How to Use Fake Ponytail Extensions? A Quick Guide for Beginners

How to Use Fake Ponytail Extensions? A Quick Guide for Beginners

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Fashion, Updated On
April 14th, 2024

Have you ever considered wearing some fake ponytail extensions to add extra length and thickness to your hair to your hair? If not, then think about it right now! It’s time to say goodbye to the limp ponytails and add your hair with extra bouncy and high-volume results to style your hair into a long fake ponytail with the help of extensions. Not just the ponytail, but you can even style it as a low ponytail, braided, or high ponytail look.

What are the Benefits of Fake Ponytail Extensions?

The primary reason to choose the fake ponytail extension is to transform the hair according to your comfort level completely. If you have oily and greasy hair, you can hide it through counterfeit extensions. It even helps you to create a fuller and longer bouncy effect on your ponytails each time. As you start wearing a ponytail hairstyle, you can style up your hair in various looks.

How To Wear A Fake Ponytail

  • Step No. 1 To Wear a Fake Ponytail:

In step 1, you have to pull all your hair into a ponytail. Brush the hair in a high ponytail, starting with the head crown. You have to position the ponytail slightly higher than you intend to wear and secure it with a hair tie.

  • Step No 2 In Wearing a Fake Ponytail:

You have to gently brush the hair through the Ponytail Extension using our Loop Hair Extensions Brush. Plus, you can also use a wide-toothed comb or even a paddle brush to remove any of the hair tangles.

  • Step No 3 In Wearing a Fake Ponytail Extension:

Now, you have to secure the ponytail extension by sliding the comb underneath your hair tie over the top of your fake ponytail. You have to wrap the Velcro base just as tightly around your ponytail until it is fully overlapped and secure.

  • Step No 4 To Wear Ponytail:

Now, cover the main base of the ponytail! Conceal the band by wrapping the hair strand around the base. You can utilize the Luxy bobby pins to secure it fully.

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A Perfect Video On How To Wear a Fake Ponytail –

Which hairstyles will look best with fake ponytail extensions?

  • Low ponytail with extensions

To create a low ponytail with the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension, tie your hair at the nape of your neck earlier than wrapping the extension around your hair. Continue all steps as usual and revel in your new, extremely long pony.

  • Bun

A voluminous bun has in no way been more accessible. To get this look, begin by securing your ponytail extension at the crown of your head.  Next, cut up the ponytail into two sections.

  • The Low Pony

This is one such rocking hairstyle which you can pick with the middle parting. You will love to have your ponytail slide down over the base of your neck to flaunt it in any way you want to. You can add some of the Kiki Hydrate Leave-In Moisturizer into your hair and fine the centre part to do the top section, and then brush each of the sections out and down towards the nape of your neck.  Open your hair and tie it down with an elastic band. You must clip the ponytail extension and then wrap the extra hair around it.

  • Side Pony with a Twist

This is yet another fantastic and quick style to opt for right now. Use your fingers to brush the hair to the side. Fasten up the hair in the low-side ponytail. Attach the ponytail extension, wrap the extra piece around as usual, and fasten it with your bobby pin. Create five equal sections, gently pull each section, and you are all done.

  • The Half-Up Pony

With this gorgeous hair-up pony look, you can easily give your ponytail extension a better, more adjustable look. If you have not selected the wavy clip-on ponytail, you can easily curl or add waves before placing it in your hair. You should even think about curling your hair to match before adding it in. This look will somehow work with straight hair.

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You have to gather the hair to the half and then fasten it with the bobby pins. Now attach the clip-on and t, ensure the lip has been placed together, and g,.rG, and grab the elastic. Now wrap up the extra hairpiece around your wave half ponytail. Make sure that you do fasten the extra hair with an elastic.

How can you do a ponytail with extensions?

Just twist upon each section until and unless you do not form long two twists. You have to wrap up the twists around one another to create a thick rope braid. Finally, wrap this rope braid just around itself at the base, and bobby pin the heck out of it.

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