Delphi Murders Leaked Texts: Points To Know

Delphi Murders Leaked Texts: Points To Know

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October 9, 2023

After a suspect in the Delphi murder was named, there was a lot of talk on the internet about the murder case and some texts that were supposedly shared from that terrible night. For those who don’t know, on February 13, 2017, Abby and Libby, two eighth-graders who were best friends, were killed while walking on a trail in the open daytime. This was a huge shock to the people of Delphi. After a double murder, the town’s 3000 residents were shocked, and those feelings came back when police said that the suspected killer was a member of their tight-knit community. With this new information, people on the internet dug deep to find text messages that explained how the two girls’ bodies were found.

Delphi Murders Leaked Texts

Who are the people who are hurt?

In this case, two people are hurt. First, there’s Libby, who was killed, and then there’s Abby, who might still be alive but is being held by her attacker. Delphi is part of a small, out-of-the-way town with fewer than 3,000 people. Some people say that the Delphic Athenaeum, or Delphos Horror, as the locals call it, is one of the most evil places in America. Some people have thought that a person or group from this small town could have done these things.

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What do those supposedly leaked Delphi Murders text messages say?

Delphi murder

In September 2020, texts that were said to be between the man who found the girls’ bodies and his friend began to be shared online. In a movie called “Text Messages from the Guy Who Found Abby and Libby?” What do you all think?” has been seen more than 18,000 times. Because there were supposed crime scene pictures online, the friend texted a guy named David, who said he had found the bodies. David said that wasn’t true, and he went on to explain how what he saw was different from what was shown here. “No, that’s not her or Libby,” was written in a text message. Later, he talked about where Abby Williams’ body was found at the crime scene and said that the victims had not been sexually attacked. However, none of this information has been made public yet. He gave more information about the crime scene and how the girls’ injuries seemed to be different. It’s important to know that the text messages haven’t been checked and can’t be checked right now.

Death reports were also explained in the movie.

Delphi murder

The police have made a point of not telling the public much about the Delphi murders. No one has ever said how the person died. David, the person whose text messages got out, said that the girls died from being stabbed. He also said that, based on how badly Libby German was hurt, it looked like she may have been struck in person. But over the years, the detectives have made it clear that they are not ready to say more about what happened to the kids. No one knows for sure what happened in their last minutes.

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Is there anything new about the case?

Delphi murder

Since Libby German and Abby Williams were killed years ago, no one has been caught. The FBI has said that the suspect is a white man between 5’6″ and 5’8″ tall. He was wearing a blue jacket and jeans on the day of the killings. In April 2019, a new sketch of the suspect was made public, but no other information about how he looks has been made public. The police do think that the suspect lives or works in Delphi, Indiana and that he probably knew the Monon High Bridge. In addition to the sketches, the police have said that the killer also left behind real proof. People have also said that the crime scene seemed strange. In February 2020, on the third anniversary of the killings, there was no news conference, but investigators said the case was not closed.


On February 14, 2017, the bodies of Libby German and Abby Williams were found in the Delphi murder case. The case hasn’t been solved in almost a year, but new information shows that this isn’t the first time a serial killer has gone after these girls. In December 2016, Libby’s phone showed text messages from a man who was harassing and threatening her. It’s possible that this man killed both of those people.


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