Breaking Barriers: How Immigrants Can Succeed in Launching a Technology Business in the United States

Breaking Barriers: How Immigrants Can Succeed in Launching a Technology Business in the United States

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
April 17, 2023

Living and working in the USA would be a dream come true, especially if you get a job offer or contract from a big organization, but have you ever thought about initiating your own business in Us?


Launching a business in the USA is very different and more difficult than in other countries, as the USA has predefined rules and standards for starting a business individually. But here’s a catch, it matters whether you’re a resident of the Us or not.

For a resident, the whole process will take about ten easy steps and a lot of paperwork; however, for a non-resident, the situation is a bit different. You don’t need a visa if you’re a non-resident and plan to do remote business from any country other than Us. However, to work legally in Us, you need a visa.

Types of Visas required


  • E-2

This type of visa is valid for two years and allows you to invest in Us after confirming the legality of the source of your money being used for business. It also requires the entrepreneur to own 50 % of the company’s shares or a managerial position. Lastly, a confirmation that the firm is profitable and active is a must.

  • L-1

This visa is valid for three years, which requires the entrepreneur’s ownership of the company in which he plans to operate in Us and he must be in a prestigious or top-rated position in his company.

  • O-1

This visa is valid for three years, which requires the investor to prove a successful business by showing his awards, memberships, contributions to the industry, income, etc.

Are you looking to initiate your tech business in Us?

Have you thought about where you’re going to start?

What resources are you going to use for your business?

What does it take to launch a tech startup in Us?

Worry not; we’ve compiled the following considerations before initiating a technology business in the USA.

Things To Know Before Starting A Tech Business In the USA


  • Market research

Doing business and understanding the market of your country is very easy and much accessible, but being an immigrant and understanding the needs of the USA would be quite challenging. Understanding your audience, their preference, and their demands are crucial as it’ll help you understand your competitors and existing business operations.

  • Business Plan

Business is complete and successful with a well-written business plan. A business plan decides the roadmap to your successful business; it helps you decide how to operate your business and how to run and grow your business. A well-planned business plan attracts investors and financiers to your company and enables you to achieve your short and long-term goals.


  • Finance

Not only in the US but in every country you’re planning to initiate your business and want to know about your financial situation. Whether you have it(which is good) or not (how you will arrange it), both are crucial equally.

  • Appropriate area

Initiating a business in the USA makes a difference, as having a physical or online business requires you to pay varied taxes, legal documentation, etc.

  • Excellent branding and marketing

No one can deny the importance of branding and marketing in today’s world of social media. Hiring a professional to form your brand’s website and a blogger /copywriter to write catchy and punchy texts on your website would be the icing on the cake.

Final note

Along with other perspectives, having a website or hiring a social media manager to spread the word on social media about your brand would be a beneficial idea.

We hope our guide about starting a tech business in the USA as an immigrant helps you understand how to initiate your business. What did you like most about the manual? Let us know in the comments below.

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