Who is Herschel Walker’s Ex-Wife Cindy DeAngelis Grossman?

Who is Herschel Walker’s Ex-Wife Cindy DeAngelis Grossman?

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February 21, 2024

In Shorts: 

  • Thomas DeAngelis’ family had Cindy in 1962 in Georgia, Florida. Cocoa Beach-born Thomas was her father. Retirement came after working in real estate.
  • She’s Caucasian and American.
  • In her hometown, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman attended school. After graduating, she studied business at Cocoa Beach College.
  • Her school athletics involvement was high. She ran track and cheered for her school.
  • Cindy worked after graduating from college. She worked somewhere, but where and how is unknown.

Cindy DeAngelis Grossman is known for her high-profile marriage and contentious divorce from football legend Herschel Walker. Though Grossman has largely avoided the spotlight, her relationship with Walker put her in the public eye. This essay will explore Grossman’s background, her marriage to Walker, the troubles that led to their divorce, and where she is today.

Cindy DeAngelis Grossman Bio

Cindy DeAngelis
credit-The US Sun
Full nameCindy DeAngelis Grossman
Birthdate6th January 1962
BirthplaceGeorgia, Florida
FatherThomas DeAngelis Grossman
Marital statusDivorced
SpouseHerschel Walker (married between 1983 and 2002)
KidsChristian Walker
Net worthNot known
EducationUniversity of Georgia
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colorHazel


Cindy DeAngelis Grossman has mostly avoided the spotlight except for her public marriage to former NFL player-turned-politician Herschel Walker. Grossman met Walker at Georgia and married him in 1983. Grossman claims Walker developed Dissociative Identity Disorder, also known as formerly multiple personality disorder, during their marriage. I didn’t know what Walker was going through as he transitioned from football to ballet and the military, she told ABC News in 2008.

Walker’s tell-all book, Breaking Free, revealed he has a mental illness, but a therapist diagnosed it. In therapy, Jerry Mungadze met Walker’s alternate personalities, the outlet reported. “They will claim to be so-and-so. Herschel isn’t doing well… Mungadze said it would disappear back in him and Herschel would emerge “. Grossman said her husband told her, “Close the door,” while pregnant. Having bad thoughts. I’m considering hurting you.”

Early Life and Meeting Herschel Walker

Cindy DeAngelis

Cindy DeAngelis Grossman has stayed out of the public eye for the most part, except for her high-profile marriage to football star turned politician Herschel Walker. Grossman attended the University of Georgia, where she met Walker, and the two college sweethearts married in 1983. Cindy DeAngelis was born in September 1961 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. She was raised by her parents Eva and Thomas DeAngelis and has one sister. Grossman attended Cocoa Beach High School and later the University of Georgia. It was at UGA that she met fellow student Herschel Walker through his sister Veronica. After dating for over a year, they became engaged in 1983.

Revelations About Walker’s Mental Health

During their marriage, Grossman claims that Walker’s dissociative identity disorder (DID) surfaced. She didn’t understand what Walker was going through as he went from football to ballet and the military. In his book Breaking Free, Walker revealed his DID diagnosis. His therapist said he had met Walker’s alternate personalities.

Grossman Details Frightening Experiences

Grossman described frightening incidents with Walker, including him telling her to close the door because he was “having bad thoughts” about hurting her while she was pregnant. She also claimed Walker once held a gun to her head and threatened to “blow her brains out.” Walker said he didn’t remember these events but didn’t deny they happened.

Why Grossman Spoke Out Against Walker’s Campaign

For a political ad, Grossman spoke out about her experiences with Walker, saying he had “evil” eyes at times and that she went through “choking things” with him. She recounted him holding a gun to her head. The ad from the Republican Accountability PAC aimed to make GOP voters reconsider supporting Walker. He called the ad “dirty.”

Marriage to Walker

On March 31, 1983, DeAngelis and Walker were married in a small private ceremony, forgoing her mother’s vision of an extravagant wedding. The wedding came right as Walker was starting his professional football career. In the early years of their marriage, the couple seemed happy and content. Walker spoke highly of his wife, even defending their interracial marriage from scrutiny.

In 1989, they moved into a home together in Dallas when Walker played for the Vikings. In interviews, Grossman portrayed their relationship as wholesome and traditional. The couple went on to have one child, a son named Christian, born in 1999.

Walker and Grossman’s Life After Divorce

Cindy DeAngelis

Walker and Grossman divorced in 2001 after almost 20 years of marriage. In 1999, they had a son named Christian Walker together. Walker has openly acknowledged having three other children with different women. Grossman has continued to live privately following their split. Meanwhile, Walker went on to have a second marriage and is now running for US Senate in Georgia.

Troubled Times and Abuse Allegations

However, later in their marriage, Grossman alleges that Walker became threatening and abusive. She says he pointed guns at her, choked her, and threatened violence against her. Grossman came to believe Walker had mental health issues accounting for his disturbing behaviour. After Walker revealed his diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder, Grossman understood why he seemed to have different personas. But at the time, she was frightened by his violent outbursts and personality shifts. She filed for divorce in 2002 after nearly 20 years of marriage.

Life after Walker

Grossman was granted custody of their son Christian after the divorce. Though Walker initially called her his “best friend,” she later filed a restraining order against him. Grossman and her son have a close relationship, while Christian has publicly feuded with his father. Grossman has since remarried, though details about her new husband are scarce. She has focused on business ventures and maintained a low profile. Walker also remarried in 2021. Grossman spoke out in a recent political ad about the alleged abuse but otherwise has stayed out of Walker’s Senate campaign.

Cindy DeAngelis Grossman: Net Worth

Cindy Grossman is a smart entrepreneur. She is quite private about her personal and professional life. Our knowledge of her job and wealth is limited. Although Cindy married Walker, he was worth $12 million. Sports were his livelihood. Walker formerly made a million dollars a year from salary. Cindy and Walker’s wealth are nearly inseparable. She may select from several luxury automobiles when marrying him. She resided in an affluent Edina estate with her ex-husband. She also owned numerous Georgia flats. They were worth several hundred thousand dollars.

Key Takeaways About Cindy Grossman

  • College sweetheart of Herschel Walker who married him in 1983
  • Made allegations about Walker’s DID and frightening behavior during their marriage
  • Appeared in an attack ad speaking out against Walker’s Senate campaign
  • Mother of Walker’s son Christian, but has stayed out of the spotlight otherwise
  • Claimed she didn’t understand Walker’s mental health struggles at the time
  • Said she endured threatening incidents involving guns and choking with Walker

Grossman’s experiences shine a light on a turbulent period in Walker’s past. The ad campaign hoped to change GOP voters’ views of Walker. However, he remains locked in a tight Senate race against incumbent Raphael Warnock.


Cindy Grossman’s life story is defined by her contentious split from football icon Herschel Walker. For many years, she was portrayed as the perfect football wife. But later, disturbing allegations of abuse emerged. Grossman exhibited resilience as a mother and survivor. She moved forward with her life while speaking her truth about the past. Her experiences provide insight into Walker at a time when his character is highly relevant.


  • How long was Cindy married to Herschel Walker?

They were married for nearly 20 years from 1983 to 2002 before divorcing

  • Does she have children with Walker?

Yes, they have one son together named Christian Walker who is now in his 20s

  • What abuse did she allege against Walker?

She claimed Walker physically threatened her, pointed guns at her, and choked her

  • Why did she speak out against Walker’s Senate bid?

To reveal Walker’s alleged history of violence and change GOP voters’ minds

  • What is she doing now?

Grossman is believed to be a businesswoman in Texas and remarried

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