Decoding Factors and Futures of Bitcoin and Ethereum Values

Decoding Factors and Futures of Bitcoin and Ethereum Values

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August 9, 2023

Here are the most influential factors that decide the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Get the precise price predictions for BTC and ETH in 2023 and ahead.

Despite being present in the market for over a decade, cryptocurrencies only gained mainstream popularity a few years ago. Digital assets became a hit among traders due to their rewarding capabilities and immense use cases. Now, the market is filled with thousands of crypto, but it is Bitcoin and Ethereum that lead the market.

As the two most popular crypto, BTC and ETH guide how the sentiment surrounding the crypto market. However, these coins are also shaped by multiple dynamic forces, such as regulation, global events, market sentiment, and more.

Given the uncertain nature of these factors, predicting the potential price future of these cryptos can be challenging. However, an in-depth understanding of the factors can enable an educated assessment. Let’s take a look at some major influential factors that lead the crypto market.

Major Influential Factors

 Bitcoin and Ethereum

Here are the top most influential factors that decide how the crypto domain will shape in the short and long term.

  • Market Sentiment:

Market sentiment includes multiple aspects, such as the public’s perception, regulatory development, influential endorsement, and more. A positive outlook from such factors can boost a crypto’s price. For example, the more users invest and talk about BTC and ETH, the more credibility it gains. However, if these factors impose an uncertain perception about cryptocurrencies, the entire market can suffer.

  • Mainstream Adoption:

Mainstream adoption also plays a crucial role in cryptocurrencies’ performance. If a renowned platform, brand, or personality accepts BTC or ETH, the coins perform better. For example, Elon Musk’s announcement about Tesla accepting BTC boosted the crypto’s price. Similarly, a recent announcement by Singapore Red Cross to accept cryptos has improved the market’s outlook surrounding cryptocurrencies. Contrarily, if the virtual assets are denounced by a credible source, it affects their value.

  • Economic Landscape:

Despite being independent of centralized sources, cryptocurrencies are still affected by global economic trends and tendencies. An apt example of this would be the aggravated situation between Ukraine and Russia, plummeting the global economy. This, in turn, caused the crypto market to nosedive as well. Contrarily, an overall stable global economy will lead to BTC and ETH gaining stable growth.

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BTC and ETH Price Predictions

BTC and ETH Price Predictions

Here are some keen insights into the short-term and long-term forecasts of ETH and BTC price predictions.

  • Short-Term Forecast:

In the short term, Bitcoin and Ethereum are expected to make stable strides. Recently, XRP managed to record a win against the SEC in a troublesome lawsuit. Moreover, a humanitarian organization as huge as the Singapore Red Cross has also started accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum along with other cryptos. These events will lead to BTC and ETH getting a market boost in the short run.

  • Long-Term Potential:

Despite being in a volatile situation for several months, ETH and BTC have maintained their mainstream status. The long-term status of these cryptos will depend on the upcoming regulatory wave the market is encountering. If the regulations bode well with crypto, Bitcoin and Ethereum will regain their peak market value. This could result in Ethereum’s market value ascending to significant levels. However, as long as the uncertainty surrounding these regulations pertains, BTC and ETH will fall short of reclaiming their peak.

  • Scaling and Upgrades:

Both BTC and ETH have been upgrading their blockchain networks for a while. Their scalability solutions can impact lives in multiple ways. From profit-earning to seamless transactions to immutability, cryptocurrencies can enable several revolutionary use cases. If these use cases continue to increase, and crypto tycoons can manage their scalability concerns, they will keep a firm grasp of the market.


Cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile and complex. However, an extensive understanding of the market can help traders comprehend these assets. If traders manage to keep up with the market sentiment, economic landscape, mainstream adoption, market trends, etc, they can get an assessment of crypto’s future. It can help them make educated investment choices to earn maximum profits from their trades.

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