Which Indian Bank Has the Best Loyalty Program?

Which Indian Bank Has the Best Loyalty Program?

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March 29, 2024

In short:

  1. Choose a loyalty program aligned with your spending habits and lifestyle for maximum value.
  2. Prioritize tiered programs like INDIE YOUniverse for escalating rewards and exclusive perks.
  3. Consolidate expenses and engage with partner brands to accelerate point accumulation and optimize redemptions.

Bank loyalty programs are incentives offered to customers for their continued engagement. They include points, cashback, vouchers, and exclusive services based on transactions. These programs enhance the banking experience and provide tangible benefits for everyday financial activities.

Each bank in India offers its loyalty programs. So, how do you determine which program offers the most value and is customized to your specific financial needs and lifestyle? Let’s find out.

The best loyalty programs across Indian banks

The banking sector in India has different loyalty programs for different customers. To give you a clearer picture, here is a detailed table comparing the best loyalty rewards programs of various Indian banks:

BankLoyalty program
INDIE by IndusInd BankINDIE YOUniverse (a three-tier loyalty program)
ICICI BankICICI Bank Rewards Programme
Axis BankAxis Bank EDGE REWARDS
Kotak Mahindra BankKotak Rewards
State Bank of IndiaSBI Rewardz
YES BankYES Rewardz

With its innovative loyalty program, INDIE YOUniverse, and premium rewards, INDIE by IndusInd Bank ranks at the top. A mobile banking app introduced by IndusInd Bank, this loyalty program offers versatility and value through its unique three-tier structure:

  1. INDIE Star Account
  2. INDIE Super Star Account
  3. INDIE Mega Star Account

The rewards and benefits multiply as you upgrade from the INDIE Mega Star Account to the INDIE Mega Star Account. This tiered approach ensures that the more you engage with the INDIE YOUniverse, the greater the rewards you unlock. You earn rewards through INDIE Gems, which can be redeemed for cashback. 1 INDIE Gem = ₹1.

So, download the INDIE app and access a world of rewards and exclusive digital services. You can also use it as a digital investing app to conveniently manage multiple investments and banking activities from a single platform.

Benefits of loyalty programs

A bank loyalty program has multiple benefits that can enhance your banking experience. Here is how:

  • Earn rewards on everyday spending: Every swipe of your card or online transaction can offer points or miles.
  • Enjoy personalization: Based on an analysis of your spending habits, these programs create offers that specifically cater to your preferences. This personalization means the benefits you get are relevant and also valuable.
  • Get priority customer service: As a loyalty program member, you may get access to priority customer support. This priority means your questions, concerns, or issues are promptly addressed.
  • Access exclusive offers: Loyalty rewards grant you access to deals and discounts not available to the general account holders. These offers can cover retail, travel, and dining sectors, thus providing savings on daily expenses and special purchases.
  • Choose from multiple redemption options: Whether you prefer to redeem points for travel, electronics, gift cards, or even charitable donations, you can decide how to use your accumulated points.

With such benefits, loyalty programs offer a more personalized, engaging, and positive banking experience.

Know how to maximize value from loyalty programs

To truly benefit from a loyalty program, it is essential to consider several factors:

  • Evaluate the loyalty program structure: Analyse how points can be earned for different types of spending and the most advantageous ways to redeem them.
  • Prioritise programs with tiered benefits: Engage more actively with programs offering tiered rewards, like INDIE YOUniverse. Transitioning to higher tiers often unlocks exceptional value and exclusive perks like cashback on fuel and debit card purchases.
  • Consolidate your expenses: Channel all possible spending through your loyalty program-linked account or card. This can help you gather points more quickly and turn every expense into a reward.
  • Engage with partner brands: Look for opportunities to earn points through the program’s partner brands. Shopping with these partners can often yield higher points per purchase, enhancing the overall value you get from the program.
  • Track points for expiry dates: Some loyalty programs have points that expire if not used within a specific timeframe. Plan your redemptions with expiry dates in mind to utilize your points to their fullest potential.

To conclude

Loyalty programs offer mutual benefits for banks and customers. However, the best bank loyalty program depends on how well it aligns with your spending habits, lifestyle, and financial goals.

Each bank offers different reward structures, redemption options, and point-earning opportunities. Thus, carefully consider the abovementioned factors to maximise the value of your chosen loyalty program truly.


Do all banks in India offer loyalty programs?

No, not all banks offer loyalty programs, but many major banks do provide such programs to incentivize customer engagement.

Can I join multiple loyalty programs simultaneously?

Yes, you can join multiple loyalty programs from different banks; however, managing and maximizing rewards across multiple programs may require careful attention.

Are there any fees associated with joining loyalty programs?

Typically, joining loyalty programs offered by banks in India is free of charge. However, some premium tiers or additional services may have associated fees.

Do loyalty points expire?

Yes, some loyalty programs have points that expire if not utilized within a specified period. It’s essential to track your points and plan redemptions accordingly.

Can I transfer points between loyalty programs?

Point transferability between loyalty programs of different banks is generally not allowed. Points earned within a specific program are usually non-transferable.

What happens to my points if I close my bank account?

Points accumulated in a loyalty program are typically forfeited if you close your bank account associated with that program. Be sure to redeem your points before closing the account to avoid losing them.

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