Vivian Ridge: An Exploration of Resilience and Accomplishment

Vivian Ridge: An Exploration of Resilience and Accomplishment

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November 24, 2023

Vivian Ridge was a painter who became famous as Bob Ross’ wife. She died in 1977 after being born in 1964. The artist died too soon, a major loss for the creative business. The former wife of ambitious painter Bob Ross, who presented a TV show about his skills, is well known. His life was full of accomplishments. Bob Ross was married three times and adored love, as his paintings showed. However, he adored his first wife, Vivian Ridge. The artists married in 1965. They filed for divorce after twelve happy years together.

Popular Search Facts About Vivian Ridge

NameVivian Ridge
Place of BirthUSA
Hair ColourBrown
PartnerBob Ross
ProfessionAmerican Artist

Who’s Vivian Ridge?

The report referenced Vivian Ridge’s famous husband. In other words, Vivian married Bob Ross. Bob paints, teaches, and hosts. He created and hosted a successful show. Joy of Painting is the series name. Furthermore, Bob Ross’s presentation was amazing. His humorous approach to painting made it popular.

When was Vivian Ridge born?

About Vivian Ridge

First, Vivian Ridge was normal. Nothing is known about her birth or childhood. The names of her parents and siblings remain unknown. Her marriage to the painter made Vivian famous. Her husband, Bob, was famous in America. His program and popularity made Vivian Ridge famous in America.

When did Vivian Ridge marry Bob?

Vivian Ridge married Bob Ross in 1965. Nothing is known about how the pair met. Their wedding day is also unknown. Bob married Vivian as a teenager. Bob Ross married Vivian Ridge initially. They split after a decade of marriage.

Did Vivian and Bob have kids?

Bob Ross and Vivian Ridge have a son. They had a son in 1966. His full birthdate is August 1, 1996. Their son is Robert Stephen “Steve” Ross. He was their favorite. Steve was a skilled painter, like his dad. Even more, Steve occasionally appeared on his father’s show.

When Was Ross and Vivian Ridge married?

The couple met as youngsters, perhaps after he dropped out of high school. After courting, the ex-couple married in 1965. Their marriage lasted almost a decade. One year after their wedding, they had their only son. The love was short-lived. The couple divorced due to irreconcilable disagreements. Ross’ alleged infidelity led to the divorce, according to some reports. However, the cause was unclear. Twelve years of marriage ended in 1977. Due to the foregoing and her other personal details, the couple’s wedding and divorce date are not public. Regarding her privacy, her ex-husband, Ross, has not discussed her. He hasn’t even said how they met.

Are Vivian and Bob divorced?

About Vivian Ridge

According to the story, Bob’s first wife is Vivian Ridge. They married in 1965. They also have a son. However, disputes led to a divorce. They split up in 1997. The major reason they split is Bob Ross’ adultery. Vivian died soon after the divorce. Thus, Bob had exclusive custody of Steve.

After Vivian’s death, did Bob marry anyone?

Bob Ross remarried twice after Vivian Ridge died. He wed Jane Ross in 1977. Bob divorced Vivian and married Jane the following year. However, his marriage to Jane ended quickly. Cancer killed Jane in 1992. Marriage to Lynda Brown followed in 1995. Bob married Lynda three months before his death. Artist Bob Ross married three times.

Financial Condition of Bob Ross

Bob Ross’s first wife’s salary is unclear since her career is unknown. While her ex-husband, Bob Ross, the famed painter and TV broadcaster, enjoyed success, At his death, he was valued at $1 million.

The bottom line

About Vivian Ridge

To conclude, Vivian Ridge was Bob Ross’ first wife. Bob Ross is a prominent painter and TV personality. They also have a son, Steve. Their divorce was filed in 1977.


Bob Ross, Vivian Ridge’s ex-husband, died how?

Bob Ross died early, at 52. Orlando, Florida, was his final resting place on July 4, 1995. He was given months to live after being diagnosed with cancer in 1995. This malignancy affects the lymphatic system.

Bob Ross’s First Wife, Vivian Ridge—What Happened?

Following her divorce from Bob, Vivian Ridge lived apart from her son. When she passed away a few years after the divorce, her father raised his son.

Vivian and Bob: married or divorced?

The narrative states that Bob’s first wife was Vivian Ridge. 1965 marked their marriage. A boy was also born. The couple requested a divorce due to issues. They split up in 1997. Bob Ross’s infidelity is also the major reason they broke up.

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