Does Fashion have Gender Stereotypes?

Does Fashion have Gender Stereotypes?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Fashion, Published On
July 26, 2022
Last modified on July 28th, 2022

If you look back, there was an obvious difference between what men and women wore and the fashion trends that have evolved. There were lines that both genders didn’t cross, but those lines are now a bit more blurred. As the opinion and the acceptance of all types of genders become more affluent, so does the idea that fashion has become more gender neutral. Here you can explore if fashion still follows gender stereotypes or not.

Does Fashion have Gender Stereotypes?

  • Fashion Has Changed

Trends and styles are always changing and when people get asked about famous trends, throughout the years you normally name trends in women’s fashion, but men’s fashion has changed a lot as well. The earliest reports of a trend for men were in the early 1900s which were top hats, pocket watches, and walking sticks, which were more about practicality rather than aesthetics. Fast forward a few years to the 1960s when the fashion was a lot different with the ankle grazer denim jeans, loafers, and blazers which represented a more youthful and carefree attitude. Now look at the fashion of today’s age and for men, it is becoming more open and experimental where the gender stereotypes are being challenged.

  • All for One

It isn’t just clothes that have changed over the years because even jewelry has become more gender neutral. If you look back at the fashions at the start of the 20th century, the only sort of jewelry men would wear would be a watch, but the attitude towards it now is if a woman can wear it, then so can a man. Nowadays, jewelry companies design pieces that will suit all genders, such as Newmans Bands which offers items such as men’s tungsten rings. These types of rings are versatile for gifts as well as just statement pieces for fashion purposes. You can choose from all different sizes and colors.

  • Expression Is Key

The ever-changing fashion trends are sometimes a lot for people to get their head around and change can scare people. With this, the fear can come out as prejudice and ignorance and also a lack of understanding. However, people’s opinions are changing and improving but there is a long way to go. Most retail shops still have a separation for the men’s and women’s sections, but there are some that have made the effort to have a gender-neutral dedicated space. In 2022, being able to express yourself through the clothes you wear is very important and to be able to do that without gender stereotypes is key to some people’s expression.


It may seem like slow progress, but fashion brands and retailers are understanding the gender gap within fashion. You may never see a complete change in the layout of stores but the more knowledge they gain the better understanding they have. This is the same for people’s opinions as well. However, you must remember that everyone has the freedom of choice when it comes to what they wear. Acceptance is important.

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