5 Essential Tools All Serious Traders Need

5 Essential Tools All Serious Traders Need

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In finance, Published On
May 4, 2023

Trading is not for the faint of heart. It is like entering a battlefield; every trader is like a soldier. As a trader, you must be equipped with the right resources and forex tools to succeed in the markets. It’s similar to how soldiers need more than their guns and uniforms to prepare for battle. So, today, we are going to discuss 5 essential tools that every trader should know to succeed in the long run.

Top Trading Tools for Serious Traders

Trading Platform and Charts:

Trading Platform and Charts

The first and foremost tool that every trader requires to analyze and trade in the forex market is a trading platform and charts. However, not all charts are created equal. For a more accurate and clear view of the market, it’s crucial to use a chart that provides the most precise view of the market. Once you have the right charts, it’s important not to clutter them with messy indicators or “EAs.” Instead, use the trading platform and stick to naked charts to efficiently analyse and trade the price action in any market. By doing this, you’ll be able to think clearly and without interruptions, ultimately resulting in more profitable deals.

A Solid Laptop

Razor Blade 2018 Laptop

Forex traders need a reliable laptop with powerful processing and precision. A laptop that can manage complicated computations, operates numerous programs concurrently, and show data effectively is necessary. The ideal trading laptop has to feature top-notch specifications and cutting-edge technologies to keep ahead of the competition.

Traders should seek a laptop with a strong CPU,  RAM must be at least 8GB. However, 16GB is recommended for speedier work completion. An SSD hard disc of 125 GB or more is advised for the most storage space possible. Moreover, clear trade updates require a strong graphics card, and data processing efficiency requires a Full HD or better display.

Screen size and design are also important considerations while choosing a laptop for trading; bigger displays offer a more enjoyable viewing experience and have enough heat dissipation to prevent overworking the gadget. Additionally, longer battery life, Wi-Fi 6 standard, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi adapters can make your trading experience seamless. Furthermore, a variety of connections are needed to attach extra hardwares, such as external displays and Thunderbolt connectors, for the highest data transfer rates possible.

Trading Journal and Spreadsheet

Any trader who wants to keep track of their performance must have a trading log and a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, many traders either neglect or stop using them after a while, which is a serious mistake. By using a trading journal or spreadsheet where you keep track of all your trades, you can hold yourself responsible for your activities and stay honest with yourself.

As a trader, you spend hours gazing at charts and computer displays, but you need a method to monitor your performance to avoid mistakes that might have devastating repercussions. You may avoid these errors by keeping a trading log. It is a record of your transactions that reveals your good and bad trades. You should enter the profits and losses you make in the logs to determine whether forex trading is a profitable venture for you or not. To calculate profits/losses, you can use a profit calculator, which helps you accurately calculate the outcomes of your trades. You can see trends, improve your trading methods, and avoid costly errors by reviewing your trades.

Trading Calculators

Trading Calculators

As a forex trader, you must know that every trade you make entails some risk. But how can you measure and tell how much risk you’re actually taking? Forex trading calculators can help you with that. Before you ever place a trade, these useful tools can assist you in calculating your possible gains, losses, risk and much more. You can clearly understand many parts of your trade by using a variety of accessible calculators, such as forex profit calculators, pip calculators, margin calculators, lot size calculators and more.

A trading calculator takes into consideration all of the crucial variables, including your entry and exit locations, stop loss, and take profit, to provide you with a precise grasp of your potential outcomes. Use these calculators to help you make better-educated trading decisions and keep your account from being overleveraged. Most forex trading calculators are also very simple to use.

Let’s take the pip calculator for example, if you have a profitable trade, but don’t know how much profit you have made, then you can use this calculator to find out the profit in pips and that too in the currency of your choice. To calculate the margin required to open a trade, you can input the number of lots you want to trade and the leverage you wish to use. With the help of trading calculators, you get accurate data, which is important for trading with a minimum risk.

Risk Capital

To become a successful trader, you need to view your money as a tool. You will need a bankroll to make money or learn about real-world trading. To make sure that your risk capital is always there when you need it most, it’s crucial to manage it well. Treat your risk capital as an annual or quarterly trading budget rather than investing all your money at once. This will enable you to spread it out more evenly and stop you from blowing it all at once.

You must create a money management trading strategy that takes into account variables like how much to risk every trade, position sizing, and risk/reward to manage your risk capital. You can stop the snowball effect of trading errors and ultimately avoid blowing out your account by managing your money and planning it effectively. Remember that your risk capital is an important asset that must be well-cared for and maintained.

This guide has provided valuable insights into the essential tools that every trader requires as they prepare to navigate the complex world of the forex market. Consider these tools as your armour and weaponry as you gear up for the battle that awaits you each day. By equipping yourself with the right tools, you can confidently face market volatility, make informed decisions, and ultimately increase your chances of success. Remember, having the right tools can make all the difference. So, prepare yourself thoroughly, arm yourself with knowledge, and step onto the battlefield with the necessary tools to win.

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