Logistics Platforms: Why Is It Important?

Logistics Platforms: Why Is It Important?

Written by Moli Mishra, In Business, Updated On
July 25th, 2023

Logistics is the process of organizing how things are bought, stored, and sent to different places. Logistics is used by manufacturers to keep their processes running smoothly, keep costs down, and make sure that customers’ needs are met. India’s logistics business is getting a boost from new technologies, new policies, and investments in infrastructure in 2023.

Logistics platforms include things like planning for demand, making sure orders are filled, managing supplies, and running customer service operations. These things make sure that customers can get what they want and that orders are finished on time.

How do you do logistics?

Logistics Platforms

Logistics platforms have helped the logistics industry grow and change the way that goods get to customers. Transportation management systems, business resource planning software, yard management systems, and warehouse management systems are all examples of software used in the logistics industry.

As this technology has grown, it has led to the need for specialized jobs and companies that build and use transportation software. As technology continues to change our world, it will have an even bigger impact on the logistics business. This will change how companies get their products to customers quickly and efficiently.

Management of the supply chain vs. logistics

People often think of supply chain management and transportation as the same thing, but the two terms describe two different parts of moving resources. Supply chain management is the larger network that links warehouses, distributors, transport companies, and global suppliers. This network is the structure on which transportation is built. Logistics is the way that businesses get their goods to customers. This process combines factors like buying and sending materials, packaging and shipping goods, and transporting goods and products to distributors.

Why do Logistics Platforms Matter?

Logistics platforms may not be the first thing we think about when we buy something online or in a store, but it is an important part of everything we buy. Logistics play a role in global supply chains, including what things are in stock and when, as well as where factories are built. Businesses all over the world need to use logistics correctly for them to work, and when logistics are handled well, it usually leads to good business results.

With the global supply chain getting more complicated, it’s more important than ever that logistics are set up and handled correctly. Logistics is also important because it makes dialogue easier and cuts costs. Effective logistics help suppliers, shippers, and warehousers work together better by using automatic systems. Connectivity in logistics makes it easier to send and fill orders, which cuts down on overhead costs. Costs are also cut when logistical systems are used to buy things based on forecasts of supply and better inventory management.

How to Choose the Best Software for Logistics?

Logistics Platforms

With custom software solutions like acropolium.com/industry/hospitality-software-solutions, companies can give customers an unbeatable experience by making information more clear and easy to find. There are a lot of software choices to choose from, but you need to think carefully about a few things before deciding on a platform for your business.

We’ve put together a list of five important things to think about when picking the best shipping software for your business:

  • Choose logistics software based on the size and processes of your business and how well it works with other corporate solutions.
  • Choose a solution that lets you control and orchestrate end-to-end delivery through a single interface and has a short learning curve.
  • Look for advanced features like real-time tracking, AWB-based tracking, smart routing, on-the-go optimization, multi-stop routing, truck capacity utilization, etc.
  • Choose a solution that can be scaled up or down as needed and that can change as your business plan does.
  • Customization should come in different forms, like a customized interface, data analytics, optimization, and process management.

The Bottom Line

Logistics platforms are more than just business tasks. It is an important link that keeps modern business, commerce, and trade going. It is also known as the backbone of the world economy. Logistics might seem to be the same thing as shipping goods over long distances.

70% of companies today think that supply chains are a key factor in providing good customer service, and 57% think that supply chain management gives them an edge over their competitors. Logistics software solutions are important in this case because they make it possible for things to be moved in a safe and coordinated way and increase efficiency and productivity.

In 2020, the world market for digital logistics solutions was worth USD 17.4 billion. By 2025, it is expected to be worth USD 46.5 billion, which would be a CAGR of 21.7%. Medium-sized businesses and even start-ups are investing in AI-enabled logistics management tools to figure out where their businesses are having problems and stay ahead of the curve.


Where do supply nodes come in?

Logistics nodes are places where things are taken in, put away, or sent out. They are the physical places where things and services move around, like warehouses, distribution centres, transportation hubs, and retail stores. They can also be virtual nodes, like software platforms, data warehouses, and online buying systems. Logistics nodes are important for making sure that items and services move smoothly through the whole supply chain.

What are the most important transportation trends?

Businesses like yours need supply lines that are faster and more flexible than ever before. Because of what customers want—shorter deadlines and more digital deals—new technologies like superfast 5G are quickly digitizing the logistics world. Here are five ways that 5G can help your logistics and maybe even make you more productive.

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