Tom Cruise Girlfriend 2024- The Intriguing Life of Elsina Khayrova

Tom Cruise Girlfriend 2024- The Intriguing Life of Elsina Khayrova

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April 6th, 2024

In Short:

  • Tom Cruise Girlfriend 2024, Elsina Khayrova, persevered from her wealthy Moscow beginnings to her modeling career.
  • She grew up in Kazan, Tatarstan’s capital, as the daughter of former finance minister and humanitarian entrepreneur Rinat Khayrov, born in Moscow on March 10, 1987.
  • Elsina’s life changed when she married diamond merchant and businessman Dmitry Tsvetkov in 2009.
  • A public spectacle, their 2020 divorce involved court battles over homes, costly possessions, and assets. Abuse and adultery allegations exacerbated their public domestic conflict.
  • The 2006 Miss Tatarstan and Miss Russia 2007 winner, Elsina Khayrova, became famous for modeling.

Elsina’s 2023 romance with Tom Cruise sparked public curiosity and celebrity relationship debates. Although neither party admitted the relationship, Elsina’s tale was more mysterious. Elsina advocates for animal rights, environmental protection, and women’s empowerment. Elsina Khayrova’s divorce procedure intrigues her admirers. Elsina Khayrova’s fascinating personality and unique life narrative shine in fashion and high society. Remarkably, the 36-year-old Russian model and socialite divorced diamond merchant and business mogul Dmitry Tsvetkov publicly. She was born on March 10, 1987, in Moscow, Elsina Khayrov. An impressive climb from privilege—daughter of former Tatarstan finance minister Rinat Khayrov—to worldwide design runways.

Her life goes beyond Elsina’s modeling beauty. Her divorce and legal fights complicate her tale and draw admiration and speculation. Many may relate to Elsina’s personal life, family, and work outside her runway career. Elsina Khayrova’s upbringing, career, and celebrity are described here.

Tom Cruise Girlfriend: Elsina Khayrova Profile Details

NameElsina Khayrova
Age36 years old
Date of BirthMarch 10, 1987
Education QualificationKazan Federal University Economics and Management student
MarriageDmitry Tsvetkov (2009-2020)
Affairs/RelationshipsRumored relationship with Tom Cruise
ReligionPresumably, Islam (due to Tatar ethnicity)
BirthplaceMoscow, Russia

Early Life and Education Of Tom Cruise Girlfriend 2024

Elsina Khayrova

Elsina Khayrova, born in Moscow on March 10, 1987, grew up in Kazan, Tatarstan’s capital. As the daughter of Rinat Khayrov, a former Tatarstan finance minister and philanthropist billionaire, she had a privileged childhood. Elsina studied economics and management at Kazan Federal University. She modeled in beauty contests and fashion shows alongside her studies.

Family History and Ethnicity

Elsina Khayrova comes from a wealthy family. Her father, Rinat Khayrov, was a Tatarstan finance minister and businessman. Her background gave her the most excellent education and opportunities, making her successful. Elsina is a Tatar, a Turkic ethnic group from the Volga-Ural region of Russia. Tatars are Muslim and have their language and traditions.

Religious and Cultural Identity

Since most Tatars are Muslim, Elsina presumably is. She may celebrate Islamic holidays and rituals, reflecting her upbringing. Elsina celebrates her Tatar culture, language, and customs.

Relationships and Personal Life

Elsina Khayrova’s 2009 marriage to Dmitry Tsvetkov was her most prominent. Assets, violence, and infidelity caused a nasty divorce between two parents. Both parties’ court battles and claims show their relationship and divorce stakes. Working in Kazan, Elsina met Dmitry Tsvetkov in 2008. A 2009 opulent wedding with celebrities, politicians, and business people honored their love. They bought luxurious residences and traveled the world after becoming British citizens in 2010. Dmitry and Elsina had a son and daughter in 2011 and 2013, respectively. The family lived in the Wentworth estate home near Virginia Water, Surrey. This opulent home has a pool, jacuzzi, wine cellar, cinema, and underground parking. Bruce Forsyth and Elton John lived nearby.

Elsina Khayrova and Tom Cruise were linked in 2024. Their romance started at a Mayfair party. The idea energized Elsina’s story and sparked arguments about the celebrity connection, even though neither side verified it.

Career and Success Of Tom Cruise Girlfriend 2024

Elsina Khayrova

Elsina Khayrova became famous for modeling owing to her beauty and ability. In 2006, Miss Tatarstan represented her region in Miss Russia 2007. Elegance and charm made Elsina a fashion icon. In 2024, Elsina Khayrova may be worth £20 million. Her modeling, marriage to Dmitry Tsvetkov, and property investments made her affluent. Her riches rest on divorce.

Advocacy on social media

Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend, 2024, Elsina Khayrova, posts about her personal and professional life on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition to modeling, Elsina promotes animal welfare, environmental conservation, and women’s empowerment. She supports charities and raises awareness on her platform, showing her dedication to making a difference beyond fashion.


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Elsina Khayrova Appearance

Elsina is a stunning blonde with blue eyes, a light complexion, and a height of 5 feet 8 inches and 55 kilograms. Her thin, fit body shows her healthy lifestyle. Due to her fashion sense, she wears premium outfits and accessories.

Net Worth of Tom Cruise Girlfriend 2024

Elsina Khayrova will have a net worth of £20 million in 2024 because of her several income streams. She has made a lot of money modeling, which earned her Miss Tatarstan in 2006 and the chance to represent her province in Miss Russia in 2007. Her marriage to diamond merchant and businessman Dmitry Tsvetkov has made her richer. Her significant assets and properties are at the focus of divorce proceedings, where money division conflicts are being fought. Elsina lives a lavish lifestyle with exotic vacations, shopping sprees, and elite entertainment events. Her wealth allows her to enjoy life’s finer pleasures, enhancing her glamorous reputation. Elsina Khayrova’s financial tale may take a turn as she navigates a high-profile divorce, but the negotiations will decide her net worth.

Tom Cruise’s Secret Love for Elsina Khayrova

Russian socialite and model Elsina Khayrova may be dating Tom Cruise. Cruise had been quietly warming up to Khayrova for weeks. They disguised their relationship at a London Air Ambulance charity dinner. Russian beauty Elsina Khayrova resides in London. Her marriage to Russian millionaire Dmitry Tsvetkov made her a famous model. Their son and daughter were born after their 2022 divorce after ten years together. After a Hyde Park stroll and pleasant lunches, Cruise and Khayrova may date. Cruise fell for Khayrova during a December party. In Cruise’s film, relationships are unclear.

Tom Cruise’s New Girlfriend, Elsina Khayrova, Has an Unhappy Ex-Husband

Elsina Khayrova

Tom Cruise is back on the dating scene, having his first public relationship since his 2012 divorce from Katie Holmes. The 59-year-old actor is reportedly dating 25-year-old Russian-British model Elsina Khayrova. The new couple was spotted getting cozy at a London party recently. “They were inseparable — a couple,” a witness told the Daily Mail. “He seemed to be besotted with her.”

While Cruise may be smitten with the model, her ex-husband, Dmitry Khayrov, a Russian diamond tycoon, is not thrilled with the new relationship. Elsina divorced in 2020 after over a decade of marriage. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Khayrov warned Cruise about his ex-wife’s expensive tastes. “Tom should keep his eyes and wallet wide open,” Khayrov said. He claimed their bitter divorce cost him nearly $300 million.

Khayrov said he hasn’t directly discussed Elsina’s new romance with her. Their preferred communication is through attorneys. However, he said he’s “happy for her,” although Elsina was never a big Cruise fan. Cruise’s dating history has often made headlines, given his prominent Scientology connections. His relationship with Nicole Kidman ended in divorce, and she became estranged from their adopted kids, Isabella and Connor after they joined the controversial church.

Cruise’s reputation for Scientology proselytizing also took a hit when he criticized Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants for postpartum depression. Elsina may find that dating someone so deep in Scientology comes with challenges. For his part, Cruise recently shot down rumors he was dating Mission Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell, calling such gossip “weird” and “invasive.” Now that he’s publicly moved on with Elsina Khayrova, it seems Cruise is ready to stop dodging dating rumors. Only time will tell if this May-December romance with Khayrova will last or another Hollywood split will be splashed across tabloids. However, her vocal ex-husband may not make keeping their relationship private accessible for the new couple.


The fascinating story of Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend 2024, Elsina Khayrova, unfolds from rich Moscow to beautiful Mayfair. Her father was Tatarstan’s finance minister, making Elsina Khayrov rich. Her high-profile marriage and divorce from Dmitry Tsvetkov hampered her modeling career. Her reported liaison with Tom Cruise and Instagram activism for social concerns to add to her story of fame, wealth, and inner strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Elsina Khayrova?

36-year-old Russian model and socialite Elsina Khayrova has a successful fashion career.

When and where was Elsina Khayrova born?

Russia’s Elsina Khayrova was born in Moscow on March 10, 1987.

What is Elsina Khayrova’s ethnicity?

Elsina Khayrova is a Tatar, a Turkic ethnic group from the Volga-Ural region of Russia.

What is Elsina Khayrova’s educational background?

Elsina studied business and economics at Kazan Federal University.

To whom was Elsina Khayrova married?

Elsina Khayrova married diamond trader and businessman Dmitry Tsvetkov from 2009 until 2020.

Does Elsina Khayrova have kids?

Elsina Khayrova has two children, a son, and a daughter, from her marriage with Dmitry Tsvetkov.

What is Elsina Khayrova’s modeling career?

Elsina Khayrova began modeling in 2006 as Miss Tatarstan and represented her province in Miss Russia 2007.

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