New voice synth technology takes use of AI in online casinos in new directions

New voice synth technology takes use of AI in online casinos in new directions

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September 23rd, 2023

AI is having a profound impact on every area of our lives, from dating to real estate. iGaming is certainly no exception. Online casinos are finding new ways to incorporate AI and machine learning into the gambling experience all the time. But the latest advances in AI voice technology could open up new doors – and conceivably close some old ones.

AI in iGaming – the story so far

iGaming is arguably the most competitive of all gaming niches. But it is also highly traditional. Providers are eager to offer innovative experiences, but they have to be careful how they do it, as players typically know what they like and like what they know. Change is not always welcome and can be viewed with suspicion.

Just to illustrate the point, check out the lukewarm response received by the Starburst Xxxtreme game. NetEnt released it in 2021 as a new version of the famous Starburst slot from 2012. Users spoke kindly of it, but most prefer to this day to stick with the original.

Introducing something completely new in casinos can be tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot. The most successful innovations are the ones that help players to do what they enjoy doing, but better or faster or maybe in a more fun way.

Here are a few AI examples:

  • Personalization can provide the small touches that make all the difference. AI can learn which games a player prefers and their usual stakes and other betting habits so that everything is set up ready to play.
  • Online safety is important to everyone. AI helps to make online casinos safer places by being able to spot unusual betting patterns that can be indicative of dishonest or fraudulent activity such as cheating or hacking.
  • AI chatbots have improved dramatically in recent years and can provide genuine help and support 24/7.
  • Customized casino bonus offers are set on the basis of player habits, so they are actually useful and relevant to the individual player.
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Voice tech could transform live gaming

AI voice synthetization is already causing a stir across the mainstream gaming industry. AAA games are now as reliant on their voice actors as movies, and Rockstar’s epic Red Dead Redemption used 700 voice actors and spent more than 2,000 days recording half a million lines of dialogue.

That was about 10 years ago, but although open-world games like these only get more complex, it is unlikely future ones will involve anything like that amount of voice work. AI can not only provide the voices but it can be trained to deliver appropriate dialogue without the need for scripts. The savings could be immense, although voice actors and their unions have their own thoughts on the topic.

The implications for iGaming could be significant. Live gaming is one of those innovations that was a winner for casino players because it makes gameplay more interactive and fun. Players like to see the human casino dealer in the real studio spinning a wheel or dealing cards. But running a studio and employing humans is a huge cost to casinos. Voice tech could pave the way for “virtually live” games, which could hand the “action” over to an avatar in cyberspace. The AI driving the game would just need to be coached in conversational English – or other languages. The possibilities here are almost limitless. Subject to licensing provisions, the technology can accurately imitate any voice, past or present. Imagine sitting at the blackjack table to have your cards dealt by a pitch-perfect Audrey Hepburn or Sean Connery.

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This is exactly the sort of thing we were talking about earlier with casinos using AI to deliver the games people are familiar with and want to play, but with a new twist that captures the imagination.

Watch out, i-Gamers, the future is here.

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