OMAZE UK: The American For-Profit Fundraising Startup

OMAZE UK: The American For-Profit Fundraising Startup

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December 5, 2023

The American for-profit fundraising startup Omaze often collaborates with nonprofits to host various types of fundraising events. Prizes in Omaze events might be anything from physical goods and properties to encounters with famous people. Typically, there is one grand prize and multiple smaller prizes. The linked charity will get 15%–60% donations for entry into the prize drawing.

Ryan Cummins and Matthew Pohlson founded the Los Angeles-based private corporation in July 2012. More than $130 million has been donated to more than 350 charitable organizations by the business. Among these organizations are UNICEF, After-School All-Stars, Julia’s House, Product Red, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Why Is The Name “ OMAZE” So Popular?

Omaze is a commercial fundraiser for US-registered 501(c) public charities (each a “Charity Client”). When you donate and participate to win a celebrity prize (set visit, dinner date, premiere tickets, etc.), 60% of your donation is guaranteed to go to the specified grantee(s) via a Charity Client grant. These experiences average 25% for experience costs like advertising, content production, and payment processing.

If you donate and enter for a non-celebrity prize like a car, vacation, or cash, one of our Charity Clients will grant 15% of your donation to the chosen grantee(s). Experience expenditures, including prize costs, advertising, content production, and payment processing fees, account for 65-75%.

Did you know? Omaze averages 20% across all experience categories. Matching experiences provide the nonprofit beneficiary 100% of the match.  These examples show’s most prevalent encounters. Grantees may receive a different percentage. Visit the Experience Rules and the “Fundraising Transparency” section at the bottom of each experience page for details on a specific experience, including its Charity Client, designated grantee(s), and percentage of support.

How does Omaze work?


Usually, a celebrity would endorse a promotional film for Omaze before they start a sweepstakes that provides a grand prize or an event. Anyone can enter the sweepstakes by making a monetary donation; the number of entries is proportional to the amount provided; for example, a $100 donation gives the donor ten times as many chances to win as a $10 donation. So that they aren’t deemed a lottery, sweepstake systems like Omaze incorporate a “no purchase necessary” condition. Participants in the US can get 2,000 entries for free by selecting the “enter for free” option, while participants in the UK can submit a postal entry for free.

The inaugural Omaze contest took place in July 2012; all entries favored Team Rubicon, and the winner was announced as a judge on Cupcake Wars. People could compete to win a chance to visit the Star Wars: The Force Awakens closed set by donating $10 to Omaze in December 2015 as part of their partnership with Star Wars. For UNICEF, the event brought in almost $4.26 million. In 2016, the experience launch video was recognized with a Webby Award.

Business Model Of OMAZE UK


There are two ways that Omaze, a privately held for-profit business, helps bring in money for good causes. If you win a celebrity experience sweepstakes—a set visit, dinner, premiere tickets, etc. Omaze will donate 60% of the proceeds to charity, pay 25% for the event and its advertising and content creation, and keep 15% as profit. For experiences with monetary prizes (such as a car, a trip, or tuition), 15% goes to the charity, 70% goes into finding and sending the prize, paying the winner’s taxes, settling credit card fees, and covering Omaze’s marketing and content creation expenses, and 15% goes towards profit for Omaze.

After deducting the cost of the prize and promotion from a sweepstake in the UK, Omaze provides 80% of the net profit to the charity, keeping 20% for themselves. In 2020, the business debuted its campaign in the UK.


How trustworthy is Omaze?

It’s easy, enjoyable, has excellent prizes, and donates 80% of revenues to Alzheimer’s Research UK. It may not meet your needs just because it meets ours.

Who is the CEO of Omaze?

Omaze CEO and Co-Founder is Matthew Pohlson.

What happens if you win Omaze?

If you win an Omaze experience, a specialized crew makes it unforgettable. We arrange travel, hotels, and talent partner coordination so you may have the experience of your life.

How does Omaze choose winners?

As per our Official Rules, a possible winner is selected at random by a cryptographically secure random number generator following the conclusion of each Grand Prize sweepstakes event.

Who owns Omaze?

Based in Los Angeles, California, the company was started in July 2012 by Ryan Cummins and Matthew Pohlson. It is privately held. For more than 350 charities, including UNICEF, After-School All-Stars, Julia’s House, Product Red, and Make-A-Wish Foundation, the corporation has raised more than $130 million.

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