Best Work at Home Courses to Start Earning Money this Year

Best Work at Home Courses to Start Earning Money this Year

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
December 13, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

During this quarantine, many of us lost our jobs, our close ones, our peace, our physical and mental health, and other essential requirements of life. In such testing times, where boredom and joblessness seem to render the best of us useless, it is time to gear up and do something for ourselves. While you are sitting at home sulking about what to do with the surplus time you have, you may not know but you are missing out on a hell lot of activities and courses which can fetch you a good amount of money! Yes, that’s right!

There are so many courses and so many internships and jobs available online which can help you put your time to good use and get you money in return. All you need to do is to understand your skills and interest and sort out which work from home jobs would be perfect for you. Which job would keep you engaged and fetch you money?

There are so many courses offered online for which you can register and make good money In exchange for a few hours of your day!

#5 Tips to Earn Money Online

1. Content Writing

Content writing is one such useful method where you can put your creative writing skill at work. Here, you can exercise that flair of the writing of yours which you have kept in the cupboard for a long and engage in social media activity or for a brand that requires you to write an article of a certain length in exchange for good money.

If you are a student who is pursuing his/her bachelor’s or master’s, especially in English, content writing is a very favorable course to engage online if you get a little time from your studies and want to put that extra time to good use. Content writing or creative writing is highly recommended to students or even to people who have a flair for writing and have a firm grasp of the English language. The more you create, the more you earn! There are plenty of trustworthy apps and websites that can offer you desirable writing jobs. You just need to figure out first where exactly your interest lies!

2. Teaching

Nowadays, one of the easiest methods to earn money online is to teach. There are so many institutions and coaching centers which smoothly operate online, teaching children and even students who are preparing for competitive exams.

You can indulge in such courses if you have a keen interest in teaching. This course also provides a good amount of money in exchange for satisfying results from students. There are a ton of apps and websites that will properly guide you through the process. You can select the subject you are interested in teaching and accordingly opt for the course. You can also sort the age of the student and your monthly fee as per your requirement. Prepare an attractive CV for the course and hope for the best!

You can apply in multiple places just in case the vacancy gets filled in one particular place. Also, by doing so you are expanding your chances of getting a good job.

3. Social Media Marketing

The most trending and in-craze demand for jobs is indefinitely Social media marketing. This is one job which is in huge demand for the past five years now due to the mass intake of content consumed by people every day. If you are tech-savvy and know the tricks of quick and smart marketing, you should go-ahead with social media marketing.

For this course, you will need to advertise and promote the brand you are working for, optimize the reach, and sell the product online. There are certain technicalities you are expected to know and learn before you take up this course. Most importantly you need to be an active user of almost all social platforms to get to understand how the masses react and what kind of taglines and promotions they are attracted to. There are apps and sites where you can apply for such jobs or even internships and earn a good lump-sum by just sitting at home!

4. Voiceover

There are a number of people out there with melodious voices sitting and wasting their time in this lockdown. For such people, we have the most interesting and engaging kind of job opportunity – Voiceovers. Voiceover is for those who have been blessed with not only a super melodious voice but a certain of skills on how to deliver an articulate speech.

If you have been into hosting or singing or RJ-ing earlier, you can think about voiceovers as an online course for income. There are plenty of apps and sites with job applications open for voiceovers for a video, or a film or simple narration of stories of events, and mind you for a little effort you can get paid a ransom amount. If you know the art of storytelling and narration, you should try your luck in this course as it is in great demand too!

5. Graphic designing

Graphic designing is another emerging field in the sea of jobs. The beautifully laid out designs and videos with attractive layouts you see on social media, all owe their charm to graphic designing indeed. This is one such course which has been in extreme demand for the past five years and the want is increasing every day.

If you gave been skilled in the art of graphic designing for the past one year or two and know the business approach to this, you can try your luck with this course and see how it goes. It is not an easy job to pursue and also requires skilled hands, it is therefore advised to apply for this course if you are fully aware of what you are signing for. Otherwise, you are free to take courses online and learn and polish your existing skills to enter the stream of graphic designing.

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