Why Are SMS Packs Still in Demand?

Why Are SMS Packs Still in Demand?

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October 14, 2022

Short Message Service, often known as SMS, used to be the main method for quickly contacting family and friends without making a direct phone call. The program used recharge plans to deliver messages that were initially brief and had text but subsequently developed and allowed users to compose messages that contained extended text, emojis, and other content.

At first, SMS costs were taken off your talk time, but as it grew in popularity, telecoms began providing special plans like the Airtel SMS pack that would enable users to send a large number of messages for a small amount. Since all-in-one packs have been introduced, telecom providers want you to recharge for pricey bundled plans merely to send even one SMS.

Uses of SMS Nowadays

Why Are SMS Packs Still in Demand?

SMS still has several uses even if social messaging applications have overtaken it as the primary messaging method. The “vintage” service has developed to now cover a number of regular, crucial activities. Here are a few examples of SMS uses:

For Verification

  1. In order to prove account ownership on various web services, SMSes are utilized.
  2. Whether obtaining OTPs, 2-step authentication codes, or resetting forgotten credentials, SMSes are the most used user authentication method.
  3. In addition, SMS service is necessary for obtaining OTPs for several government services, including Aadhaar, PAN, and others.
  4. Not to mention that without authentication OTPs, virtually all aspects of banking — including setting up UPI, using services related to Net-banking, etc.— becomes impossible.
  5. Contrary to what online platforms for instant messaging might have you believe, SMS service and SMS packs like Vi SMS pack and others are still essential aspects of the smartphone experience.
  6. You can use trusted platforms like MobiKwik to recharge your phone number with an ideal SMS pack and even save money through cashback and rewards.

For Porting

  1. Mobile Number Portability, or MPN, is a service offered by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) that enables you to change operators without changing your mobile numbers.
  2. This feature is convenient, and without SMS service, you won’t be able to switch operators.
  3. Not a good situation anyone would like to be in, given that local network signals may change over time.
  4. If you wanted to relocate from your current house, you might have to switch to a different operator which offers better signal reception where you intend to live.
  5. You may also choose to port If your present operator isn’t providing services that meet your expectations or competitive pricing.
  6. Mobile number portability is an important process because there may be instances where you have to change your operator but keep the current phone number.
  7. To begin the MNP procedure, you can send an SMS to 1900 with the text PORT to receive a Unique Porting Code (UPC) that you’ll need to provide to the recipient operator you wish to switch to.

Importance of SMS Packs

Why Are SMS Packs Still in Demand?

SMS packs are crucial for UPI verification, porting, and other services requiring brief messages. As long as your number is not inactive, you will be able to get SMS, but you cannot send SMS without these packs. It applies to some operators’ customers, including Vi’s Vi SMS pack. Many telecom companies don’t provide standalone SMS packs.

Additionally, some of them have removed the ability to send texts using the top-up amount. The clients must sign up for one of the operators’ unlimited recharge plans. Most of these packs include free daily sending of 100 SMS (both local and international).

Only certain providers presently allow SMS sending with top-up plans. You also don’t need an all-inclusive package with some, as a top-up balance will do. For instance, you are allowed to send SMS without an Airtel SMS pack. Still, there is a catch: to send SMS, you must recharge with a smart pack, which costs Rs 99 and will enable you to send SMS at the rate of Re 1 for local messages and Re 1.5 for STD messages up until the pack’s expiration date. You can choose MobiKwik for your online recharges for quick, convenient, and safe payments.


For these reasons, SMS packs are still valid and in need, even in the digital age of social media. Many packages allow customers to send messages to their loved ones for other reasons like porting or verifications. Even if many people rarely use SMS for daily communication, the need for SMS still remains.

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