What is the Fuel Consumption of GAC MOTOR EMKOO?

What is the Fuel Consumption of GAC MOTOR EMKOO?

Written by Moli Mishra, In Cars, Updated On
April 18th, 2024

The GAC MOTOR EMKOO has been storming the SUV car market for the last few months. It’s not just setting the fuel efficiency bar high; it’s coming in hot terms of performance. At the same time, it packs all the safety features you want your SUV to have. Technology still has the upper hand in making your interior comfortable. But now the real question is how efficient it is when it comes to fuel usage.

The GAC MOTOR EMKOO has two engine trims. The 1.5TG engine uses 1 litre of fuel for every 16.1km, and the 2.0ATK gives 22.1 km for every fuel.

So how can it achieve this? The best bet is that factors in its building contribute to high-end fuel efficiency; read on to find out.

GAC MOOR EMKOO Aerodynamics

Fuel Consumption of GAC MOTOR EMKOO

The exterior is poised for sleekness and aerodynamism such that it is compact to the Curb weight between 1540-1670 kg. It retains a sporty design with a chassis that’s 2750mm long and an overall length of 4680mm; the height comes in at 1670 with the width going at 1901mm.

The contoured lines and the V bumper then minimize drag and air resistance. Forgoing traditional halogen bulbs, EMKOO aims for sustainability with LED daytime lamps. At the rear, the tailgate keeps drag at bay.


Regarding performance, the 1.5TG motor produces 1497cc and 177hp, while the 2.0ATK produces 1999cc and 140HP. Torque is set at 270N·m and 180N·m on the 1.5 TG and 2.0ATK, respectively.

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Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that aerodynamics and car weight can increase fuel consumption? It’s worse if vehicles are dragging and have a poor engine cap. Now, the GAC MOTOR EMKOO engines can use minimal fuel thanks to their limited weight and other features discussed above.

To reiterate, you will use 1 litre of fuel in your GAC MOTOR EMKOO to go about 16.1km. That is for the 1.5TG Motor. At the same time, the 2.0ATK will take 22.1 km for the same amount of fuel. This means you no longer have to stop at the gas station frequently. It’s saving the environment by minimizing its carbon footprint.

Cutting Fuel Consumption through Eco-Drive Mode and Safety

GAC MOTOR EMKOO eco drive allows you to customize drive functionality to your driving preference or style to save on fuel. Its safety features, however, can reduce drag and enhance smooth cruising. You should expect no unnecessary acceleration or braking, which wastes energy.

Wrap Up

While it’s relatively new, there is much more to it than solid steel. Performance is guaranteed, and technological features are inside for your entertainment and comfort. Even with two engine options, it’s up to you to decide which best suits your driving needs.

In other words, the fuel efficiency of the GAC MOTOR EMKOO is in line with the new world order of campaigning against global warming. The fewer stops you make at a gas station, the more you reduce your carbon footprint.

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