MS Trigga Happy: Bio, Net Worth and More

MS Trigga Happy: Bio, Net Worth and More

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November 19, 2023

American TikTok star Mstriggahappy is popular. Her little relatives make most of her TikTok videos. The TikTok star’s new videos are already popular. While Ms. Trigga loved fitness and fashion as a child, she never wanted to be a model and only started using social media, notably TikTok. She has almost 2 million TikTok followers. The TikTok celebrity stares at her kids on her account. They made many videos or duets with their mom. The popular Mstrigga is also recognized for modeling. She is recognized for her YouTube ASMR videos.

MS Trigga Happy: Bio

Nick NameMstriggahappy
ProfessionTikTok Star,

Social Media Star

Birth DateMarch 2, 1995
Birth PlaceUnited States
Height5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight55 Kg (121 lbs)
Body Measurements35-28-40 inches
Eye ColourDark Brown
Net Worth$500k – $600k


Misstriggahappy, what is your age? She was born in America on March 2, 1995. She turned 27 in 2022. She is mixed-race and American. Pieces are her zodiac. The mother and father of Mstriggahappy remain unknown. Social networking attracted her as a toddler. She has siblings. Her education is good. She’s 1.65 meters (165 cm) tall at 5’5″. About 55 kg (121 pounds) is her weight. Her golden hair and gorgeous brown eyes are stunning. Body measurements of Mstriggahappy: She often posts images of herself modeling on Instagram, and her admirers seemed eager to thank her for her latest update. 35-28-40 inches are her dimensions. Her bra size is 35 D.

Professional Life

Ms. Strigga Happy is warm and naturally connects with viewers. Her videos display her cleverness and fun through pranks and challenges.

Childhood, education, and family

Mstriggahappy was born March 2, 1995, in NYC. Her parents are unknown. She has siblings in America. Mixed-race American Mstrigga is 26. She participated in several college programmes. She organised festivities and engaged in cultural activities. Her interest in social networking began early. Her schooling is good. TikTok featured Mstriggahappy. Mstriggahappy’s YouTube has ASMR videos. All of her videos are praised. Her TikTok videos demonstrate her style, fashion, and filmmaking. The stunning celebs model and perform. She impersonates and acts in short movie or series clips on TikTok. TikTok’s outstanding star has various projects. Mstriggahappy’s work draws admirers with her enthusiasm for performers.


Her TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch careers begin. All TikTok images and videos began with her. Her motions and reactions became popular online. Later, she gains fame and following. Triga posts millions of images and updates fans on all her social media accounts. Her modern and warm humour and charisma make her popular and active. Mrs. Strigga influenced her youth and career.


Reading, music, and all types of films are her passions. She enjoys time with her children. On social media, she posts ASMR videos. Happy YouTube Channel is hers. Dressing good and snapping selfies are her skills. She enjoys modelling and acting in images and videos and did various projects. Warm and mysterious, Mstrigga inspires Her social media followers and fans are many. Work with so many indicates her willingness to appreciate performances. Strigga is a stylish, confident model with a distinct sense of humour. She’s TikTok and Instagram famous. She loves her style and killer face. Her smile is gorgeous and her figure healthy. She has many fancy-dress followers besides her videos and images. She’s good at dancing, acting, and working. Playing with her children and daughter is her hobby.

We all know that she has found success on TikTok and is on her way to becoming a legitimate content producer. Her professional accomplishments have made her a viral sensation. A large number of people followed her across many different platforms. She is loved and admired for the selfless way she cares for others. Her social media following continues to expand, with close to 2 million Twitter followers and 300,000 Instagram followers. She also uses various social media platforms simultaneously. Her fame and professional influencer position proved fruitful. She entertained her social media followers and admirers with hilarious behind-the-scenes clips. She’s engaging in lively discourse with her fan base. She is always trying to outdo herself and wow her fans.

Net Worth

No information about her education or credentials was provided. Her current degree status will be reflected in our article shortly. Additionally, she does not disclose her educational background. Her fortune is estimated at $2 million. However, she did complete high school. She is presently an American University undergrad. She has mastered the art of exercise and is a successful fashion model. She is a fashion superstar. But she is enthusiastic about any cultural activity.

Value in dollars

She relies heavily on social media as a revenue stream. In 2022, Mstriggahappy may expect to earn between $500,000 and $600,000..

Facts About Mstriggahappy

  • Ms. Trigga Happy’s YouTube features ASMR.
  • Style and photography are her strengths.
  • She loves acting and modelling and has done several projects.
  • Her sweet and interesting nature attracts many people.
  • She honours other performers in her art.
  • She is stylish and confident, and her thoughts and feelings may be distinctive and funny.


She drinks?

Unknown to us.

Does she own YouTube?

She has two YouTube channels.

Value of Mstriggahappy?

Social networking is her only source of income. Additionally, her net worth is $500k–$600k.

Where did she send videos and photos?

She poses at home in photos and videos. Her major source of income is Instagram. On March 2, 1995, she was born in America. However, she is 25. Her race is mixed-race American. Her sign is Pisces. She liked all her social media as a kid.

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