Wes Watson: The Complete Biography

Wes Watson: The Complete Biography

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May 27th, 2024

Wes Watson is a well-known YouTuber, Instagrammer, fitness trainer, and motivational speaker who helps people deal with hard things that happen in their lives. He started as a fitness trainer and an activist on social media. His YouTube channel is GP-Penitentiary Life with Wes Watson, and about 398K people subscribe to it. He also spent about ten years of his life in prison. After that, he started bodybuilding and became a personal trainer. Wes Watson started a business called Watson Fit, where he gave speeches and talks to get people motivated. He helps people by giving talks about how to deal with bad things that happen in life.

Who Is Wes Watson?

Wes Watson’s story is like that of way too many people in prison. When he was 12, he started smoking marijuana, which led to his first crimes. When he was 14, he realized that weed could help him make money, not just spend it. Then he started dealing. We moved up the ranks and gained more power as a drug dealer over time. As is often the case, violence was part of the business.

Wes Watson was arrested in the end because he did something violent to get back at a customer for not paying his bill. He was charged with a long list of things, such as assault with a deadly weapon, battery causing serious bodily harm, robbery, breaking, and more. He was given a ten-year prison sentence. During this time, Wes changed and grew as a person. He used the chance to learn lessons about life that he now uses to help and encourage people worldwide.

Net Worth$19 Million
Height4′ 6″ (1.37 m)
Famous ForHeavy Water (2014), CandyLand: A Web Series (2012), Sleepy Hollow (2013), Battle Creek (2015)

The backstory of Wes Watson

Wes Watson
credit – Instagram

Wes Watson was born in California on November 19, 1983. He grew up there and talked about how well his parents cared for him and his siblings. Wes Watson’s family was kind and worked hard.

He started selling marijuana to his older brother when he was 11 years old. By the time he was 16, this young man was a skilled pot dealer. He mainly discusses how well his business was doing at the time. He collects 400 pounds of trash at $200 per pound, costing him over $80,000 weekly. He could hike against the ration and buy an Escalade with cash at the same age. In his teens, he became a pro skateboarder and snowboarder who could compete nationwide and make a lot of money. He lived a shameful life. He had a $40K Breitling watch and huge trucks with disgusting wheels.

What does Wes Watson do every day?

Wes Watson spent ten years of his life in jail. In 2018, he returned to his family and launched a fitness coaching and training business. He began his company on a small scale with few customers. His monthly income was between $800 and $3000 at that time. He lived with his grandmother and shared a room with her. Wes Watson was having a hard time. He only had canned Spanish and chicken to eat.

Soon after that hard time, he started to have problems, and his monthly income went up to six figures. You can see Wes’s work. At that time, Wes Watson’s work was worth about $350,000. Before he could rent an apartment, he had to pay $14,000 to take care of his grandmother’s credit card habit.

How much money does Wes Watson have?

Wes Watson makes a lot of money from his fitness training program and has a considerable following (almost 398K fans) on his YouTube channel. His net worth is about $30,000 monthly, or $360,000 yearly. Most of his money comes from his Watson Fit business, which teaches people how to be healthy and fit. He has different training plans ranging from $47 monthly for a community member to $299 monthly for a mindset. Wes Watson’s wealth is estimated to be $5 million right now.

He is writing a book at the moment. His handle on Instagram is @WatsonFit, and 1.2 million people follow him there. A rough estimate says that Wes Watson is about 39 years old. People like his motivational speeches because, even though he spent ten years in prison, he never gave up hope. He started over and worked hard to make his life better. His good actions have paid off now that he is a social media star. On YouTube, you can see Wes at work.

Unknown Facts About Wes Watson

Here are some rarely-known facts about him:

  1. Early Struggles with Addiction: Wes Watson has openly discussed his early struggles with addiction, which played a significant role in the lifestyle that eventually led to his incarceration. His battle with substance abuse began in his teenage years.
  2. Creative Outlet in Prison: During his time in prison, Watson found a creative outlet in writing. He penned numerous letters and journal entries, which helped him process his experiences and emotions. Some of these writings later inspired his motivational content.
  3. Focus on Rehabilitation: Unlike many inmates, Watson took full advantage of rehabilitation programs available in prison. He was deeply involved in self-improvement activities, including education, fitness, and counseling sessions, which laid the groundwork for his post-prison career.
  4. Unique Workout Regimen: Watson developed a unique workout regimen while incarcerated, utilizing limited resources. His routines often involved bodyweight exercises, and he became known for his intense and disciplined fitness routines, which he now shares with his followers.
  5. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Beyond his YouTube channel and motivational speaking, Watson has ventured into various entrepreneurial activities. He has launched his fitness brand, merchandise, and online coaching programs catering to physical and mental well-being.
  6. Community Involvement: Watson is actively involved in community outreach programs, particularly helping at-risk youth and former inmates reintegrate into society. He often collaborates with non-profits and other organizations to provide mentorship and support.
  7. Advocate for Prison Reform: Watson uses his platform to advocate for prison reform. He speaks out about the need for better rehabilitation programs within the prison system and the importance of providing inmates with opportunities for personal development.
  8. Philosophy of Accountability: A central theme in Watson’s message is the philosophy of extreme accountability. He emphasizes taking full responsibility for one’s actions and choices as a crucial step toward personal transformation and success.
  9. Influence of Stoic Philosophy: Watson is heavily influenced by Stoic philosophy, evident in his teachings and motivational talks. He often references principles from Stoicism, such as resilience, self-control, and focusing on what one can control to inspire his audience.
  10. Literary Contributions: In addition to his online content, Watson has authored books that delve deeper into his life experiences and the lessons he has learned. These books provide a more comprehensive look at his journey and philosophy.


  • What made Wes Watson so wealthy?

Wes Watson has up to 158k followers on Instagram, and his videos on YouTube get hundreds of thousands of views. These things have helped him get rich. By April 2024, he is expected to be worth more than $1.7 million. This comes from how much his fans care about him.

  • What does a typical day for Wes Watson look like?

He likes to get up at 2:45 a.m., when no one else does, and work out. Then he brushes his teeth, reads a book, and does the rest of what he does every morning.

  • How much does Wes’s coaching cost?

Watson helps people with their lives, and it costs fitness trainers $250 per month. He also wants to build an Internet portal that will cost $47 per month.

  • Where is Wes Watson from?

He comes from the United States.

  • How much does it cost to buy Watson Fit?

Wes Watson helps people with their lives, and it costs fitness trainers $250 per month. He also wants to build an Internet portal that will cost $47 per month.

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