A New Era for Online Gambling in Curacao: A Comprehensive Guide to Upcoming Changes

A New Era for Online Gambling in Curacao: A Comprehensive Guide to Upcoming Changes

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Casino, Updated On
August 10th, 2023

Curacao, an important licensing hub for online gambling, is poised to undergo a substantial transformation as new regulations are set to come into effect. With a thriving gambling scene that serves many operators, including numerous USA Casinos 247, this article offers insight into the impending alterations.

Upcoming Changes In Online Gambling

Online Gambling in Curacao

The Announcement: A Shift in Power

In a recent iGaming Business conference, iGB LIVE, Sixienne Jansen from Curacao’s Ministry of Finance declared that the Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB) will be the authority to issue new licenses beginning September 1, 2023. This shift falls under Curacao’s National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK), signaling a new era for online gambling in Curacao.

The Transition: Understanding LOK

LOK is not yet officially the “law of the land,” but it’s on the horizon with binding agreements between Curacao and Amsterdam. Even though LOK has not been introduced into parliament, it will reform the licensing of online gambling, including many platforms known for being Fast paying Online Casinos For The USA.

Automatic Licensing for Master License Holders

Under the new rules, all four existing Master License holders will automatically receive a new license, provisionally valid for one year. This license will be available from September 1, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting business.

The Future Landscape: Changes Ahead

After LOK becomes law, operators will have 90 days to apply for a new license, and sub-licenses will be issued by the GCB. This move will greatly affect the current setup where four Master License holders have the power to issue “sub-licenses” to various gambling operators such as casinos, bookmakers, and more. The existing framework might be home to as many as 12,000 licensed operators.

Adhering to International Standards

The new licensing regime will be tighter, aligning more closely with global standards. It will require the submission of three specific forms, a stark contrast to the present situation where the application process has not been fully disclosed. Upon approval, the applicant must also provide audited policies and procedures within six months, a practice that aligns with a winning strategy in online casino games.

Transitional Phase: Business Continuity

Jansen assured that no operator would have to pause or halt their business due to these changes. There will be a 9-month transitional phase, during which current regulations will still apply. Operators who opt not to transition to the new licensing regime will have sufficient time to wind up their businesses under existing regulations.

More About Curacao’s Gambling Landscape

Curacao’s status as a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands since October 10, 2010, complicates its regulatory framework. Having full autonomy on most matters, the push for reforms has been a complex process, influenced by the Dutch government and triggered during the global health crisis.

The Netherlands has only recently reformed its online gambling laws, as of April 1, 2021. The challenge now for Curacao is to provide a transparent regulatory framework that aligns with international standards.

The Bigger Picture: The Impact on Players

The new regulations are seen as a positive development, aiming to enhance responsible gambling measures and improve the player experience. However, the effectiveness of these changes depends on the transparency and responsiveness of the CGB in handling complaints and regulating operators.

Conclusion: A New Beginning, but Challenges Ahead

Starting September 1, the Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB) will be at the helm of issuing new licenses. With planned phased reforms and provisions for anti-money laundering and responsible gambling, Curacao is embracing a more modern and globally-aligned regulatory system.

The future success of this new system depends on its implementation and the willingness of operators to adapt to the changes. As the Minister is expected to issue further guidance in September, the global gambling community will be watching closely to gauge the true impact of these reforms. If you want to learn more about Curacao-licensed casinos, we recommend checking out Wagerheads which just launched their new site. It’s a solid platform for new and advanced gamblers.

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