Journey Lead Singer Dies: Things To Know!

Journey Lead Singer Dies: Things To Know!

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July 25, 2023

As the lead singer of the rock band Journey, Steve Perry has become one of the twenty-first century’s most well-known and beloved American musicians. Perry fronted the rock band Journey from 1977 to 1987 and then again from 1995 to 1998, during which time the band achieved mainstream success with a number of their songs. He has recorded several studio albums with Journey, including Infinity, Evolution, Departure, Escape, and Trial By Fire.

A number of his songs, such as “Street Talk,” “Oh Sherrie,” “For the Love of Strange Medicine,” and “Don’t fight it,” were hits throughout his successful solo career between the years of about mid-1908 and mid-1990. In this article, we will discuss how Journey Lead Singer Dies. 


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During the band’s most commercially successful eras (from 1977 to 1987 and again from 1995 to 1998), American singer, songwriter, record producer, and musician Stephen Ray “Steve” Perry was the frontman. Perry enjoyed a fruitful solo career from about the middle of the ’80s through the middle of the ’90s. Perry’s tenor vocal range is often regarded as among the best in the world. Perry’s voice’s high “tenor alto” tone has been compared to that of Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin. Former chart competitor Jon Bon Jovi first popularised “The Voice” for him. According to Brian May, guitarist for Queen, “Perry is a truly luminous singer, in my opinion—a voice in a million.”

American Idol judge and Journey session guitarist Randy Jackson has referred to Steve Perry’s voice as “the golden voice,” claiming that “there’s no singer in rock that even came close to Steve Perry,” save Robert Plant. He developed his unique sound with impressive power, range, and tone. He blended in some Zeppelin, some Everly Brothers, and some Motown. Chris Jericho, the lead singer for the band Fozzy, has said that Perry “might be the greatest male singer of all time,” Journey guitarist Neal Schon has compared Perry to Aretha Franklin.

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Following the success of Frontiers and a tour in support, Perry released his debut solo album, Street Talk (a play on the name of his first band, Alien Project), in 1984.

More than 2 million copies of the album were purchased, and its singles “Oh Sherrie” (a dedication to his then-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford) and “Foolish Heart” (which peaked at No. 18) were also massive hits. MTV played the music video for “Oh Sherrie” frequently. Singles for “She’s Mine” and “Strung Out” were also taken from this album, which included future American Idol judge Randy Jackson on bass, guitarist Michael Landau, and former Alien Project drummer Craig Krampf.

Is The Lead Singer Of Journey Still Alive? Does Journey Lead Singer Die?

Steve Perry was diagnosed with melanoma in May 2013 after he removed a mole. He underwent two procedures to remove the cancerous tissue. He’s still with us, and on November 5, 2021, he dropped his first Christmas album called The Season. In addition, during his interview with Kyle Meredith in December 2021, he voiced his disapproval of Auto-Tune. The media gives him less coverage, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone.

What’s the latest on Steve Perry’s health issues? Journey Lead Singer Dies?

Steve Perry has mainly been avoiding contact with the outside world. Meanwhile, others have speculated that he’s ill or experiencing some ailment. However, there has been no mention of his health problems in the press. Also, there’s a myth that he’s dead, which is made up. Notably, he has greeted his followers in the New Year on Instagram. According to his Instagram posts, he is working on exciting new endeavors.

What is Steve Perry’s Real Age?

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Steve Perry, who is 72 years old, was born on January 22, 1949, in Handford, California, and is currently running for office. Since 1970, he has maintained a career in the music business. Perry’s love of music began early, and he and Scott Mathew formed their first band in their twenties.

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