Organic Dog Food: Happy Dog, Happy You!

Organic Dog Food: Happy Dog, Happy You!

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December 26th, 2022

However “organic” your food may be, you undoubtedly understand its significant role in general health. People who eat more organic foods say they feel more energized as a result. There is a noticeable improvement in their skin, particularly concerning acne and rashes. They have more minor colds, allergies, and diseases because they are healthier. Eating organic has long-term health advantages.

Dog owners are starting to question whether switching to natural dog food would benefit their pets as word of the benefits spreads. What about the health advantages of feeding your dogs a natural diet? Everyone wants their dog to be healthy and happy, but is organic dog food worth the additional cost? Australia’s pet food industry is expected to grow at a 2.7% CAGR between 2021 and 2026. Due to Covid-19 limitations, eCommerce pet food deliveries are now behind schedule. As a result of consumers’ increased reliance on imported finished pet food products, pet food was in short supply. Uncertainty in demand and interruptions in the supply chain have hurt the Australian pet food industry.

Consider the advantages of feeding your dog organic pet food:

Organic Dog Food

  • Reduction in the incidence of skin conditions and allergic reactions

To help your dog that has allergies or itchy skin disease, you’ve most likely tried “everything”. Special dabs, sprays, shampoos, creams, and medicines may or may not be beneficial to your hair’s overall health and beauty. Even vet-recommended premium dog food products may nevertheless leave some dogs with itchy skin or bald patches. There must be something wrong with everything since nothing works, and organic food is no exception.

When it comes to fighting skin diseases and allergies, organic dog food may be the best option. Artificial colours and taste enhancers are not used in this food since they may cause allergies in your dog. The protein and grains in organic dog food are of the highest grade and have an exceptionally high nutritional value. It aids your dog’s immune system and helps them develop a more vigorous defense against skin infections in the long term.

  • There are fewer digestive problems

Organic dog food is more digestible due to its higher quality grains and proteins and absence of chemicals and artificial additives. Your veterinarian must definitely be consulted if your dog vomits after meals or has frequent gas, bloating, or diarrhoea symptoms. Feed your dog an organic diet if you can’t think of anything else. You’ll both benefit! If you’re looking for a significant change, go no further than organic dog food. Because organic dog food is inherently richer in nutrients, many owners report that their dogs consume less of it than dogs fed commercially produced food.

Due to the lack of bulk-filling ingredients in organic food, your dog eats just the amount of food required to maintain healthy energy levels and normal body functioning. Your dog likely likes it as well. Smaller servings of delicious, nutrient-dense meals satisfy dogs more than more significant portions. Providing your dog with organic food and increasing their activity level may help them slim down. Human-grade turkey, lamb, or chicken, as well as easily digested oats, barley, or other natural whole grains, make a significant impact on your dog’s digestive tract.

Instead of eating bulk fillers and artificial additives like maize, your dog will only get the nutrition he needs to be healthy. Using natural dog food reduces the amount of waste your dog produces and consumes. Their bowel motions are more regular and firmer, with less unpleasant odours.

  • A better quality of life with improved general health and immunity

Even if your dog does not have skin problems, obesity, or digestive issues, he may still benefit from an organic diet. Most doctors suggest “premium” dog food over “grocery store” types, even though virtually every brand claims that their food is “nutritionally complete”. The superior nutritional content of premium brands has long been at the centre of the debate. Even compared to non-organic, premium products, organic dog food offers excellent sources of nutritional elements. It’s easier for dogs to digest.

Finally, since it is more digestible, dogs are more likely to absorb and not discard the nutrients which they need to maintain a healthy immune system because it is more difficult to digest. You might, in fact, be able to save money on vet bills by helping your dog’s immune system stay strong.

  • Life Satisfaction and Length of Life

When it comes to what you feed your dog, the quality of your food has a direct effect actually on how your dog looks, feels, and behaves. You can help your dog live a long, healthy, and happy life by giving him organic food. It’s a bit part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle that you may encourage in your dog. An excellent immune system, a glossy, healthy coat, and the ability to run and play can all help your dog live longer and have a higher quality of life as they become older.

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