Everything About Fox Eye Makeup

Everything About Fox Eye Makeup

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August 17, 2021

Fox Eye Makeup – this is one of the most uncomplicated and at the same time beautiful make-up. It emphasizes the eyes and makes them look languid, which always attracts the attention of others.

Here is a step-by-step Video tutorial to achieve fox eye makeup

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  • Step 1 for Fox Eye Makeup

First of all, in this makeup, we highlight the eyebrows. They need to be combed out and drawn with a pencil or shadows and then combed out again well so that the eyebrows look natural.

  • Step 2 for Fox Eye Makeup

Next, we work out the mobile and motionless eyelid in a light tone, especially in the bend under the eyebrow. If the shadows with a shimmer are even good, then we apply them a little more under the edge.

  • Step 3 For Fox Eye Makeup

To keep the eyelid from looking flat, you need to give it depth. To do this, using a fluffy brush, apply light brown or light gray matte shadows exactly along the crease of the eyelid and slightly higher. We shade the line so that we get a light shadow.

  • Step 4 For Fox Eye Makeup

Now on to the fun part. Draw an arrow with a dark pencil, gradually expanding it from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. The line should continue the eye and, so that the gaze does not seem sad, look up a little. The main thing is not to raise the tail of the arrow too much.

  • Step 5 For Fox Eye Makeup

After that, you need to go with a pencil along the lower eyelid, but not all over, but only from the middle of the iris to the edge of the eye. This line should smoothly connect to the top arrow. It is better to draw it along the eyelash contour, filling the space between the eyelashes. Using a small soft brush, gently shade the pencil so that the arrow becomes fuzzy.

  • Step 6 For Fox Eye Makeup

The final and very important point in the Fox Eye makeup is, of course, eyelashes. They should be well dyed and curled. We pay special attention to the outer corners of the eyes – in this make-up, it will not be superfluous to stick several tufts of cilia in order to emphasize the arrow and give the eyes a languid, foxlike look.

  • Step 7 For Fox Eye Makeup

Do not forget to add a drop of light, pearlescent shadows to the inner corner of the eye at the end of your makeup to make your look more open. ”

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Fox Eye Makeup Video Tutorial

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