Harlene Rosen: Bio, Family, Net Worth and More

Harlene Rosen: Bio, Family, Net Worth and More

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November 20th, 2023

Harlene Rosen is basically the first wife of Woody Allen. Harlene Rosen is the celebrity ex-wife of Woody Allen. Rosen’s ex-husband is very popular because he is a filmmaker, actor, screenwriter, singer, comedian, and playwright from the United States. Woody Allen is also famous for Harlene Rosen’s innocent love comedies and screwball. Rosen loves her husband very much, and she is a lovely, good-hearted woman who has care and compassion for her husband.

Harlene Rosen: Bio

DOBNovember 30 , 1938
Birth CountryUnited States
Birth SignSagittarius
Net Worth$140 Million
Height5 feet and 10 inches
Weight60 Kg

Personal Details

Harlene Rosen was born in 1939, but her actual birth date remains unknown. Her birthplace is the United States of America; her ethnicity is white; her religion is Christianity; and she is an American. Rosen has beautiful brown eyes with blonde hair. Her weight is about 60 kg, and her height is about 5 feet and 10 inches. She always maintains her body structure, and her horoscope is Libra. Her ex-husband has received 24 Academy Award nominations and received four of them. Rosen is a very good wife; she loves her husband very much, and she also works very hard to fulfil her family needs and find a solution.

Professional Life

Harlene Rosen

Rosen is a very kind-hearted, honest, generous, and compassionate person. She always wants to keep her profile private; she doesn’t want to share her privacy in public. Her father, Julius, taught her to be a kind person and taught her many lessons as she grew up, involving the needs of everyone. She was taught not to give up on anything in her life. Rosen has a beautiful face; her cheeks are rosy pink; her lips are crimson; her hair colour is blonde and wavy; and her eye colour is brown. She is very tall and has a good-shaped figure. She is full of talents, and her beauty attracts her fans. She is a well-known character; she avoids social media sites and the spotlight. She almost avoids connections with her followers and fans, but her ex-husband, Woody Allen, has around 44.5k followers on her Instagram account.

Social media details

Rosen always lived her life very lavishly, as she was the wife of a celebrity. Rosen also charged a huge amount as a part of his divorce settlement with Woody Allen. Her name became very famous when she married Woody. Rosen is a very emotional woman; she has written a heartfelt message to her former husband for his 80th birthday. She is an exceptional wife and the mother of his kids. When she married Woody, she became very famous, and after her divorce, she did not seek the limelight. Rosen is a personal person; she doesn’t love to detail her personal life in public, so she has also not said anything about her past. Allen was involved in sexual abuse cases.

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Harlene Rosen

The names of her parents are Julius and Judith Rosen. Her personal details, like education, childhood, and siblings, are kept private; she doesn’t want to disclose them in public. Her husband’s name is Woody Allen. He is well known for his acting skills as a filmmaker, writer, and comedian. He was born on December 1, 1935. Rosen was only 17 years old when she married Allen in the year 1956. Allen’s first wife is Rosen; now she is 20 years old. However, their relationship got damaged when Allen began to engage with a generic wife on stage and on television. Their marriage validity was very short; it was short-lived for only three years and came to an end in 1959. Allen and Rosen were divorced in 1963, and he agreed to pay $75 every week in alimony. Allen was trapped in a sexual assault claim for which he is facing $1 million. On one of his stand-up comedy CDs, he declared that his ex-wife, Rosen, had sued him for a joke.


Harlene Rosen

Helena Rosen’s ex-husband is a milliner. Woody Allen’s has a net worth of about $140 million. He earned lots of money because he has directed 49 feature films, including one short film by 2020, in addition to directing or writing 14 stage productions. He has writing credits of about 75, over 50 credits of directing, and nearly 50 acting credits. One of his best-known movies is Annie Hall, starring a frequent collaborator with Diane Keaton.


Who was Allen’s first wife?

The name of his wife is Harlene Rosen

Does Woody Allen have kids?

He have four kids.

Woody Allen married whom?

Soon-Yi Previn, Louise Lasser, Harlene Rosen.

Who Is Harlene Rosen’s Husband?

Woody Allen’s ex-wife Harlene Rosen is famous. Allen, a famous filmmaker, writer, actor, and comedian, was born December 1, 1935. She married Allen at 17 in 1956.

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