From where can I get CA Intermediate Question Papers with Answers?

From where can I get CA Intermediate Question Papers with Answers?

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March 19, 2021
Last modified on December 21st, 2021

Do you also need the CA Intermediate Previous Year Question Papers and MTP/RTP? You can get the complete collection of papers from the CA Wizard link given here. CA Wizard is the best online library for CA Final students. If you are an IPCC student, you can also get the CA IPCC Question Papers on the link available in this article. Solving these papers is very important and you must solve at least 3-4 CA Intermediate Exam papers of the full course.

Solving multiple practice papers is a proven method to improve your preparation. All the CA Intermediate toppers and other levels CA toppers have confirmed that they have solved at least 3-4 sets of papers for practice. You can also get high marks in marks by solving these papers. However, these papers will benefit a lot if only you are strict while evaluating your answers. The answer keys are available for all the papers along with a detailed marking pattern so check your answers carefully.

CA Intermediate Question Papers

CA Intermediate Previous Year Question Papers

All the papers till Jan 2021 exams (Nov 2020 cycle 2) are available on CA Wizard. You can download the PDFs with the answers.

CA Intermediate Papers: MTP

The above-given link of CA Wizard has all MTP CA Intermediate Question Papers with Answers given by ICAI till Nov 2020. You can download the separate PDFs from there. ICAI will soon share the mock test papers for May 2021 exams. Stay tuned to CA Wizard and so that you can download the new ICAI papers.

CA Intermediate Papers: RTP

The RTP CA Intermediate Question Papers with Answers are given by ICAI. There are separate papers for English and Hindi which you can download from CA Wizard. The suggested answers/hints are given in the question paper PDFs.

CA Intermediate Paper Pattern

The eight papers are distributed into two parts. Students have the option to give four papers or all eight papers in one attempt. For students who are from the Hindi medium can opt for giving the CA exams in the Hindi medium.

All the eight CA Intermediate exams are held in offline mode. Three hours of time is given for writing the answers.

The type of questions in papers 1, 3, 5, 8 is subjective. In papers 2, 4, 6, 7, 30% of the questions are objective and the remaining 70% are subjective.

All the papers are of 100 marks and students need a minimum of 40 marks in each paper and an aggregate of 50 marks to pass the exam. If a student fails in any of the exams, then he/she needs to give all the exams. However, a 60+ score in any paper will make him/her eligible for exemption.

Benefits of Solving CA Intermediate Question Papers

Most students don’t believe that solving the CA Intermediate Question Papers can help them. But the truth is that solving these papers will contribute to the 30% exam preparation. If you don’t solve these papers, you’ll lose an amazing chance to level up your preparation.

Some of the benefits of solving these CA Inter practice papers are:

  • You can understand which topics can trouble you in the exam and work on them. For example, you often make silly mistakes in problem-solving numerical questions. This can be identified when you solve the CA Intermediate Papers and evaluate your answers.
  • After seeing your performance in the practice papers, you can plan your further revisions and utilize your time better.
  • When you solve a few sets of papers and see your marks improving, it will boost your confidence.
  • Practicing the CA Intermediate Question Papers is also a good way of testing your writing speed. By practicing more, you can increase your writing speed before the main exams.
  • Presentation of answers is an important aspect in obtaining good marks. While solving the papers you can see how good your presentation is, and where you need to improve.
  • The practice papers will also help you get accustomed to the new ICAI question paper pattern. New amendments in the constitution also change the syllabus; thus changing the question and answers related to it. With new revisions and mock test papers, you can practice the questions from the changed syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are CA Intermediate Revision Test Papers helpful?

Ans. CA Intermediate Papers are very helpful in the exams.

Q2. Should I solve ICAI CA Intermediate Previous Year Question Papers?

Ans. Yes, you must solve at least the last attempt’s paper. You can go through the papers of a few last attempts.

Q3. Are the CA Intermediate exams easy?

Ans. The CA Intermediate is a moderate difficulty level exam.

Q4. How many hours of study are required for CA Intermediate?

Ans. CA. Intermediate students must study for 9-12 hours a day.

Q5. Are ICAI CA Intermediate Question Papers enough for practice?

Ans. ICAI CA Intermediate papers are sufficient. After doing them, you can then use papers designed by good institutes.

Q6. Are three months enough for CA Intermediate Preparation?

Ans. Ideally, three months are not enough to learn and practice the complete CA Inter syllabus and study material.

Q7. Does any question from study material, MTP, RTP comes in the CA Intermediate Question Papers?

Ans. Mostly yes, the chances are very high that a few questions come from them because of the examiners who make the question paper use the ICAI study material.

Q8. Are any marks deducted for wrong answers in CA Intermediate exams?

Ans. No, ICAI does not have any negative marking scheme in CA Inter exams.

The practice of CA Intermediate Question Papers is very important. They will help you in improving your preparation, so you can aim to get high marks in the marks. The latest exam paper design will prepare you to solve the new type of questions in the exam. Get all the papers from CA Wizard and those given above before you start practicing.

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