Mike Tyson Discusses Jamie Foxx’s Biopic Following the Actor’s Recent Health Scare

Mike Tyson Discusses Jamie Foxx’s Biopic Following the Actor’s Recent Health Scare

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December 10, 2023

For quite some time, Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx has been preparing to portray Mike Tyson in a biopic. In light of Foxx’s recent health crisis, the boxing legend has now commented on whether the project will still proceed. Tyson acknowledges on the Valuetainment podcast that he does not know “what will happen” with the biopic in light of Foxx’s health concerns but maintains that it remains “a strong possibility.”

What Is News All About Mike Tyson Jamie Foxx?

Since 2015, the Mike Tyson Jamie Foxx biopic, which Jamie Foxx is directing, has been in production. Foxx is slated to portray the boxer throughout his entire life, utilizing CGI and prosthetics. Foxx has hinted at the convincingness of the transformation and has been diligently preparing for the role.

“This is truly a boon. Undoubtedly, the training regimen differs.” “To achieve a specific arm and back appearance, we are performing weighted pull-ups,” the actor explained in 2020. “However, I can assure you that it is the most dedicated I have ever been to ensuring that this story is conveyed properly. Additionally, I jest with Mike. I declared, “When I dress up as you, I will enter your home, and your children will refer to me as “daddy’s home.

Reportedly, the project has been reclassified from a film to a limited series, with Colin Preston penning the screenplay and Training Day director Antoine Fuqua serving as the series’ protagonist. Producing the series, which is presently known as Tyson, are Fuqua, Martin Scorsese, Jamie Foxx, and Mike Tyson.

Jamie Foxx may be too elderly to portray Mike Tyson

Over the years, this portrayal of Mike Tyson and Jamie Foxx has undergone numerous development phases and assumed various forms. Since 2004, when he won the Academy Award for Ray, Jamie Foxx has been attempting to get this story off the ground with the assistance of several prominent figures. Initially, it was intended to be a film directed by Martin Scorsese. After that fell through, the project evolved into a limited series directed by Antoine Fuqua. That most recent iteration is the one that presently stands, as far as Tyson is aware. However, a minor concern arises: Jamie Foxx has surpassed the age of 50 and shows no signs of diminishing in age. 

How will Fuqua resolve this concern?

Mike Tyson provided Jamie Foxx with hints that would assist him in delivering a strong performance while simultaneously making him appear younger than he is at the moment. Scorsese has previously accomplished this with several “The Irishman” actors. Notably, “Benjamin Button” is one of the films that accomplished this more effectively than any other television or film product. Tyson disclosed that they will proceed in this manner with Jamie Foxx. However, his full recovery must come first. Mike stated the following: “It was a possibility. I honestly do not know what will occur at this moment, but it is a distinct possibility that…Since Jamie is more comparable in age to me, they intended to approach him similarly to how they approached Benjamin Button. “They intended to reduce his actual age.”

Mike Tyson and Jamie Foxx are Currently Recovering At Home

An abrupt hospitalization was attributed to an unspecified “medical complication” that Jamie Foxx reportedly encountered while filming the upcoming Netflix action film Back in Action, As reported last month. The actor was the subject of widespread media speculation, with the assertion that he was “gravely ill.” Corinne Foxx, the daughter of actor Jamie Foxx, clarified the situation on social media by disclosing that her father had been released from the hospital weeks prior and was currently recovering at home.

Discouraged by the media’s frenzy,” reads the statement.

My father has been recuperating, away from the hospital, for weeks. He was engaged in pickleball play yesterday. Many thanks for the support and prayers of everyone!” She continued, “Next week, we will also be making an exciting announcement regarding our work.

Since then, it has been alleged that the Spider-Man:

No Way Home star is undergoing physical rehabilitation at a specialized facility in Chicago, although the specifics of the incident remain largely unknown. As additional information regarding Foxx’s health and his upcoming Mike Tyson biopic remains awaited, the actor is already working on several projects. Foxx will provide the voice of a stray dog named Bug in the comedy Strays, collaborate with Will Ferrell to dismantle a cult in the action thriller God Is a Bullet, join John Boyega and Teyonah Parris in They Cloned Tyrone to solve a science fiction mystery, and enter action hero mode in the Netflix action comedy Back in Action.


Are Mike Tyson and Jamie Foxx friends?

In 2017, Foxx told Screen Rant that he and Tyson had been buddies since Foxx was 21, a standup comic. Variety reported in 2014 that Foxx would play Tyson in a biopic. 

A movie with Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson?

Jamie Foxx, who was to play Mike Tyson in his biopic, has been unwell. This delayed the biopic. The actor was to play Tyson in a biographical TV series. The show would be executive-produced by Foxx, Tyson, Scorsese, and Fuqua.

Why did not Jamie Foxx play Tyson?

Mike Tyson recently discussed Jamie Foxx’s health difficulties. Jamie Foxx, who was to play Mike Tyson in his biopic, has been unwell. This delayed the biopic.

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