The Secret to Employee Engagement Lies in 3 C’s

The Secret to Employee Engagement Lies in 3 C’s

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
May 22, 2023

Employee engagement is a significant factor in determining how driven and motivated your workforce feels at work. But according to the stats, a substantial percentage of the staff find their work boring. Ask any HR department, and their response is the same, i.e., employee engagement is the biggest challenge they have to face today.

Gone are the days when you just had to shed some more money to retain top talent. Now, HR managers must devise innovative ways to keep their employees motivated and happy. To achieve that, some organize offsite parties where some take their employees for picnics, cricket, or football matches.

Even the tech giant Google provides free and healthy meals prepared by top chefs so that their employees can relish lip-smacking food at work. However, these strategies also can only last for a while. There has to be an emotional connection between the organization and the employees for the smooth functioning of the business.

Beyond all the above-mentioned temporary employee engagement techniques, other proven strategies work effectively and enhance employees’ engagement levels. These are the 3 C’s of employee engagement: Career, Competence, and Care.

The 3 C’s of Employee Engagement

Secret to Employee Engagement


Whenever new employee joins any organization, they expect to build a career, expand their knowledge, and get associated with the business for a long time. Whenever the HR team spends dedicated time helping their employees achieve all of the above, they feel that they belong to the organization, get emotionally attached, and their engagement levels automatically rise.

Investing in your employee’s career development isn’t just beneficial for them but also for you as an organization.

Furthermore, fostering a culture of growth and development enables your workforce to clearly communicate what they require to grow and hone their skills.

Here are a few suggestions that will help your employees grow-

  • To give your employees growth opportunities, you can switch to job rotations so that they get knowledge of how other departments work.
  • They should be given a specific level of authority and freedom to make their own decisions; this gives them confidence and power to manage various tasks.
  • Encourage them to attend training and conferences outside the organization so that they meet with different minds and learn new perspectives.
  • Conduct educational programs, provide them with professional certifications upon completion, and get them enrolled in cross-disciplinary training to help them grow in the right direction.

Investing in their long-term growth gives your employees confidence that you value their work and are dedicated to investing in their professional growth and development.


While career building is about the actual growth of the employees, competence is about getting enough opportunities to grow. The HR team and management should conduct regular workshops and training sessions to help employees hone their existing skills and develop new ones.

After spending a few months on the job, most employees look for opportunities to expand their skill zone. Most employees look for career-boosting opportunities within the organization that will take them to the next level.

Fundamental competence is about the ability to grow by utilizing those opportunities provided by the management to the employees.


One of the critical factors that enhances employee engagement is directly related to having caring managers at work. The HR department should sincerely get to know their employees rather than just evaluate their work and see whether they are meeting their targets.

A manager should make efforts to develop a work-life balance to support their employees’ well-being and overall health.

They should work on developing and nurturing them with team-building activities, interactions, motivational speeches, and exercises. A team that works on its employees and invests time and energy in helping them perform at their highest level, their organization also expands quickly.


The three C’s require continuous efforts and work, but they are totally worth the investment. When you are fully committed to helping your employees thrive, they will be committed to helping you achieve your goals. They will help you foster a healthy, supportive, and productive work culture you want your organization to have.

Effective use of top employee engagement tools to implement your strategy can help you enhance the employee engagement levels in your organization.

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