A Second Chance – Motivation to Start a Business 2023

A Second Chance – Motivation to Start a Business 2023

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Updated On
December 1st, 2022

Life does not give everyone a Options so if it ‘sits given to you. You are lucky enough avail the Options which starts with the Business growth.

When she walked out on me, I thought it was the end of my life. We had been going out together for five years now, and I have just saved enough to buy a car. I had planned my whole life with her soul. We had known each other from school days, and one never had for a moment thought of having to live without her. But it happened. Suddenly she met a man from overseas and decided to leave with him. She just rang to say goodbye – no explanation.

The passage of time being consumed to get out of it. I kept hoping that she dresses up like she is near me and then she disappeared. I kept asking myself what I had done wrong and what the foreigner had that I did not. I came up with a lot of stupid ideas of getting even.

The best pop up my mind was suicide. Thinking that if getting myself killed what would be the part of being guilty in life.  I got rid of that thought and then started drinking heavily. I felt that if I drank long enough, I would die, and that would be a relief.

In my anguish, an old friend came to see me. He was Singh, my childhood neighbour. It seemed that he had met my sister, who had confided everything about my problem to him. He was aghast when he saw the position that I was in. He walked in and took my bottle and threw it against the wall. I was in despair and broke into tears. He hugged me and calmed me down. “Sam,” he said, “I have come to take you somewhere.” I was happy for his company and went with him in his car to Changi beach.

Stage of Sitting on the Beach While Thinking of Business

We sat on a beach and talked for the whole night. He convinced me that she was not worth dying for. I was comforted and thanked him. I apologized to him for not having kept in touch with me. I had cut off from all my friends after I met Kathy.

The Year or so later, my sister introduced me to Cindy. I was not attracted to her at first. She was a quiet person who seemed to let me talk all the time. It took me some time to understand her and like her. Within a year, our friendship increasing day by day, and I saw how small Kathy was in comparison with Cindy. Soon we got married and started living in a way it was meant to be.

A few years later, a friend who had gone abroad to study came back to me with shocking news. He said that he saw Kathy pretending to a striptease dancer in a sleazy bar. He was it was her. Well, I am glad that I had not married a woman with that kind of capability.

A Second Chance – Motivation to Start a Business 2020

The above story is a life changer that never gives options of life again and again. If it has aided with the one, you are that one lucky person who has this kind of option. So make the standing for the career. This was not my second chance story motivated me so much I thought of building my future before it gets too late to think about it.

Cross out your figures and let me share my business experience with you. I started with the online website, along with the slow space and time. I have tapped to Career growth. Let me share two important aspects that helped in inhaling the right targeted traffic. The major online business tool that helped me in building the landing pages is the Click funnels, and the other tool that increased my sales is Sumo. Let’s have a short recap of the tool.

Business Tool- SUMO Review – 2020

Sumo app is the complete pack of the marketing tool, which has the aim of boosting the sales and building traffic for the site. Sumo is all in one powerful tool to improve the business traffic but hitting up the targeted audience.

Business Tool – Features of SUMO

  • Boosting the traffic
  • Increasing sales volume
  • Image Sharer
  • Content Analytics

Final Thought

The final thought of the sump app is that it is the one-stop solution for business, entrepreneurs to grow and spread and the sumo app pricing has the availability to remove the burden from the customer’s shoulders.

The conclusion of the entire blog is that business or growth in the career is crucially important as everything in life runs upon it. Independency comes from expertise in learning with implementation.

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