10 Best Business Tools Like NEOGOV 

10 Best Business Tools Like NEOGOV 

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Business, Published On
November 30, 2023

NEOGOV is a full HR software system, including recruiting, onboarding, evaluation, and more. Since 1999, NEOGOV has provided HR products to the market. One of the leaders in this field, they handle millions of personnel profiles for over 6,000 firms. Over 20 million job seekers can utilize public sector portals. Insight technology aids in indirect job listings and candidate tracking. It helps organizations manage their advertisement platforms to recruit quality and quantity. It supports SMS, e-letters, enterprise self-service portals, and more. Recruitment statistics and EEO reports are desired. It includes background checks and an assessment provider.

Best Business Tools Like


  1. Any accounting tool can work with the payroll program.
  2. Users are able to track time and attendance automatically.
  3. The tools for managing benefits are easy to use and work well with wages.
  4. Personnel files can be turned into digital files and saved in a safe place for documents.


  1. Businesses in the private sector can’t use the program.
  2. The site is missing a number of important payroll tools, such as tip credits and accounts that last forever.
  3. On its website, NEOGOV doesn’t make prices easy to find.

Top 11 Tools like NEOGOV

People’s Force

PeopleForce helps you create a high-performance business culture. Use an end-to-end cloud system for all your workers and candidates to make HR tasks easier. Run strong features to control not only people but also how well they do their jobs. In the PeoplePerform tool, you can set and track OKR goals, talk about them with an employee in a 1-on-1 meeting, and then save everything in the system.

Paycor Inc

Paycor modernizes every part of managing people, from hiring and training to payroll and job growth. Paycor has been working with leaders for more than 30 years to find out what they need. This includes a complete, unified HR platform, easy integration with third-party apps, powerful analytics, unique technology, and support for the needs of each business.


With a home-grown, single-database software tool, you can stay on top of industry trends and client wants. Unlike other providers, you can count on a smooth implementation that leads to a personal account manager and care team. Use the same tools that Paylocity uses every day to drive involvement, collaboration, and success. Give managers, supervisors, and workers the tools they need to make daily tasks more efficient.

GoCo.io, Inc

GoCo is a current HR, benefits, and salary system that was made to be flexible and easy to use. GoCo is on a mission to get rid of paperwork and files and replace them with digital experiences that your HR team and workers will love. It was made to automate your current manual process. All of your data, performance, time off, onboarding, perks, and other things can be managed in one place.


Manage the whole employee process, from hiring to performance tracking to keeping people on the team, with a single, integrated tool. Get all the features your growing HR team needs, from employee records that can be added indefinitely to 360-degree performance reviews that can be set up in a lot of different ways and with strong processes. Use the original mobile apps for iOS and Android to keep track of your “on-the-go” employees.

Employment Hero

HR, payroll, and managing people can be done anywhere. In the new world of work, we bring together companies and workers. With direct integration with XERO, MYOB, and Keypay, you can speed up administrative chores and spend more time on things that are important to you. Employment Hero is used by more than 5,000 companies, and we handle more than 125,000 employees as a group.


Eddy is an all-in-one HR suite that helps local businesses hire reliable workers, keep them by creating a better company culture, and reduce business risk and fines. Travis Hansen, a former pro basketball player who is now an entrepreneur, started Eddy in 2017. It has grown quickly because it has a simple but powerful product, great customer service, and focuses on local companies with field workers.


Talent Cloud from iCIMS has everything you need to build a great team in one place. Experience the benefits of a complete tool for recruiting talent that lets you keep an eye on the whole talent journey. A single tool built for the future that can be used to find and move talented people while keeping security in mind Check out how the iCIMS Talent Cloud Platform can help you connect your talent tools and processes and make them better.


Everything you need to keep your HR processes running smoothly Spend less time on HR chores and more time on what really counts. You can focus on your team’s growth, creation, and selection if you speed up and simplify HR processes. You will no longer lose time keeping track of your workers’ vacations and sick days. They can ask for time off at any time, and their profiles show how many vacation days they have left. All papers and information about employees are in one place.


Workzoom is an all-in-one solution for talent, workforce, and payroll that helps you connect your workers, educate your managers, and grow your business. Bring your whole team together with a central hub where everyone can go to see their own information, company news, and more from any device. Make sure your leaders have the information they need to make good choices by giving them dashboards, data, and records that they can access whenever they want.

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