10 Inspiring Movies that Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

10 Inspiring Movies that Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
October 12, 2022

Are you a young Australian entrepreneur seeking inspiration? What could be better in this case than watching a movie? Do you know where to look for them?

This assortment comprises the films you’re seeking; irrespective of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, the films on this list will certainly offer you the necessary encouragement.

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Shall we begin now?

Inspiring Movies For Entrepreneurs

  • The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street - Movie Poster (2016)

Inspired by Jordan Belfort’s real events, The Wolf of Wall Street is a fictionalized version. The book charts his entrepreneurial peaks and valleys and reveals how his corporation, Stratton Oakmont, participated in defrauding investors and penny stock trading that caught the FBI’s notice.

The movie is available on Netflix to watch

Why see it? A clear demonstration of what a business person shouldn’t be is Jordan Belfort. He showed little to no regard for the individuals he was deceiving and was obsessed with wealth. His excessive depravity finally brought him to his knees.

  • The Social Network

The Social Network

The Social Network recounts how Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook while a Harvard undergraduate, how he was subsequently prosecuted by two brothers who alleged he had plagiarized their concept, and how his best pal was dismissed from the corporation.

The film can be streamed on HULU to watch

Why see it? You get quite a look at the origins of Facebook, and it serves as a reminder that big firms typically have humble origins. In addition to that, the film features an exceptional cast, a remarkable storyline by Aaron Sorkin, and immaculate direction by David Fincher.

  • Pirates Of Silicon Valley

Pirates Of Silicon Valley

In Pirates of Silicon Valley, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs’s conflict is covered from 1971 until 1997. In 1999, just as Steve Jobs was prospering in his second stint at Apple, the movie was released. While we all understand what transpired afterward, the movie closes with Bill Gates prevailing in the conflict.

Watch the film on Amazon Prime

Why see it? It offers a look at the modest origins of two of the biggest iconic tech businesses around the world and follows the ascent of two men who radically altered the technological panorama.

  • StartUp.com

In the corporate documentary Firm.com, GovWorks is depicted as a potential startup that flopped catastrophically due to internal power clashes and poor management.

The film is available on Amazon Prime to watch

Why see it? The documentary not just depicts the bloom and collapse of the tech bubble era but also serves as a cautionary tale about how internal politics can compel friendships to devolve into brutal rivalry. Although tremendously underrated, it’s definitely among the finest entrepreneurial films ever produced.

  • The Founder

the founder

The movie revolves around the American fast-food magnate Ray Kroc. The film, which features Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, recounts the backstory of how he established McDonald’s fast-food eatery, which evolved to be the largest restaurant industry in the world.

The film can be streamed on HBO Max

Why see it? Ray Kroc’s life narrative can serve as inspiration for business owners. In the end, he expanded McDonald’s into a global franchise, making it the most prosperous food corporation in the world. He was a wandering milkshake mixer marketer. It’s the biopic that recounts the tale of the ascent of perhaps one of the most substantial business personalities in America and possibly the most iconic fast food chain in the entire world.

  • Margin Call

Margin Call

A movie that highlights the 2007–2008 credit collapse; however, this time, it’s from the perspective of an investment bank that was dramatically affected by the downturn. The main protagonists of a multinational investment bank’s core personnel are the emphasis of Margin Call’s plot, which chronicles their 24-hour course of action during the initial stages of the financial crisis.

The movie is available on Netflix to stream

Why see it? Notwithstanding what Gordon Gekko might claim, greed is never healthy. Entrepreneurs should always bear this in mind. The film Margin Call depicts the storyline of a business that is rife with greed and deceit. This film serves as a warning about the destructive power of greed.

  • Thank you for Smoking

Thank you for Smoking

Want to become a sales or marketing specialist for essentially any product? This is a must-watch. The movie’s storyline concentrates on the strategies of Big Tobacco’s main spokesperson, Nick Naylor, who stands up for the cigarette industry amid trying circumstances

The movie is available on HULU to watch

Why see it? Entrepreneurship requires selling, and this film shows you that anything can be marketed if you have the facts and the power to persuade your market.

  • Becoming Warren Buffet

Becoming Warren Buffet

A documentary on Warren Buffett and his life. The documentary compared Warren Buffett’s financial understanding with his interpersonal abilities.

Watch the documentary on HULU

Why see it? Warren Buffet ought to be the primary role model that young business owners turn to for encouragement. For his expertise in commerce and investing, Warren Buffet is well-known. But more critically, his relatable character makes him among the most compelling figures to aspire to. This is a must-watch documentary if you wish to understand the strategies behind Buffett’s accomplishments.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness


The movie is a fictional account of entrepreneur Chris Gardner’s struggle to raise his son whilst homeless for roughly a year while completing a taxing 6-month internship opportunity as a stockbroker.

The movie is available on Netflix to watch

Why see it? Chris Gardner surmounted insurmountable odds to accomplish his ambitions. Challenges that are not all that dissimilar from those encountered by initial entrepreneurs

  • Glengarry Glen Rose

Glengarry Glen Rose

The award-winning play by which the movie is inspired depicts the hardships of real estate agents throughout a chaotic sales season

The movie is available on Amazon Prime for spectators

Why see it? The movie portrays how it feels to work in a strong sales environment and how you need to be witty to succeed and survive. Ever since its premiere, the film has been utilized to educate legitimate salespeople on both the art and science of marketing.

Ending Note

Watch or rewatch the above films if you have ever felt uninspired or if you need a breather from your hectic work schedule. No disappointment awaits you; these movies will undoubtedly elevate your motivation to new peaks.

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