Best Funded Trading Programs to Help you become a funded trader 

Best Funded Trading Programs to Help you become a funded trader 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In finance, Updated On
June 9th, 2024

Becoming a funded trader can be a challenging task for aspiring traders. It requires hard work, patience, and dedication to become successful. However, numerous funded trading programs can facilitate this journey by offering resources and structured opportunities to secure trading capital. This article will delve into some of the best-funded trading programs available today, providing insights into their unique offerings and evaluation processes.

Top 5 Funded Trading Programs

Funded Trading ProgramMaximum FundingEvaluation ProcessKey FeaturesProsCons
Trader2BUp to $150,000Trading evaluations in a simulated environmentSimulated trading environment, comprehensive support, potential for high fundingClear evaluation process, diverse funding optionsEvaluation can be rigorous, and fees associated with the evaluation process
The 5%ersUp to $1,000,000Evaluation and scaling based on performanceGenerous funding, supportive community, robust trading platformHigh potential funding, clear scaling pathHigh-performance standards, evaluation fees
OneUp TraderUp to $250,000Transparent evaluation process with daily feedbackSimulated trading environment, clear rules, competitive fundingTransparent process, daily performance feedbackRequires consistency, evaluation costs
Earn2TradeUp to $50,000Gauntlet Mini evaluation with an educational focusStrong educational programs, continuous support, structured evaluationStrong educational focus, ongoing supportLower maximum funding, evaluation fees
FTMOUp to $200,000Rigorous evaluation with comprehensive supportComprehensive support system, multiple account options, transparent evaluation processComprehensive support, numerous account optionsHigh standards for evaluation, evaluation fees
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1. Trader2B


Overview: Trader2B is one of today’s most popular funded trading programs. It allows traders to earn a funded trading account by proving their skills through trading evaluations.

Key Features:

  • Simulated Trading Environment: Trader2B provides a simulated trading environment, allowing traders to practice their strategies without risking real money. This is crucial for building confidence and refining techniques.
  • Evaluation Process: Traders undergo a structured evaluation process. Once they complete it, they can start trading with a funded account, with potential funding of up to $150,000.
  • Support and Resources: Trader2B offers educational resources and support, helping traders to improve their skills continuously.


  • Comprehensive simulation environment
  • Clear evaluation process
  • High potential funding


  • Evaluation can be rigorous
  • Fees for the evaluation process


The 5%ers:

Overview: is another highly regarded funded trading program. It offers traders the chance to secure a funded account of up to $1,000,000, making it one of the most generous programs in terms of potential funding.

Key Features:

  • Generous Funding: Traders can qualify for accounts with substantial capital, up to $1,000,000.
  • Evaluation and Scaling: The program evaluates and scales up traders who consistently perform well.
  • Trading Platform: The 5%ers provide a robust trading platform that simulates market conditions.


  • High potential funding
  • Clear path for scaling up
  • Supportive trading community


  • High-performance standards
  • Evaluation fees

3. OneUp Trader

OneUp Trader

Overview: OneUp Trader is a funded trading program offering traders the opportunity to earn a funded account of up to $250,000. It emphasizes a straightforward and transparent evaluation process.

Key Features:

  • Simulated Environment: Like other programs, OneUp Trader provides a simulated environment to practice strategies.
  • Daily Feedback: Traders receive daily feedback on their performance, which is vital for continuous improvement.
  • Clear Rules: The program’s evaluation rules and criteria are transparent, making it easier for traders to understand what is required to succeed.
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  • Transparent and straightforward process
  • Daily performance feedback
  • Competitive funding amounts


  • Requires consistency and discipline
  • Evaluation costs

4. Earn2Trade


Overview: Earn2Trade offers traders the chance to secure a funded trading account of up to $50,000. It is known for its educational focus, providing comprehensive training to help traders succeed.

Key Features:

  • Educational Programs: Earn2Trade strongly emphasizes education, offering various courses and resources to help traders improve.
  • Gauntlet Mini: This is the evaluation program where traders can prove their skills. Successful completion can lead to a funded account.
  • Ongoing Support: Traders receive continuous support and mentorship, crucial for long-term success.


  • Strong educational focus
  • Continuous support and mentorship
  • Structured evaluation process


  • Lower maximum funding compared to some other programs
  • Evaluation fees



Overview: FTMO is a well-established, funded trading program that allows traders to earn a funded account of up to $200,000. It is renowned for its rigorous evaluation process and comprehensive support.

Key Features:

  • Rigorous Evaluation: FTMO’s evaluation process is designed to identify traders who can consistently perform well.
  • Account Types: Traders can choose from various account sizes, with funding up to $200,000.
  • Support and Resources: FTMO provides extensive educational materials, performance coaching, and psychological support.


  • Comprehensive support system
  • Multiple account options
  • Clear and rigorous evaluation process


  • High standards for evaluation
  • Evaluation fees

Choosing the Right Funded Trading Program

When selecting a funded trading program, consider the following factors:

1. Evaluation Process: Understand the evaluation criteria and process for each program. Some may have more stringent requirements than others.

2. Funding Amount: Consider the maximum funding available and whether it aligns with your trading goals.

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3. Fees: Be aware of any fees associated with the evaluation process or ongoing participation.

4. Support and Resources: Look for programs that offer robust support, including educational materials, coaching, and mentorship.

5. Trading Style Compatibility: Ensure the program supports your trading style and preferred markets.


Becoming a funded trader is a challenging but achievable goal, especially with the help of funded trading programs. The programs discussed in this article—Trader2B, The 5%ers, OneUp Trader, Earn2Trade, and FTMO—are some of the best in the industry, each offering unique benefits and opportunities. By carefully considering their evaluation processes, funding amounts, fees, and support systems, traders can choose the program that best suits their needs and increase their chances of success in the trading world.

Funded trading programs provide aspiring traders with a valuable pathway to demonstrate their skills and gain access to significant trading capital without risking their own money. With dedication, discipline, and the right program, becoming a successful funded trader is within reach.

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