Amirabrie: Bio, Age, Career and Facts

Amirabrie: Bio, Age, Career and Facts

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April 13, 2023

Becoming famous is not easy, but if you set your mind to it and get there, you’ll surely make a difference in the world. We decided to write about amira brie since she is a brilliant star whose work has garnered widespread appreciation. Because of her magnetic personality, she has quickly gained a significant TikTok fanbase.

Everything You Need To Know About Amirabrie

NameAmira Brie
DOBNovember 1, 1996
Birth PlaceUnited States
Zodiac SignScorpio
Net Worth$1.9 million
Famous AsTik Toker
Weight55 kgs

Introduction Of Amirabrie

AmiraBrie is a famous American model, actress, and reality show star. She was born in the United States to Iraqi parents on July 7, 1999. Her father is Palestinian. They put her age at 23. Her father abandoned the family when she was seven, and her mother brought her up alone in San Francisco. Check out this straightforward approach to determining your net worth if you need help with how to do so. In addition to details regarding Amira Brie’s identity and net worth, we advise on achieving financial independence. Well, so let’s begin.

Where Exactly Does Amirabrie Hail From?


What good does it do to love a celebrity without learning anything about their background? While some celebrities may prefer to keep their citizenship a secret from the media and their followers, we felt it was our duty to find out where Amira Brie was born and where she currently resides. Because of her birthplace, Amira Brie might be identified as a Nepali person.

Early Years and Schooling Of Amirabrie

As of 2023, Amira Brie will have turned 18, as her 2005 birth occurred in Los Angeles. Her mother was a dancer, and her father was a musician; thus, she was raised in a creative household. Amira’s parents encouraged her early interest in acting by enrolling her in programs and workshops in the field. Amira Brie studied acting at a Los Angeles performing arts high school and participated in several plays. She also took dance and music classes to round out her artistic education.

Amirabrie Official Social Media Profiles

  • Facebook Account (Facebook Profile): NA
  • TikTok Account:
  • Instagram Account:
  • Twitter Account:
  • Snapchat Profile: NA
  • Tumblr Details: NA
  • YouTube Channel: NA
  • Official Website: NA

The vast reach of social media platforms makes it easy for impostors to create profiles under false identities. Some well-known people understand the value of social media. Amira Brie is one of them who has created an account so that she may communicate with her followers more easily. It’s important to note that you’ll need to find the right social media account for the person you’re looking for to protect yourself. Following the appropriate protocols, we present the results of our investigation of Amira Brie’s social media presence below.

  • Admirable has 269k followers on the social media platform Instagram.
  • Instagram: @BrieAmira 55.5k
  • 8.9k views on TikTok from

Who Is AmiraBrie Dating, Exactly?


You can assume that Amira Brie is currently single. We could not discover any dating information about her on her online profiles or social media. Her attractiveness makes it likely that she will soon be in a committed relationship. As a result, Amira Brie currently needs to be moved.

AmiraBrie’s Interests

We can all agree that making time for things that bring you joy is important. Amira Brie has many interests, from spending time with her friends and family to watching movies and taking photos to share with her followers online.

Amira Brie’s Income, Wage, and Earnings

Princessa. Amira.b is a successful TikTok content creator making money from YouTube. Ad revenue data indicates that Amira Brie gets around $30,000 monthly. As a result, Amira Brie earns about $360,000 a year. A separate page, accessible exclusively to patrons, has been created here. Amira Brie is a popular user of both TikTok and Instagram. Further information suggests that she has written for an adult audience and posted sexually graphic photographs to Instagram. She has over 511k TikTok followers and 2.9m total video likes. She has almost 273,000 people that follow her on Instagram.

A Look at Amira Brie’s Background

  • Many young people are fans of Princess.amira.b, a 19-year-old TikTok star with more than 1 million Instagram followers.
  • Every one of their videos on TikTok have at least a million views, and they’ve even set up a website for their paying fans. Princess. Amira.
  • She discovered someone else was using her original name and switched it to Amira.
  • As of this writing, she has amassed 44k followers on Instagram under the handle princess.amira.b, which she created in July 2019.


How tall is Amirabrie, and what size is her dress?

As a Canadian actress, Amira Brie is known for her curvaceous form. She is about 53 kg in weight and 5 feet, six inches tall. Her body details are 36-inch bust, a 5’5-inch waist, and 36-inch hips. She has dark eyes and long, brown hair.

What are the most commonly searched-for descriptions of Amira Brie online?

Searches for Amira Brie’s age, Amira Brie’s height, Amira Brie’s net worth, birthday, and bio are among the top results on the internet. Amira is a well-known internet figure who has also garnered attention as a model and actor.

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