees, and free deposits and withdrawals. While its MT4 compatibility is a plus, some users find the trading platform outdated.

  • IC Markets PAMM account:

IC Markets provides access to PAMM and MAM accounts with flexible allocation capabilities and transparent performance reporting. The platform offers raw pricing connectivity, great liquidity, and fast order execution. Nonetheless, it has limited product offerings and lacks investor protection for those outside the European Union.

  • FxPro PAMM account:

FxPro stands out with its excellent accounts for money managers, offering PAMM and LAMM accounts with high flexibility. It allows money managers to set their own fees and earn rebates directly from FxPro. However, it is not available in the United Kingdom.

  • Pocket Option Copy Trading:

Pocket Option, a binary options trading platform, has gained popularity since its establishment in 2017. It offers over 100 assets, including Forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices. The platform offers a demo account, convenient deposit and withdrawal options, extensive educational materials, trading signals, and technical indicators.

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Typical minimum investments

Typical minimum investments are common for all account types on the Forex market, including managed Forex accounts in Germany. This amount represents the smallest required investment that brokers request from potential investors. Managed Forex accounts typically have a minimum investment ranging from $100 to $500, allowing investors to start with a manageable initial amount. However, it’s essential to invest an amount that aligns with your risk tolerance and financial capacity.


In summary, managed Forex accounts in Germany cater to passive investors and those new to Forex trading. These top platforms offer diverse features and benefits, but traders should consider the potential downsides before making their choices. Traders Union experts conclude that with managed Forex accounts, investors can rely on experienced professionals to handle their trades and potentially optimize their investment capital in the markets.

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