Andie Rosafort: Everything To Know

Andie Rosafort: Everything To Know

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September 17, 2023

New Fairfield School District employee Andie Rosafort was indicted on March 1 for allegedly engaging in sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old student. Andie Rosafort was reportedly arrested in February on suspicion of assaulting a 14-year-old kid, as reported by Fox News Digital. According to the criminal complaint, Rosafort contacted the girl online when she was only in eighth grade. Rosafort allegedly lured the youngster into her car and assaulted him a few months later, when he was a ninth-grader. On February 17th, a warrant for the lunch lady’s arrest was issued. She reportedly surrendered three days later. She faces charges of second-degree sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a minor, and computer luring.

Andie Rosafort’s Secret Case

Andie Paige Rosafort is listed as married on Meaww, although her marital status is now unknown. Apparently she also had a secret TikTok account under the handle @thepeachespaige, which she used to post videos to when no one else was around. The New York Times claims that Rosafort and the victim had been having a platonic dialogue about her for months before she gave him sexually explicit images in September 2022. After Rosafort’s arrest, police got her cellphone information and discovered she had given the victim multiple illicit photographs and films. Months later, after the boy turned 14, Andie Rosafort allegedly abducted him from a party and assaulted him in her truck. When the youngster came back, she told the authorities, he started acting “strangely.”

What Is the Case Of Andie Rosafort Instagram?

Rosafort, according to court transcripts, had been corresponding with the minor for six months over Instagram and Snapchat. Authorities claim Rosafort also sent masturbation films. She allegedly also requested pictures of the teen. A shirtless photo of the boy was discovered by police on her phone. One time, he excused himself from a get-together by saying he had to deal with family business. His companions regarded this as peculiar. His reappearance was met with comments that he was “acting strange.” The teen then sobbed openly about having sexual relations with the lunch lady and leaving the party “to have sex with a woman.”

Description Of The Occurance

Andie Rosafort surrendered herself to police on February 20 after the Connecticut State Police filed an arrest warrant following an investigation. She faced charges of second-degree sexual assault, tempting a kid by computer, and endangering the welfare of a minor. An affidavit obtained by News8 alleges that Rosafort had a six-month-long online relationship with the unnamed freshman student, during which time they exchanged messages over Snapchat and Instagram.

According to the station’s report, “the victim told police he received a message from Rosafort saying, ‘You want to see something?'” before she sent him nude photos. According to the complaint, after the victim asked Rosafort if the photo had been received in error, she provided another picture of herself without clothes. On January 14, a group of students had gathered, and the alleged victim reportedly indicated he was leaving but wanted to return. He returned “behaving oddly,” a witness told authorities.

The complaint goes on to say that the accused victim told police that Rosafort requested his address and then picked him up in her SUV. The victim further claimed that Rosafort drove a short distance away and engaged in sexual contact with him and his friends while they were inside the SUV. Police say the victim felt unsafe in the SUV and got out before returning to the party at their friend’s house.

Her father found out about the assault from a witness and immediately informed school authorities. During the inquiry, detectives reportedly inspected the alleged victim’s cell phone and found many videos on a social media site with “explicit content and depicting an individual identified by investigators as Rosafort,” according to the police statement.

Who Is The Suspect?

The police said that they were able to corroborate the victim’s account by comparing the images and videos they received from the social media account associated with Rosafort to the victim’s description. Rosafort was released after paying a $100,000 bond. She will have to appear in court on March 23. It was unclear if she retained legal counsel to advocate on her behalf.

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