Mortgage broker Boris Cherner: risk-free loans

Mortgage broker Boris Cherner: risk-free loans

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In finance, Published On
March 20, 2023

The word “mortgage” gives a nervous tic and makes most people squeamishly wince. As it happens, we have little faith in credit, especially loans as substantial as a home loan. And the prefix “broker” adds to the unpleasant prospect of a loan and markups for the commission of the intermediary.

Are mortgages really financial kabbalah, and are brokers and lenders certified crooks? Why, then, is this profession so in demand in America and Europe, and mortgage lending is flourishing? Boris Cherner is a living example of an effective and principled mortgage broker who breaks stereotypes and turns the dream of owning a home into a reality.

Mortgage broker: who? how? why?

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A broker is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer of a good or service. If it’s a loan, then a broker helps to get it. It’s a fair question – is it hard to borrow money, why would a mediator do that?

Given the size of the modern lending market, including mortgages, it is really difficult for an unprepared customer to get a loan favorable for themselves. Each bank or financial institution develops capacious and complex lending programs, in order to understand which you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

This is the job of a mortgage broker – he knows the banks’ offers better than anyone else, he knows their pitfalls and can offer his client the most painless option of a money loan. Moreover, he oversees the whole process of registration and repayment of the loan, taking on all the burdens of communication with the lender. His services are not free, but they are fully repaid by the benefits received.

Service package

Initially, a mortgage broker was solely engaged in financial counseling. But competition in the market has forced the profession to evolve, expanding the range of services of such an intermediary.

When you sign a cooperation agreement, you can count on real estate and legal options:

  • selection of housing on the specified parameters;
  • verification of the builder/owner;
  • checking of real estate documents;
  • selection of the optimal bank and lending program;
  • assistance in compiling a package of documents;
  • support of the contract until the signing;
  • consulting and resolving disputes at the request of the client in the process of repayment of the mortgage.

Cooperation with Boris Cherner guarantees the best lending conditions and turnkey transactions. Among the pleasant bonuses – are the shortest application processing time, the prospect of discounts and bonuses to the mortgage, justification, and surety in the case of a bad credit history.

 Grounds for credibility

The reputation of a good mortgage broker is based on positive feedback from previous clients. Boris Cherner, who has been practicing since 1990, has plenty of them. Working with a licensed professional with an extensive portfolio of domestic and foreign lending transactions and diverse experience is exactly what you need to safely purchase your own home.

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