Top 40 Powerful Philosophy Research Topics

Top 40 Powerful Philosophy Research Topics

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Education, Updated On
October 28th, 2021

Philosophy is a branch of study that has its roots in ancient Greece. According to tradition, Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, was the one who coined the term philosophy, which translates as “passion for knowledge.” Said, philosophy refers to the actions that people engage in an attempt to better understand how one can lead a good living by reflecting on their errors and applying that information.

Writing philosophy is not a cakewalk as few seem it. Penning down a philosophy requires as much work as it requires for a research paper in science. The writer has to present the facts and findings in an order which can validate their argument and pursue readers to fall in line with their opinions.

There is a wide range of topics and subtopics in philosophy. Among all topics. Choosing a good research topic is necessary as it allows discussion of the little discovered area and presents a wide range of arguments and evidence. Here are some research topics suggested by the best assignment writing services in order to make your work easier!

Top 40 Powerful Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Is it possible to be fulfilled without a family life?
  2. What does it mean to be a member of the supernatural community? Are there any conclusive signs that it exists?
  3. What if you were wealthy but didn’t have a lot of money?
  4. Is it necessary for individuals to constantly abide by the law?
  5. What’s the use of truth if it’s worthless?
  6. What is it about religion that inspires individuals to commit acts of violence?
  7. Using science to link traditions, can we make people obey them as a rule?
  8. Is it feasible to alter a person’s defining characteristics?
  9. Talk about the most important modern-day ideals.
  10. What do you consider happiness to be?
  11. Are weapons used to protect or to murder people?
  12. Is it possible that racism will be eradicated?
  13. What’s the connection between morals and aesthetics?
  14. Why do we have a higher regard for the departed than for the departed?
  15. Is it true that God is all-powerful?
  16. Will the end of caste and religion make the world a better place?
  17. What does it mean to be in a genuine loving relationship imply?
  18. Doing the correct thing vs. doing things correctly: Which is more important?
  19. In the virtual world, are we more in love with ourselves? In the actual world, are we less so?
  20. Is it inevitable that mankind will choose a disastrous path?
  21. Would it be the only way to end the war to achieve peace?
  22. What happens if you accidentally delete a memory?
  23. In what way does one’s personal religious system influence how one thinks about religion?
  24. Will humans be the ones to bring the planet to an end?
  25. What’s more essential for a better world: intelligence or wisdom?
  26. Is real beauty a matter of opinion, or is it something that can be measured?
  27. How much power do our ideas have on who we are?
  28. How much freedom do you think people should have?
  29. What does it mean to be wealthy or poor in today’s society?
  30. Controlling technology or being controlled by it is a question we must ask ourselves.
  31. Will a ban on the sale of firearms and other weapons decrease the frequency of mass shootings?
  32. Do we evolve when we are in a position of authority?
  33. Will the advancement of technology lead to the extinction of the human race?
  34. Is advancement possible when one has a firm grasp of philosophy?
  35. Is there any race in the cosmos that is more technologically sophisticated than we are?
  36. Would the world be a better place if there was no monetary value to any of the world’s currencies?
  37. Are there any indications that we’re in a time loop right now?
  38. Without instructors and formal education, would the world be a better or worse place?
  39. Why do we toss food when some are starving to death?
  40. Is it feasible to travel through time in the future?
  41. Is it true that the English language gives us a sense of superiority over people from other nations?
  42. Is it possible that in the future, artificial intelligence will help us live longer lives?
  43. Is there any advantage to being aware of one’s consciousness?
  44. Is there a pattern to your thoughts?
  45. Will a better world be created as a result of tighter regulations?
  46. Are our privacy rights being stripped away?
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You can pick any topics from the list mentioned above, research the topic online, and discuss ideas with your colleagues.

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