The Risks and Rewards of CBD Vaping: A Critical Analysis of the Evidence 

The Risks and Rewards of CBD Vaping: A Critical Analysis of the Evidence 

Written by Sophie Robertson, In CBD, Updated On
April 28th, 2023

Vaping CBD is the new trend in CBD consumption. Brands that produce vaping pens and cartridges promise miraculous health effects and stress the high bioavailability of CBD absorbed in the lungs. But is the CBD vaping culture as innocent and safe as famous brands claim it to be? Here is a detailed account, supported by clinical evidence and scientific facts, giving a more realistic outlook on the effects of CBD vape juice intake by users with various health conditions.

CBD Vaping Pros

CBD vaping has many advantages; otherwise, it wouldn’t be so popular among users of different categories. Here are the main pluses brands and users note:

  • High bioavailability.

It’s well-known that CBD absorption in the lungs is the highest. People have been smoking weed for centuries to derive maximum value from this plant via their lungs. The CBD vaping process works exactly the same way. You get exposed to the maximum CBD amount available in the chosen CBD juice compared to only a tiny portion of CBD absorbed during oral or topical intake.

  • Immediate effect.

Absorption of CBD from smoke in the lungs takes place immediately. This means that CBD quickly gets to your bloodstream and produces a tangible effect here and now. In this sense, CBD vapes are much handier than CBD oil or edibles, which may take more than an hour to produce the desired effect on your organism.

  • Consumption on the go.

Users appreciate the easy and manageable way to get a shot of CBD on the go simply by taking the vaping device out of their pocket and pressing one button. As a result of the device’s activation, the vaporizer starts turning the CBD liquid into smoke. So, you only need a couple of seconds to administer a CBD dose.

  • Discreet consumption.

CBD vaping devices look and smell exactly like usual vaping pens and carts. Thus, you may keep your CBD intake secret if you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention to this treatment option.

  • No-mess CBD intake.

You get a dose of CBD simply by inhaling smoke. No need to find a glass of water to take your CBD soft gels or oil; no need to carry a bag of edibles. Things work very simply, as the vaping pen doesn’t require extra space.

  • Variety of flavors.

You’re exposed to many mouth-watering flavors and can choose from various options. CBD liquids have fruit flavors, spices, and exotic flavors like bubble gum, energy drink, etc.

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CBD Vaping Cons

Now, it’s time to get realistic and note a few CBD vaping downsides.

  • CBD vape juice side effects.

Unfortunately, the percentage of users experiencing side effects of CBD consumption is pretty high. You should keep in mind that anything can happen, and every new brand’s vaping device comes with a risk of allergy or unwanted reaction. The most commonly reported problems with vaping are mild drowsiness, nausea, red eyes, hunger, and restlessness.

  • Need to determine your dose with trial and error.

Every producer uses a proprietary formula and CBD concentration in their vaping liquids. Thus, you may need to go through several overdosing instances to clarify what dose works best for you. Not every health-conscious user is ready to watch every step and struggle with the effects of overdosing while mastering the art of vaping CBD.

  • Expenses.

Buying a one-time vaping device for a try may seem to be a cheap, affordable endeavor. But let’s add the costs together if you’re a regular CBD user. Disposable devices’ purchase every week gets expensive, and a one-time purchase of a solid rechargeable device can also be pretty costly. Next, you should purchase CBD liquid occasionally, and not every liquid flavor will suit you. Thus, the CBD vaping habit can grow pretty expensive with the time.

  • Lack of consistent research.

The most troubling point about CBD vaping is the lack of consistent data on its benefits or hazards for human health. While some studies advocate using vaping over smoking, others caution about respiratory problems that vaping juice’s contents can cause.

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CBD Vape Juice Ingredients

In most cases, the CBD vaping juice will contain water, nicotine, CBD extract, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin base, and some flavor. The safest CBD vaping liquid is the one containing propylene glycerin. The most dangerous component you should avoid is diethylene glycol – a toxic chemical causing lung disease. It’s traditionally used in antifreeze liquids, and unethical CBD vaping liquid producers use it in vaping to improve the liquid’s preservation qualities at the expense of your respiratory health.

Where to Get Safe CBD Vaping Juices and Devices?

Many users hunt for the best flavor CBD vape juice, forgetting that it is the content and quality of ingredients that play the ultimate role in whether the vaping experience will be risky or safe. The safest option is to go to and find the list of top-rated, reliable brands producing CBD vaping products of high quality. You may also consult the local dispensary’s staff to find the right option with no allergic or synthetic compounds in the mix. Wherever you get your CBD vaping juice, always do your due diligence and check the lab test results to ensure you’re getting pure, organic content for your money.

Key Takeaways

As you can see, vaping CBD is a generally safe and acceptable option for CBD intake, provided that you choose an optimal CBD vape juice dosage and buy only natural, high-quality juice from reputable brands. Overall, this sphere is relatively new and under-researched, so we recommend keeping track of research publications on vaping to understand whether you’re following a healthy CBD intake routine or exposing your wellness to additional risks.

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The author of this material is Tia Moskalenko, an author at AskGrowers, highlighting the industry potential and sharing the best CBD product findings with CBD users. Tia is passionate about the cannabis sector and gives optimal product overviews and consumption advice to enhance user experience with cannabis.

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