Top 10 Ranked Margot Robbie Movies On Netflix Of All Time

Top 10 Ranked Margot Robbie Movies On Netflix Of All Time

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April 6th, 2024

If you are a fan of Margot Robbie, you must be searching for the fantastic movies she has been working on that have ranked on Top. Margot is a famous actress in Australia who started working in 2008 in some great movies.

Moreover, Her roles and acting have been appreciated in the industry, and her everlasting performance gained popularity soon after she started working.

This article will list some of the top Margot Robbie Movies On Netflix that you will love watching.

Top 10 Ranked Margot Robbie Movies on Netflix

Here is the list of the top-ranking movies in which Margot Robbie has played a lead role.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)

Netflix Rating: 3.4/5

Director: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a popular drama movie, fun and comedy. It features Margot Robbie in the leading role “Tanya Vanderpoel” and Tina Fey as the lead protagonist “Kim Barker”.

The Movie further captures the wartime scope of a reporter in Afghanistan and goes on empowerment to Afghanistan as a fighting reporter. The role of Margot Robbie is a fellow adventurous reporter, and she has done an incredible job.

The Legend Of Tarzan (2016)

Netflix Rating: 3.6/5

Director: David Yates

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Margot Robbie played the leading role of Jane Clayton in the movie The Legend of Tarzan. In the film, she is depicted as a brave, independent girl involved in spirituality and nature. Furthermore, she falls in love with Tarzan and continues to have a pretty close connection with him. The Movie got impressive reviews because of Margot’s brilliant job and emotional storytelling.

Focus (2015)

Netflix Rating: 3.4/5

Director: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

Playing Jess Barrett in the movie Focus(2015), Margot Robbie has done an outstanding job. She is represented as a charismatic and attractive lady who becomes romantically entangled with a con artist.

Moreover, she received much appreciation from the audience and a muggy and charming presence in the role. Her performance was characteristic of conspiracy and showcased her proficiency in incorporating engaging and mysterious characters.

Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)

Netflix Rating: 3.7

Director: Simon Curtis

If you have ever watched the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin, you must be a fan of Margot Robbie and her acting as Christopher’s mother. Daphne is an extrovert who flounders and adjusts according to the demands of motherhood, which shows her emotional gap with her family.

Robbie obtained intricacy and class to her character, seizing the era’s spirit. Nevertheless, she also stunned the audience by aromatizing Daphne with susceptibility and expressive deepness, making her role even more exquisite.

About Time (2013)

Netflix Rating: 3.8/5

Director: Richard Curtis

Margot Robbie did a Mind-Blowing Job in the movie About Time. She plays Charlotte, a teen girl who becomes Tim’s friend, and she is depicted as a brave and optimistic girl.

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Both critics and audiences applauded Robbie’s performance in the role of Charlotte. The movie is delightful, comedic, and vulnerable, and Margot’s connection with Gleeson is the main highlight.

Z for Zachariah (2015)

Netflix Rating: 2.9

Director: Craig Zobel

Z for Zachariah is one of the most famous movies featuring Margot Robbie, who played the character of Ann Burden. She acted as a youthful lady who showed she was the sole survivor in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Audience has praised Robbie’s narrative of Ann Burden for her proficiency in capturing her character’s deep complexity and intuitive depth. Robbie brought a persuasive mix of vulnerability and power to the role and received awards for her outstanding performance.

Suicide Squad (2016)

Netflix Rating: 3.4/5

Director: David Ayer

Suicide Squad is a very famous and Top trending movie. It delightfully features Margot Robbin. It heeds the story that includes a secret government agency compelling risky, imprisoned supervillains to create a defensive task force. Their first task was to protect the globe from a forthcoming apocalypse.

Furthermore, Margot plays the role of Harley Quinn, a famous DC Comics character represented by certain wild behaviours.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Netflix Rating: 4.0/10

Director: Martin Scorsese

If you like learning about investing techniques like stockbroking, you will surely relate to the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. It features Jordan Belfort and Margot Robbie as the main characters. The film tells the original story of the rich man Jordan and how he deals with crime, corruption, and such activities. He further forms a team with Donnie Azoff and wins by cheating.

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Peter Rabbit (2018)

Netflix Rating: 3.6/5

Director: Will Gluck

Margot Robbie has done impressive work in the movie Peter Rabbit. She played the lead role of Flopsy with a decent personality and a high attitude. Peter Rabbit is a live-action funny movie based on the definitive youngsters’ storybooks.

Moreover, Margot Robbie is one of the three sisters in the movie, and the audience expresses her performance as Flopsy as cheerful and fascinating, giving a sense of delight and scamp.

I, Tonya (2018)

Netflix Rating: 3.6

Director: Craig Gillespie

I, Tonya, is one of the top-trending movies featuring Margot Robbie as the lead role. It shows the high competition between ice skaters. Magot plays Tonya, who achieves targets and goals in her career. The movie continues when Tonya’s husband reenters her life, and her job is at risk.


I hope this article helped you find the Best movies in which Margot Robbie has done an impressive job. All these Movies are top-trending and have grabbed a lot of attention and positive reviews from audiences. These movies have also ranked on top of Netflix, and people have praised Margot for her acting skills.

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