Guide On What to Wear at What Type of Occasion

Guide On What to Wear at What Type of Occasion

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June 23, 2023


There is much more to how we dress than we might imagine. Our dress code describes us and influences different opinions about us. People primarily decide what we wear and who we are. Dressing is the art of knowing how to carry ourselves on different occasions. Dressing for any occasion is about paying respect to that occasion and the people around you. Below is a guide on what to wear on different types of occasions.

What to Wear at What Type of Occasion

Parties or clubbing

Party Bus Experiences

You might be invited to different parties from January to December. With the variety of parties you might be attending, your outfit might vary for each event. However, an outfit may be accompanied by its accessories. How you put on your outfit and accessories may differ significantly depending on your destination or occasion. An outfit such as the full sarong (풀싸롱) is usually worn to such parties.


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The wedding attire is usually black or white tie unless the bride and groom decide on the theme of the entire occasion. For women, you should always avoid wearing a white dress, commonly considered the bride’s color. You can choose a gown the level of the knee, but not white. For men, dark suits always do well at formal events, with dark party shoes. However, choose the color suitable for that specific time and season.


Dressing in black is the best color to wear during a burial ceremony. However, the color black is not mandatory. If you lack the black color, you can choose a darker color like navy blue or charcoal and many more. For ladies, choose jewelry that matches your outfit and makes you look fabulous. In addition, do not have an outfit that is too shouting such that you will attract every person you come across.

Family gets together

Escape Room Birthday Party

There are different occasions when the family has to meet and interact with each other. If you are to meet with your grandparents, parents, cousins, and other family members, what would be the ideal outfit? Do you need to be official or casual? If casual, what type of casual should it be? Can you dress the same way when attending family meetings and your friends’ houses? You become too casual when you go to your friend’s place, even with your accessories.

You can go for different occasions, each requiring a different outfit. However, before you leave for the occasion, always ensure you are in the proper attire. Do not make a fool by going to an area with the wrong dress code and, for instance, going to an interview with some jeans. Nobody might tell you it’s wrong, but the wrong dress code can make you fail the interview and lose the job. That is why when going on some occasions, you need to have a full sarong (풀싸롱) to match the type of occasion. Generally, before you go for any occasion, thoroughly research the attire to avoid feeling out of place.

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