Is VIP Baccarat Worth Playing?

Is VIP Baccarat Worth Playing?

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April 28th, 2023

Casinos and online gambling games are very popular in the modern digital world, and one of the more popular games out there is Baccarat. With this already being a favorite, becoming a VIP player makes sense as a natural progression. VIP Baccarat comes with a range of changes, including the ways that the squeeze is conducted. So, the big question is, is VIP Baccarat actually worth playing? The rules and the way that the game is formatted are going to be discussed in more detail below so you can decide for yourself.

The Rules of VIP Baccarat

VIP Baccarat was developed by Playtech, and it’s said that it’s difficult to find an online casino that offers players the chance to go on it. This doesn’t have to be the case, though, as there are sites such as where it is easy to find VIP Baccarat games that you can play. It’s well worth the effort when you decide to go on it, as the game is a lot of fun. On the surface, the basics of the game appear to be the same. It’s played with 8 standard decks of cards and seven players are able to join in. There are also side bet options.

One of the major differences comes in the way that the squeeze is taken care of. The premise is simple, where the higher you wager in a specific round, the more control you have over how the squeeze will be performed.

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How Does VIP Baccarat Look on The Screen?

Again, sticking to the usual, the layout of VIP Baccarat looks similar to the standard layout of the game, with roads running along the bottom of the screen. The stats of the rounds are also displayed in a box on the left, which is good in assisting with the whole process.

You always have the option to show the cards in a separate box which can be visualized in a digital format and a lot closer up. You also have the possibility of switching the overall appearance of the display by changing the camera angles.

The Different Types of Squeeze Available

If you place the highest wager, then you have more control over the squeeze. There are four options for you to choose from when playing VIP Baccarat; these include:

The Full Squeeze

This is where roughly half of the face of the card is shown.

The Half Squeeze

This is where one third of the face of the card is shown.

The Rotate

Here, the card is turned around 90 degrees during the squeeze.

The Toss

The card is turned over so that all other players can see what it is.

Is It Worth Playing VIP Baccarat?

If you are already a fan of Baccarat, then it is definitely worth giving the VIP version a try. In doing so, you are going to be able to benefit from the game you already enjoy but with some variation thrown in there. The main difference throughout the game is that whoever places the highest wager can take control of the squeeze.

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