Outdoor Umbrellas: Choosing the Right One for Your Restaurant

Outdoor Umbrellas: Choosing the Right One for Your Restaurant

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
July 4, 2023

Sun protection is essential for people’s health because melanoma rates are rising every year.  It is crucial that every outdoor establishment protects its visitors and staff against this terminal illness.

Outdoor umbrellas are the best way to minimize exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. They are an essential security measure that can also bring in new clients and create additional dining space.

Getting The Best Umbrella for Your Restaurant

To know more about the advantages of beer patio umbrella and learn how to pick the best one, keep reading our guide.

Beer patio umbrella

Choose the Proper Type

There are many different kinds of outdoor umbrellas available, including market and cantilever styles.

Market umbrellas are portable and lightweight. If you need to set them up and take them down frequently, they are the ideal option.

Cantilever umbrellas, sometimes referred to as side posts or pool umbrellas, are a common choice because they are big enough to be located far from the area you need to shade.

Cantilever umbrellas come with swivel arms, making them portable, adjustable, and stable.

It is possible to customize cantilever umbrellas. They come in rectangle, square, hexagonal, and octagonal shapes. In order to ensure that the outdoor umbrellas complement your decor, you can select from a variety of fabrics.

Moreover, there are various kinds of mounting techniques, such as freestanding, wall mount, bolt down, and in-ground.

  • Freestanding umbrellas have heavy bases that keep them in place but can be relocated.
  • Wall-mounted umbrellas provide shade for your restaurant’s side.
  • The best option to provide shading from a distance is bolt-down umbrellas. In-ground umbrellas effectively protect any outdoor dining area from UV rays.

Choose the Appropriate Material

The majority of outdoor umbrellas come with fiberglass, aluminum, or wood frames. The choice depends on your requirements.

The most used and weatherproof material is aluminum. Teak, ipe, and eucalyptus are the most popular wood species for outdoor umbrella frame manufacturing. They cost more, but they perfectly withstand weather conditions.

Options for canopy materials include PVC, acrylic, and polyester. Polyester fades easily and is less resistant than other materials. To avoid these problems, opt for a solution-dyed canopy. Canopies made of acrylic and PVC are strong, weather-, and waterproof, and fade-resistant.

Select the Right Color

The colors affect the customers’ mood, draw their attention, and create an inviting atmosphere.

There are several color schemes to choose from: natural, black and white, contrasting, and analogous. You can also choose any type of pattern, like polka dots or stripes.

Change the color of your outdoor dining area depending on the season. For example, black absorbs heat, making it the best choice for hot summer days, and the combination of red and green is closely associated with holidays.

Add Branding

Branding helps to build brand familiarity and trust, but, at the same time, the potential clients can get tired if they see it too often. Outdoor umbrellas are a great solution to remind your current and potential customers about your brand.

Every time a customer passes by your restaurant, they will notice your branded umbrellas. It grabs their attention and provides appropriately repetitive branding.

Choose Only High-Quality Options

Durability, safety, improved protection, and compliance with local laws are all advantages of commercial-quality umbrellas.

First, check the wind rating. It shows you the power of wind the umbrella can withstand.

Usually, commercial-grade umbrella frames are made of stainless steel or structural aluminum. Despite being lighter than steel, structural aluminum is nonetheless quite strong. It is rust- and damage-resistant. Powder coating improves durability and a more attractive appearance.

Outdoor dining is a great solution to create extra space and bring in clients. But its essential component is sun protection. A properly chosen patio umbrella will keep your staff and clients protected. Decide on the right model, select high-quality materials, consider the design and branding, and opt for commercial-quality variants.

For more tailored advice don’t hesitate to contact the selected shade experts who can help you choose a perfect option according to your requirements.

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