Enhancing your career through comprehensive AWS Training

Enhancing your career through comprehensive AWS Training

Written by Alison Lurie, In Education, Updated On
August 25th, 2023

The field of cloud computing is growing drastically in 2023 as loads of organizations are shifting to cloud databases and services for improving efficiency. This overgrowing demand for cloud architects has opened many doors for IT professionals in the industry. So it is the right time for you if you are looking for that shift or even as a beginner considering joining the field.

There are many cloud services in the market that offer a range of services to organizations globally. But Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. These services have effectively helped millions of organizations worldwide to get more tech-forward and agile at the lowest costs.

To get into cloud computing and become a cloud architect, you must have relevant professional and technical skills. The best way to gain these skills is through certification courses. These certifications help you get jobs with the best-paying salaries in the US. There are so many AWS training programs online that you can take to upskill yourself.

What are AWS Certifications?

AWS Training

AWS certifications are qualifications that Amazon Web Services provide to IT professionals who pass exams that this public cloud provider offers. The platform being the most comprehensive cloud, with over 200+ featured services that organizations can use, these certifications show the elaborative skills you possess.

Professionals like cloud architects, engineers, administrators, data scientists, and other IT individuals can take these certifications to elevate their careers in this domain. Individuals with these certifications are efficient in building cloud technologies that are innovative and better for many organizations.

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After passing these certifications, you get digital badges that showcase your certification and skills. These AWS certifications come in different levels, like Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty. So let’s see the types of certificates AWS provides.

Types of AWS Certifications

AWS certifications are divided into 4 categories, as discussed above. This public cloud provider offers a total of 12 certificates to interested individuals. One foundational level course, three associate-level certifications, two professional and six specialty certifications.


AWS offers individuals interested in IT a foundational certification of Cloud Practioner. This certification requires no prior knowledge but tests individuals with the fundamentals of AWS cloud. This is the best AWS certification for beginners as it proves that your basics are clear and you are ready to move on to the next level in the cloud computing industry.

As a beginner, if you are trying to crack this certification, here is a video that will help you understand AWS basics better.


In this level of AWS certification, training is essential. IT professionals are required to have experience in the cloud or other IT-related backgrounds. Here certificates are offered based on different roles. Interested individuals can get associate-level certifications in AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Developer, and SysOps Administrator.

Professionals must have at least one year of experience working and implementing things using the AWS cloud. When applying for new job opportunities, this certification will demonstrate your ability to design, handle, and deploy applications in AWS.


In this level of certification, candidates must have at least two years of experience working with AWS cloud. They should be well-versed in designing, implementing, and maintaining AWS cloud solutions. This certification is to showcase that they possess advanced skills in the industry.

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This AWS training certification comes for two roles; AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional. Any professional with this certification shows high technical knowledge and skills in AWS-based applications.


These certifications are for specific roles and positions in the cloud computing domain. These AWS course certifications will give you an edge over other professionals in the same field and give you the credibility that you hold more profound knowledge in the area. The level of expertise required to take the test differs from certificate to certificate.

Interested professionals can get specialty certifications for these roles:

  • Data Analytics
  • Database
  • Advanced Networking
  • Machine learning
  • Security
  • SAP on AWS

How AWS Training enhance your career?

A certification in any field is beneficial as it gives you an advantage over other professionals applying for the same role or position. Getting an AWS-recognized accreditation will not only help you advance your career in the right direction but also showcase the fact that you can efficiently design, deploy, and manage systems in the AWS environment.

Professionals also experience a significant hike in their salaries after earning any of these certifications. E.g., any professional taking up solutions architect training certification associate or professional-level can expect a base salary of $120,973 annually.

Top comprehensive AWS Training courses in 2023

To earn these certifications mentioned above, you need comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of AWS cloud. So here are some online AWS courses you can take to gain the knowledge and insights required to pass on these certifications.

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AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course – Simplilearn

This trains candidates with industry-level knowledge through various projects and 70+ cloud computing services. This AWS course enables candidates to design, handle and implement the AWS cloud efficiently. This course will open several career opportunities and allow you to pass AWS solutions architect certification easily.

AWS Fundamentals Specialization – Coursera

This beginner-friendly course teaches you all the basic concepts related to AWS. This is a great course to pass the foundational certificate in AWS. The course is a complete guide to the core concepts and skills required for starting a career in cloud computing. Interested individuals can complete this course at their own pace.

Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Training – Udemy

With practical and hands-on exercises, these course helps beginners pass their foundational course easily. Clearing all your fundamentals of cloud computing, this certification course will let you build, deploy and even automate applications.

DevOps On AWS – Coursera

This course is designed with the DevOps specialty certificate exam in mind. Candidates will learn all the concepts and cultures in the world of DevOps. Learn to strategize and implement the whole DevOps cycle efficiently, which will help you get credibility in the field of DevOps.


AWS certifications and training programs enhance your career in cloud computing courses. You must have the required technical and soft skills to earn all the industry-recognized certifications in AWS. To build these skills, you must take online AWS training courses to help you pass these certifications easily.

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