Top 10 Wedding Dress Fabric Ideas With Pictures

Top 10 Wedding Dress Fabric Ideas With Pictures

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April 18th, 2024

Can’t decide what to wear for the wedding? Here’s a solution. You can opt for a stitched dress or choose your favourite fabric and have your tailor customize it to the proper length and fit.

When you are choosing a dress for the most special day of your life, you need to choose something extraordinary. It should be made of lightweight fabric that is glossy and shimmery. The fabric must also be transparent or translucent and have a playful appeal.

Here are some of the most desired and loved wedding dress fabrics. Girls love to choose these fabrics for weddings, and they are perfect for both brides and bridesmaids.

Fabric NameDescription /Popularity
Net Wedding Dress FabricMost Popular Wedding Dress Fabric
Tulle Wedding Dress FabricMost Used Wedding Dress Fabric In India
Georgette Wedding Dress FabricTop Trendy Wedding Dress Fabric
Chiffon Wedding Dress FabricThe Best One Wedding Dress Fabric In List
Organza Wedding Dress FabricFamous Fabric For Wedding Dress Among Women
Brocade Wedding Dress FabricMost Used Wedding Dress Fabric By Ladies
Dupion Wedding Dress FabricLatest Wedding Dress Fabric In Females
Lace Wedding Dress FabricTrending Wedding Fabric Among Women
Crepe Wedding Dress FabricMost Popular Fabric For Wedding Dress
Damask Wedding Dress FabricBest Wedding Dress Fabric

Top 10 Wedding Dress Fabric Ideas With Pictures

Net Wedding Dress Fabric(Most Popular Wedding Dress Fabric)

net fabric

The one that is eligible to make stunning outfits such as gowns, lehengas, prom dresses, and sarees is the lightweight and transparent net.

It is available in a variety of colours and can be decorated with different embroideries, such as zari embroidery, thread embroidery, or pearls and diamond embroidery, which makes the material look super attractive.

A wholesale dress material of net fabric can be used to make an amazing dress for the evening.

Tulle(Most Used Wedding Dress Fabric In India)

tulle fabric

Net tulle is also a lightweight, stiff fabric available in various colours and can be easily selected to make a pretty customized dress for the wedding day.

It is made from various fibres, including nylon, polyester, silk, and rayon, and is specially used to create lengthy gowns for weddings and other special occasions. It holds a firm shape and gives the wearer a perfect fit.

Georgette Wedding Dress Fabric(Top Trendy Wedding Dress Fabric)

Georgette fabric

The playful georgette is a dull finished crepe fabric originally made from silk and synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester. It is not only popular as a wedding dress fabric, but it is also one of the most admired wholesale dress materials online.

As it has a perfect shine and shimmer, it is widely used to make dazzling dresses. You can, without a doubt, choose georgette and customise it into a pretty wedding dress.

Chiffon(The Best One Wedding Dress Fabric In List)

Chiffon fabric

Chiffon is similar to georgette, it is also made from natural fibers and synthetic fibers. It is smoother and lustrous than georgette and commonly used for evening wear. The fabric is even popular due to its low cost and resilience.

If you are willing to choose chiffon and get it tailored to the dress of your choice, then you can pick it. The ones decorated with some intricate designs will look even more adoring.

Organza(Famous Fabric For Wedding Dress Among Women)

Organza fabric
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A plain weave sheer fabric traditionally made from silk is a smooth and shiny organza. But now, many filament fibres, such as polyester and nylon, are used to weave the material.

Deluxe silk organzas are specially woven in Italy and France. They have always been a preferred choice for making wedding dresses. You can easily get wholesale organza dress material from online and offline stores.

Brocade(Most Used Wedding Dress Fabric By Ladies)


This fabulous material is a class of richly decorative shuttle-woven silk fabric detailed with pretty gold and silver threads that give it a perfect shine.

Due to its intricate details and several colour choices, it tends to be the favourite of every dressmaker and every wearer. Get it tailored in a lehenga choli, a gown, or a salwar suit. The outfit will look flawless, especially in the evening.

Dupion(Latest Wedding Dress Fabric In Females)


Dupion is a plain weave silk fabric produced using fine thread in the warp and uneven thread reeled from two or more entangled cocoons.

This will help you get high-lustrous cash on delivery of wholesale dress materials, and you can get it stitched in your desired dress with proper fittings and measurements. You will get enormous appeal when you choose dupion as your wedding dress fabric.  Dupion is the perfect Wedding Dress Fabric for your dresses.

Lace(Trending Wedding Fabric Among Women)

Lace fabric dress

Lace fabric or material is divided into two main categories: bobbin lace and needlelace. It is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread that creates an open weblike pattern.

The lace is knitted in different patterns, and it has beautiful carvings of flowers, paisleys, and leaves. A lovely white lace gown with an off-shoulder neck and a trail at the bottom of the gown makes it look the best.

Crepe(Most Popular Fabric For Wedding Dress)

Crepe Wedding Dress Fabric

A distinctively crisp, crimped fabric made from silk, wool, or other synthetic fibres can give the bride a minimalistic look.

The weight of the crepe depends on the fabric from which it is made. It can be light or heavy and may have a different texture.

You can buy different varieties of crepe dress materials wholesale, and you can pick the one that suits your climate.

Damask(Best Wedding Dress Fabric)

Damask fabric

Damask is well-known for its reversible figured patterns. It is made from different fabrics, such as silk, wool, linen, or cotton.

Even synthetic fibres are used to make the beautiful damask. The fabric is woven with one warp yarn and one weft yarn.

This one is more popular for making ethnic and traditional dresses such as sarees, salwar suits, and lehengas. So, if you are willing to get customized ethnic attire, you can choose it.

You can get all these fabrics at offline and online stores. They are immensely popular in the Surat dress material wholesale market online, as Surat is known as the textile hub.

So now you have many options, and you can choose anyone you like with all the colour options and all the embroidery, patterns and designs it has.

Getting it tailored is a good option as you get the desired fitting and length according to your body rather than getting a stitched one and altering it and ruining its look.

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