Jesse James West Net Worth, Bio, Family and More

Jesse James West Net Worth, Bio, Family and More

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October 7, 2023

Fitness trainer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur Jesse James West plays lacrosse and is active on social media. New Jersey welcomed him on January 25, 2000. Born in Sparta, New Jersey. Although American, James is of mixed heritage. He was born an Aquarius. He frequently posts fitness-related content on social media and YouTube. Gym-going is his passion. He also sells fitness regimens and products on his website. His focus is on his Fitness YouTube career.

Jesse James West Net Worth

DOB19th April, 1969B
Known AsJesse James West
Birth PlaceLong Beach, California, United States of America
CareerActor, former bodyguard, YouTuber
Weight77 kg
Height177.8 cms in meters
Hair ColourLight Brown
Eye ColourDark Brown

Life story

Jesse James West

Young and influential social media influencer Jesse James West His family lives in New Jersey, where he was born on January 25, 2000. Jesse James West is social media savvy. He turns 22 on January 25, 2021, his birthday. He was raised a Christian. His name is Jesse James West, but he goes by Jesse. He’s Jesse James West. Our team researched Jesse James West’s biography, so if you’re a fan, read this post carefully.


He became famous due to his Instagram success. Inspirational photos and videos made Jesse James West famous on Instagram. Instagram star Jesse James West. @jessejameswest had over 340,000 Instagram followers in February 2021. Let’s talk about his Instagram likes: 20,000–40,000, but they could be higher or lower.

Some Notable Facts

Jesse James West

Once we comprehend Jesse James West, we may look at his most intriguing and thought-provoking details. He has 2 million YouTube subscribers and 100,000 TikTok and Instagram followers since starting a fitness lesson channel in 2016. Ads, sponsorships, fitness programs, and merchandise fund YouTube. Most popular fitness teachers do this. Fitness influencer Dani Speegle has intriguing facts. Claudia Walsh (@claudiamariewalsh; @iwantcandy77) started participating in his films after marrying him in 2022.

TV Career

Jesse James West also acted well. The Discovery Channel’s 2000 series Motorcycle Mania chronicled the former bodyguard’s life. Successful documentary. He was praised and offered to host Monster Garage, a new channel show. Discovery’s Sons of Guns featured him. Hess gained exposure from many projects after the above.


Jesse James West

Jesse James West is committed to Claudia Walsh, his girlfriend. West is “never married.” Social media star Claudia Walsh models. Jesse’s ex-girlfriend, Brooke, was an engineer. The actor and his former bodyguard married four times. He married Karla James first. They married in 1991. Chandler James and Jesse James Jr. were their children. 2002 saw their divorce. He married adult actress Jannie Lindemulder in 2002. Sunny James was their daughter. 2004 saw their divorce. July 16, 2015, marked his third marriage. Sandra Bullock. The couple’s marriage failed. They divorced on April 28, 2010. Jesse James dated tattoo artist Kat Don V in 2010. They engaged in January 2011. Sadly, they split in August 2011. He dated drag racer Alexis DeJoria again. Married in March 2013. They divorced in March 2020, after seven years. The ex-bodyguard is single.

Educational Content

He graduated from a local private high school. After some time, he graduated from Montclair State University. He played lacrosse in college. After graduating, he made his hobby his career. He’s a popular fitness trainer and YouTuber.

Net Worth

Jesse James West

After all, this is one of the most common questions about Jesse James West’s net worth and income. You may know Jesse James West, a young social media star. Guys, net worth depends on income. He makes most of his money from social media. His fan base determines his sponsorship price. He has 340 thousand Instagram followers and 300–700 thousand video views. 340 thousand TikTok followers. He has 1.1 million YouTube subscribers, and his videos usually get 300–700 thousand views. He’s worth over $1–2 million. This calculation excludes his private business net worth. We also researched their social media accounts to estimate their net worth. Thus, these facts cannot be verified.

Social media

West has a massive social media following. Instagram or YouTube. He regularly uploads fitness videos. He is well-known for his Instagram and YouTube followings. He also joined Twitter. He also interacts with his fans on camera.

Jesse James West’s info

  • Jesse James West is his given name.
  • He debuted in New Jersey.
  • As of February 2022, he is 22 years old, born on January 25, 2000. His birthday is January 25.
  • Social media star Jesse James West
  • He has garnered attention for posting photos of himself in unusual situations.
  • Jesse James West’s Instagram has over 340 thousand followers.
  • Instagram username: jessejameswest
  • Jesse James West has 1.1 million YouTube subscribers.
  • Jesse James West is his YouTube name.
  • He enjoys photography, videography, and travel.


Real-life Jesse James West? His full name

 Jesse James West is his given name.

Jesse James West’s abbreviation

Jesse James West’s nickname is Jesse.

Jesse James West’s birth date

Jesse James West’s birth certificate lists the 25th of January, 2000.

Jesse James West’s age

Jesse James West will be 22 in February 2022.

Jesse James West has a woman.

 Jesse James West is single now

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