Legal Marijuana in California: Here is all you need to know about

Legal Marijuana in California: Here is all you need to know about

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November 15th, 2022

Marijuana is legal in California. Yes, there is no other way to put this statement out there. You, as a resident of the state of California, are permitted to use marijuana, but rules must be followed. The state itself sets rules, and you can get a penalty for not following them strictly.

Historical Overview

When we talk about the progressive states in the US on the topic of marijuana use, California is surely one of them. Historical evidence is the 1972 legal ballot held within the state asking the residents if marijuana should be legalized to use or not. Back then, legalization wasn’t able to occur.

In 1996, the state of California became one of the first US states to legalize the medical use of cannabis. And quite recently, in the year 2016, the state of California voted in favor of Proposition 64, legalizing the adult usage of cannabis act and making the recreational use of cannabis legal.

The Medical Marijuana Card Scheme

Legal Marijuana

The medical marijuana card scheme was the first initiative taken by the state government of California as a step to legalize the medical usage of marijuana in the state. The program came into existence with the 1996 medical marijuana usage legalization.

The medical marijuana card allows users to utilize the benefits of marijuana in the health sector. The positive impact of medical usage of marijuana than allowed the state to expand the program’s circle, which now even involves using marijuana for recreational purposes.

How to get a Medical Marijuana card in California?

So, this leads us to the point where you might be looking to get a medical marijuana card in California. Well, the easiest way is to get your appointment with a certified medical professional in California that will lead you to the prescription required for the application and later in the process.

But suppose you are thinking about hustling yourself. In that case, the first thing you need is a California-certified medical professional with the authority to prescribe marijuana for medical purposes. Once you get the prescription, just visit the nearest dispensary and get the prescribed amount of marijuana.

Rules for consuming and selling Weed in the state of California

As a state, California is super lenient regarding marijuana usage. But still, the law abides by everyone within the state to follow a certain dosage limit for consuming and selling Weed in the first place. Other than that, you can use marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes within California.

Also, one particular thing must be kept in mind while consuming Weed in the state. You can’t sit out in a public space and consume marijuana-based products. But management authorities can take special permission from the state to allow their guests to enjoy cannabis-based products within a certain vicinity.

Now, if you are thinking about selling marijuana in the state of California, we will advise you not to do so. Why? Well, opening a licensed cannabis dispensary is quite expensive. And without a permit, selling marijuana within the state is completely illegal.

But what about consuming cannabis-based products in California? Well, the state only restricts you to intake cannabis-based products away from 1000 feet of premises of a day-care facility. If you fail to do so, the authorities have the right to charge you a 100 USD or 250 USD fine, which can go all the way up to thousands of dollars, depending upon your attitude.

Final Note

With this, you are now fully aware of cannabis laws in California and the things you need to avoid. If you do so, you can enjoy marijuana within the state for medical and recreational use.

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