Gracie Calaway: Bio, Net Worth, Family and More

Gracie Calaway: Bio, Net Worth, Family and More

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November 9, 2023

Gracie Calaway is the daughter of Mark William Calaway who is a former WWE wrestler well known for his stage monitor. So Gracie Calaway is a celebrity child and her nationality is American. Gracie Calaway belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and has a Taurus birth sign she was born on 15th May 2005, in Austin, Texas, United States. Gracie is actually famous for his father because of WWE wrestling. Her father has already won the WWE championship title four times and the third time he won the World Heavyweight championship title.

Gracie Calaway: Bio

NameGracie Calaway
DOB15 May 2005
CountryUnited States
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Birth PlaceAustin, Texas


Gracie Calaway

Gracie Calaway has wrestler parents and for that, she is well known as a celebrity child. She has one brother named Gunner Vincent Calaway. However, her academic qualifications are not discussed in public. But her schooling is from a high school near her area. Gracie Calaway is a young small girl who is focused on her studies so she has not earned any honors or awards till now. However, her parents are champions if she follows their ways she can earn honor and awards. Gracie Calaway has a cute American look with blue eyes and her hair color is blonde. She already has 462 followers on Twitter and Gracie is not much active on Facebook or Instagram. She always keeps her personal life private. She has not decided on her career goals but she is very interested in multiple subjects. Gracie’s personal life is not discussed in public so she can be engaged with someone or can be single, concentrating only on studies.

Personal Life

Gracie Calaway

Gracie is a very simple little girl and she is not involved with any rumors or Controversial topics. She loves to enjoy her life in a simple way rather than her work life and she doesn’t want to be active on social media. So she has no accounts on Facebook and Instagram she only uses Twitter where she has 462 followers. The name of her Twitter account is @CalawayGracie. She started her Twitter account in April 2013 and she is dynamic through online entertainment.

As Gracie’s mother and father are both wrestling champions she is also now sharing an interest in wrestling not in a professional way. Gracie also wants to be the iconic star in wrestling her parents in wrestling history. Gracie is already taking training for wrestling and honing her skills in multiple wrestling techniques. She is doing in-ring training and also learning the storytelling elements, psychology, and character development behind captivating wrestling personas. Gracie has a lean body and builds up her physic very strong like muscular to perform her skills in the wrestling ring.

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Gracie Calaway

Gracie has three siblings and she is the youngest among those. She has two half siblings and one biological son. She has one brother and two sisters. Her brother’s name is Gunner Vincent Calaway and her sisters are Chasey Calaway and Kaia Faith Calaway.  Chasey Calaway was born on 15th May 2005 and she is Gracie’s biological sister. The names of Gracie’s maternal grandparents are Karen Frans and Carrol E. Frank.

The names of Chasey’s parents are Frank Calaway and Catherine Calaway. Gracie’s father’s name is Mark Calaway who was well known as a WWE wrestler by his stage name The Undertaker. Mark was born on 24th March 1965 in Houston, Texas. Gracie’s mother’s name is Sara Calaway, who is also a wrestler and she was born on 21st July 1977 in Long Beach, California. Mark Calaway has three wives. He married first in 1989 to Jodi Lynn, then he married Sara in the year 2000, then after the divorce, he married Michelle McCool and led a happy life together and married her in 2010.


Gracie is a very small girl who has not started her career. She is now totally focused on her studies so no such information was received about her salary and income. Her father Mark Calaway, a famous WWE wrestler, has a net worth of $17 million which he earned and honored from his wrestling career. Gracie is known as the daughter of the famous former WWE superstar The Undertaker. Mark Calaway has won World Class Championship Wrestling WCCW and other related companies. He was honored by the title of USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion at this time.

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