Everything You Need To Know About Eye Of Horus Megaways

Everything You Need To Know About Eye Of Horus Megaways

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September 1, 2023

Eye of Horus Megaways is an online slot game created by Blueprint Gaming that builds off of the original Eye of Horus game by implementing the very popular Megaways mechanic. On each spin, there are up to 15,625 ways to win. The original Eye of Horus is one of the world’s favorite slot games, and that is because of its simple design and fun bonus features.

Eye Of Horus Megaways Background

Eye Of Horus Megaways

Eye of Horus Megaways transports players to Ancient Egypt; the backdrop displays what we can assume is the inside of an Ancient Egyptian pyramid or building. It evokes a sense of adventure and wonder in players as they make it through this mysterious Egyptian ruin. The reel itself looks like it is set on a sandstone tablet. Even bonus features are displayed on sandstone with the writing creatively etched into the stone.

The music, unlike other online slot games by these developers, is pretty standard. It uses a generic soundtrack to replicate the feeling of being inside a real brick-and-mortar casino; however, if a bonus round is activated, then the soundtrack switches to a more authentic Middle Eastern themed soundtrack which suits the feel of the game perfectly.

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The game uses traditional slot symbols such as the letters J, Q, K, and A, but in a font that matches the Egyptian theme. The special symbols feature iconic Egyptian imagery, such as scarab beetles, the god Anubis, and many more Egyptian mythological deities. You can check the value of each symbol in the slots pay table along with your stake.

How To Play Eye Of Horus Megaways

The goal of the Eye of Horus is to land matching symbol combinations. The player must spin the reel and try to create high-value combinations. Between 2 and 7 symbols can land on each of the 6 reels in play, and this will change the number of winning ways in each given spin.

Eye Of Horus Megayways RTP And Volatility –

The RTP in Eye of Horus is 95.49% which is slightly below average for most slot games. The RTP, or Return to Player, is a hypothetical percentage that shows players how much they can expect the slot to return based on the amount paid in. So, for example, Eye of Horus Megaways, having an RTP of 95.49%, should return £95.49 for every £100 that is staked on play. However, it is important to note that returns in slot games are made at random; you could win back more than the RTP or play without any decent wins.

The volatility of Eye of Horus Megaways is medium to high. Slot games with high volatility can sometimes be described as being quite boring. This is because matching symbol combinations are quite rare in high-volatility games. Although the payouts are high, the slower-paced gameplay isn’t suited to a lot of players. This slot has medium to high volatility, meaning that matching combinations are more likely to be hit than most slots; however, the payouts may not be as intriguing.

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Eye Of Horus Slot Bonuses –

Outside of the base gameplay, Eye of Horus doesn’t offer loads of bonuses; however, what it does have is implemented very well into the gameplay experience. There are wilds that expand to help create matching symbol combinations more easily. Alongside this, there is also a free spins bonus round which is triggered by using scatter symbols. The wilds can also upgrade other symbols to create more lucrative symbol combinations.

Eye Of Horus Megaways Demo –

If you are interested in the Eye of Horus Megaways slot and want to try it out, we recommend playing a demo first. A demo allows you to try out Eye of Horus Megaways without spending any of your hard-earned money. Demos allow you to try out games and get a feel for the gameplay experience to see if it’s right for you.

Slots Similar To Eye Of Horus Megaways –

If you enjoy Eye of Horus Megaways, then these are some similar slots. These slots have a similar theme or gameplay experience. Make sure to check these games out. As you never know, they could become your next favorite slot.

Eye Of Horus –

Eye of Horus is the original slot that Eye of Horus expanded upon. This game features 10 paylines and the same brilliant free spins round. Eye of Horus is the same as Eye of Horus Megaways, except it’s more stripped back. The simpler gameplay appeals to a lot of casual players or players who prefer more old-school-style slot games.

Pharaoh’s Fortune –

Pharaohs Fortune is an online slot developed by IGT that’s based around a 5×3 reel format. There are 15 paylines as well as some interesting bonus features. Pharaoh’s Fortune features a very classic Egyptian theme. The overall style feels very retro and old-school. The game features an exciting free spin round, too, that is sure to improve the experience for any player.

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Legacy Of Ra Megaways

This slot is most similar in terms of gameplay to Eye of Horus Megaways. With 15,625 ways to make matching symbol combinations along with free spins, this game is certainly entertaining. There are also expanding wilds and other bonus symbols in the base gameplay.


Eye of Horus Megaways is one of the most popular online slot games out right now. The impressive slot has a great theme and design with some stellar animation. The gameplay is simple, but the simplicity appeals to lots of players who are looking for a more casual experience. This, paired with the Megaways mechanic, means that there is something for everyone in this slot game.

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